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If you already have a garden pump sprayer, that's the perfect tool to mist the ceiling gently. Just be sure to let it soak for about 15 minutes before scraping. You'll then want to use the floor scraper to gently scrape away the popcorn texture. Work in small sections, only spraying and scraping a small area at a time New Product: The patent pending POPeeze tool will make the job of popcorn ceiling removal much safer, cleaner and more efficient than conventional methods. Attach POPeeze to your shop vacuum hose and a pole to make the difficult task of removing popcorn ceilings much easier Paint scraper - This is the tool used to physically remove the popcorn texture from the ceiling. Primer - Prime your newly uncovered ceiling before applying a fresh coat of paint. Paint - Paint your newly unveiled ceiling for an even color throughout your space. The Homax Products 12 in. Ceiling Texture Scraper features a unique bag attachment to help capture falling debris. It is designed to remove unwanted popcorn ceiling texture. The 12 inch blade scrapes large areas - complete a room in 30 minutes or less. Removes popcorn acoustic ceiling textur Now that the tool is built, all you need to do is wet the popcorn, attach the tool to the Shopvac, turn on the Shopvac and start scraping. If you have a second extension wand/tube for the Shopvac you can use the tool from the floor on 8' ceilings. After some use you will figure out the right amount of force and angle that works best for you

Fill a garden sprayer with lukewarm water and spray the entire ceiling. Give the water about 15 minutes to soak in and soften the texture, and then test a small spot with a putty knife. If it comes.. While they were once the cool thing to have, times have changed, and now people have some STRONG feelings about these ceilings. Well, gone are the days of pretending your popcorn ceiling doesn't..

Family Handyman Wet it With a Pump Sprayer For easier scraping and practically no dust during popcorn ceiling removal, use a garden pump sprayer to mist the ceiling and let it soak in for about 15 minutes before scraping. Only give it a light misting—too much water could damage the drywall or loosen the joint tape We specialize in Dustless Popcorn Ceiling Removal. Your home will be as clean when we're done as when we started. Cutting edge machines remove texture quickly and efficiently, capturing dust at the source. Once the texture is removed, two coats of plaster skim coat are applied to ensure a smooth ceiling Popcorn Ceiling Remover EZ Strip Professional Strength Popcorn Ceiling Remover tackles the toughest stripping tasks with a patented wet work system for safe and dust-free removal. Removes painted popcorn ceiling textures with multi layered paint and thick textured coatings and from virtually all surface The years of experience has taught some of these guys that a planex like sander for popcorn ceiling removal in just one room isn't really worth the effort and expense for a one time job. You seem set on using your free planex and that's fine , but it still isn't the best tool or technique for a one room application in many guy's minds

The Best Tool To Remove Popcorn Ceiling: POPEEZE One of the more updated tools to use in removing popcorn ceiling is a product called Popeeze Popcorn Ceiling Scraper that has a vacuum attachment tool. It is basically a tool that removes ceiling texture without any bag or any mess at all Removing a popcorn ceiling is simple with the right tools and supplies. You can easily identify popcorn ceilings, also referred to as acoustic ceilings, by..

Ready to Remove You won't need a lot of tools to remove this ceiling finish yourself, says Docia Boylen, the owner and general manager of Handyman Connection of Golden. For the best results, she recommends using a scraper (think a four- or six-inch mud knife), a ladder or scaffolding, and a spray bottle filled with water Fortunately, it's easy to remove popcorn ceilings, and although it can be a very messy and labor-intensive affair, the transformative results can make the effort well worth it. Tools & Materials. You can correspond now by mail THE DRYWALL DOCTOR P.O. Box 1559 122 N Wheaton Ave. Wheaton IL. 60187 How do you remove popcorn texture from ceilings? Can yo.. / Paint Tools / Paint Scrapers. 121. View Q&A. Homax 12-in Steel Paint Scraper. Item #39824 Model #6104. Get Pricing and Availability. Use Current Location. Removes popcorn acoustic ceiling texture. Includes attachment for plastic bag to catch falling texture (bag not included) Complete a 10-ft x 10-ft ceiling in 30 minutes or less

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  1. utes, then gently scrape away the ceiling with your floor scraper
  2. How To Remove A Popcorn Ceiling Tos Diy Homax steel paint ser common 12 in actual at lowes com homax 1 quart ready to use popcorn ceiling patch at lowes com paint a ceiling install a plank ceiling. Whats people lookup in this blog: Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tool Lowe
  3. Cost Of Popcorn Ceiling Removal . The initial cost of popcorn ceiling removal depends on whether you do it yourself or not. Of course, this also depends on the size of the room. Our examples will give an approximate cost for a 20×20 ceiling. In general, the cost is $1 to $2 per square foot. But this doesn't include refinishing and painting

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Leah demonstrates how easy it is to remove dated popcorn texture, and give yourself a clean slate to put in an updated ceiling.Link to video on how to test.. The company specializes in the removal of old popcorn ceilings and replacing them with the new updated knockdown texture. Knockdown texture is what you would likely see in any new construction home built after the early 2000's. The change in aesthetics to older homes increases home values an updates the homes look dramatically Here is The 5 Easy Steps To Do After Removing Popcorn Ceiling 1. Spray the Ceiling with Water. Spraying the ceiling with water is the first step you need to take after removing the popcorn ceiling. And to do this, you must make sure you have a flexible garden sprayer. However, we suggest you go through the following steps while spraying your. Remember that finishing the ceiling after popcorn removal will be of the utmost importance with this method. You may have to fill gouges, tape the seams, and sand the ceiling to create the ideal surface for a new coat of paint. Painting your ceiling should be done in a two-step process

Whether you choose a modern faux finish or something more traditional, a faux finish is a great replacement idea for popcorn ceiling texture. In this case, popcorn removal is necessary in order to achieve a beautiful painted faux finish. The surface needs to be smooth and primed with a good primer Aug 15, 2018 - Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tool: **WARNING** If you are unsure of the age of the house, you should have the popcorn ceiling tested for Asbestos before engaging in this sort of project. Anything older than the 1990's is liable to contain asbestos and painted popcorn has been a way

PopEEZE Popcorn Ceiling Scraper Vacuum Attachment Tool. POPeeze tool will make the job of popcorn ceiling removal much safer, cleaner and more efficient than conventional methods. We love this tool because it solves one of the real hassles of removing popcorn ceilings: gravity Popcorn (acoustical) ceilings are a quick and cheap way to finish sheetrock ceilings and were all the rage in the '60s and '70s. Now, they have fallen out of favor somewhat, consigned to the fate of mullets, feathered hair and Angel's Flight jackets Any Popcorn Ceiling can be easily removed without a mess by using the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket tool to catch and contain the popcorn texture as it is scraped away from the ceiling. To Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling You Will Need the Following Tools: 1. Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket. 2. 12 Putty Knife or Taping Blade. 3. Standard Garden. Removing popcorn ceilings is typically a massive, time-consuming, and difficult job, however. At Fresh Coat Painters, we can help you save time, money, and stress with professional popcorn ceiling removal. When you turn to our professional team for popcorn ceiling removal, we will: Protect your floor, furniture, and valuables with drop cloth

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  1. Even simpler tools such as a saw can be a real pain in the butt to use if you don't know what you're doing. Even patching a small area often requires tape to be used to cover the seam, after which you have to apply mud. Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin 2882 Barton Skyway #239 A Austin, TX 78746 512-607-9716
  2. As our numbers show in 2021 average cost that homeowners paid for popcorn ceiling removal in Miami-Dade county is between $285.00 and $528.00. This Popcorn Ceiling Removal Miami Quote Includes: $0.00 to $1.00 per square foot material costs. Average labor costs to remove popcorn ceilings in Miami, Florida
  3. Removal: Popcorn ceiling is being sprayed with water and then carefully scraped off. Then, the whole ceiling surface is getting sanded. Preparation for Mudding: Before we apply drywall compound we make sure that all drywall ceiling is solid and in good condition. We change pieces of drywall if needed and re screw drywall if needed
  4. To test for asbestos in a popcorn ceiling, the homeowner or a general contractor can spray some tap water onto the ceiling, remove a sample, and package it up safely and send it to a testing company
  5. Many homes constructed in the mid-20th century feature textured ceilings also known as popcorn or cottage cheese ceilings. Achieved by spraying a mixture of stucco and Styrofoam onto the ceiling, the style was popular at the time as an inexpensive sound insulator and way to hide imperfections
  6. Professional Popcorn ceiling removal costs: The cost to hiring a professional to do this job would range between 300 - 800.00 per room for a 10′ x 10′ area (100 sq ft).Why the huge price variation? No licensed & Insured contractor is going to come to your home for less than a days rate

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Popcorn belongs in a movie theatre bucket drenched in butter, not on a ceiling. Folks, if your popcorn is not the sweet gentle stuff that falls cleanly off the ceiling, you'll need this tool! Sanding is no fun, but it really makes the ceiling look better. Also, this time we used a PRIMER coat, and then one coat of. First, always test for asbestos before attempting DIY popcorn ceiling removal (use of asbestos in textured paint and in patching compounds used on wall and ceiling joints was banned in 1977).You can use an EPA-approved test kit sold in home improvement stores or have a professional come test the ceiling for you Popcorn Ceiling 2: Designs by Gia Interior Design, original photo on Houzz . Ceiling Scraping. The good news is a sprayed-on stucco coating can be scraped off to reveal the original ceiling surface, a process usually known simply as ceiling scraping or stucco removal. A specialist typically does this because (here's the bad news. The Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process: Preparation: Ensuring the premises is protected such as masking walls & floors, covering furniture, light fixtures, ceiling fans, vents tightly wrapped. Wetting ceiling to penetrate the texture. Scraping: Scrape down popcorn texture to make it smooth then sand & wipe ceiling to remove all dust or loose particles.. Popcorn ceiling scraper. Popcorn ceiling scraper tool has a couple of clips to hold bag on and catch what you scrap off. It took a lot of finesse to get it drop right in, slows down the task. I also found it to be much more difficult to get enough elbow grease into the job while holding the extra weight of the material and constantly replacing.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Asheville on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Ceilings-Supplies, Repair & Installation in Asheville, NC Popcorn ceiling removal is a surprisingly simple DIY project for any homeowner. It is not difficult or expensive to do, but it is messy. This post will show you everything you need to remove a popcorn ceiling with ease. Popcorn ceilings came to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s and were a very popular ceiling treatment in homes across America

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  1. Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Scraping; The most common way to do popcorn ceiling removal is to scrape it off. This is a laborious task and a messy one. But it is the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of that popcorn ceiling. You'll need a wide putty knife or a drywall taping knife, a water sprayer, and protective equipment. Round off the.
  2. On average, asbestos removal from a popcorn ceiling costs about $2,000, with prices ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 in the US for 2019. Popcorn Ceiling vs Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost. CostHelper says Popcorn ceilings not containing asbestos can expect to pay about $1 to $3 per square foot or $250 to $900 to remove a popcorn ceiling from.
  3. utes, scrape it using a floor.
  4. Knocking into that is no picnic. We wanted it removed and just have a plain ceiling. Phoenix Popcorn Ceiling Removal had this amazing popcorn ceiling removal tool and was able to get it out. They were the best. And now it hurts much less when I knock into my basement ceilings. - Frank M

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Especially if the presence of asbestos is a possibility, work with a professional to remove outdated popcorn ceilings and finalize the room with a new ceiling treatment. Use our free lead generator tool to find a trusted ceiling professional in your community today Luckily, the popcorn ceiling removal process does not require any specialized tools and you would probably have them at home. The essentials list should have the following tools: Garden sprayer / Putty knife / Drop Cloths / Rosin paper / Painter's tape / Ladder / Safety glasses / Dust mask / Floor scraper / Mud pa

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We all understand the health risks that come with asbestos in our properties and having the right experts to turn to for inspection, estimates and removal services is important. Making the choice to bring in our drywall contractors will provide you with the most experienced services, the right popcorn ceiling removal tool and much more Steps For Removing A Painted Popcorn Ceiling . Prep Work. First things first. Before you get started, invest in some Asbestos and Lead test kits. If the house is old enough to have a popcorn ceiling, it's old enough to have dangerous paint.And, if the ceiling is painted, you'll want to test it before going any further

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Luckily, removing popcorn textured ceiling comes down to five basic steps. The easiest method comes down to testing for asbestos, preparing the room, wetting down the ceiling, scraping the texture material off the ceiling and finally, using joint compound to fix any noticeable ceiling flaws I will say DON'T remove your popcorn ceilings - COVER it! I will be sharing this easy DIY. HOW TO COVER UP YOUR POPCORN CEILING : The first thing wether you are covering up or scraping your popcorn ceiling, have it tested for asbestos. You don't want to mess with that so be safe. Next, decide what you want to do to cover it up The new trend is for cleaner, simpler, and more finished areas, hence the need flat ceilings. The problem is, up to 10-15 years ago or so, popcorn ceilings were the trend of the past. This is where Home Painters Toronto comes in. We can fulfill that need for flat ceilings and support our clients with top notch popcorn ceiling removal

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One substance that was commonly used in popcorn ceilings is asbestos, and there are a number of health risks associated with inhalation. The paint that coats the popcorn ceiling can also cause a problem, and it can make the task that much tougher. When removing the popcorn ceiling, you will need water to help loosen the particles Smooth Ceiling Ltd is a verified popcorn ceiling removal and stucco contractor on Homestars that dominates the competition in Southern Ontario. We have won 'Best of Homestars' every year since 2015. Our reviews speak for themselves! Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Richmond Hill, Oakville & The G.T.A Popcorn ceilings were inescapable from the 1950s to the early 1980s. They were a quick, cheap way to finish ceilings in tract homes and apartment buildings. Builders sprayed a stucco mixture on the ceiling that had a lumpy cottage-cheese like texture. Many homeowners got rid of their popcorn ceilings in the half-century since they were all the.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Homax Popcorn Ceiling Texture Paint Remover Removal Scraper Painting Hand Tool at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Popcorn ceiling is an old fashioned type of textured ceiling finish. Once upon a time, homebuilders in Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville realized they could finish building a home faster if they used a coat of stucco to finish the ceilings (It quickly hides construction imperfections like seams, screws, joist shift)

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Search Results For Ceiling Popcorn Hopper 3 Items. CENTRAL PNEUMATIC. Gravity Feed Abrasive Blaster Gun with 20 oz. Hopper. Gravity Feed Abrasive Blaster Gun with 20 oz. Hopper $ 19 99. Compare to. ALLSOURCE 155560 at $29.99. So our tools will go toe-to-toe with the top professional brands. And we can sell them for a fraction of the price. While they were planning the work, she saw a commercial with the popcorn-ceiling removal machine. As soon as I saw it, that was it, she laughs. I knew what I wanted to do How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling Texture. For How-To videos, check out our YouTube channel. The Homax ® Popcorn Ceiling Scraper provides a fast and easy way to scrape away unwanted texture while helping you contain the mess.. 1. Mask the entire area using painter's tape as an outline so as not to disturb the surrounding trim or paint Starting at the opposite side of the ceiling — opposite to where he'd applied the putty — he sprayed & saturated sections of the popcorn ceiling then used a scraping tool to remove the texture. Once the texture fell off, he'd sand the area (hence the dust concern) then rinse & repeat

How to Sand a Ceiling. If you want to know how to sand a ceiling, chances are you have a ceiling from the 1970s or 80s. It was popular in those decades to have stipple or popcorn ceilings: ceilings with a raised textured look. Popcorn.. Popcorn Ceiling Removal Machine Rental in Charlotte on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Ceilings-Supplies, Repair & Installation in Charlotte, NC PopcornSquad - Cost of popcorn ceiling removal in Charlotte, N Popcorn Ceiling Removal in West Palm Beach. In the 1970's, popcorn ceilings were all the rage. Since we have evolved in our home designs, popcorn ceilings are on the way out. You can have your popcorn ceiling professional removed to improve the interior appearance of your home One of the simplest alternatives to popcorn ceiling is replacing the drywall on your ceiling. You can either remove the popcorn ceiling first or simply add the drywall on top of your existing ceiling. While your ceiling will be a little bit lower than it was before, it will be hardly noticeable

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Sometimes, popcorn just isn't meant to be on the ceiling. . More materials, tools, and tips you might need when you decide to smooth things over here >> https://hg.tv/2S5U79j Popcorn ceiling removal or flattening the stucco can be quite a large project to take on, but there are lots of advantages to be appreciated over time. Flattening your stucco ceiling is actually the cleaner and more hygienic option for your home as popcorn ceilings can be a breeding ground for dirt, dust and cobwebs All you have to do is spray your popcorn ceiling with water. Grab a 6-inch spackle knife and duct tape it to the end of your shop vacuum. The spackle knife easily scrapes off the popcorn ceiling. Use chisel side to remove or apply caulk, Spackle or glazing compound, use v-side to accurately smooth out caulk or putty. View More. Warner 1.5-in Steel Paint Scraper. The Personna 4-inch floor and wall stripper tool can be use in a variety of stripping applications What are popcorn ceilings? Popcorn ceilings were a popular way of finishing a ceiling in the mid-twentieth century and would be installed for a number of reasons. For one, they acted as sound baffles, stopping some of the reverberation around the room and making the space sound less boxy. Another was to remove the need for painting and to cover.

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When looking for the best treatment in the New York City area, choosing NYC Popcorn Ceiling Removal will bring quality. Call (917) 793-5679 to get a free quote today! About U Recent reviews for Sun City Center popcorn ceiling removal services. 88532. Review for: Splicedup LLC. A+++ - Dany Ledesma. 154891. Review for: E.G Family Painting L.L.C. Excellent job. Had the exterior of my 1600 sq ft home repainted. They did an amazing job, Loveeddd it!!! - Wilberthe Guilluame Hire the Best Popcorn Ceiling Companies in Pensacola, FL on HomeAdvisor. Compare Homeowner Reviews from 9 Top Pensacola Popcorn Acoustic Ceiling Apply, Repair or Remove services. Get Quotes & Book Instantly Yes, scraping your ceiling is a messy process, but it's also the least expensive and can be completed by one person relatively quickly. Here's a step-by-step guide to remove popcorn ceiling. How To Remove Popcorn Ceiling Check for Asbestos. If the popcorn was added before 1979, get it tested for asbestos

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-Water Leak Repairs -Drywall/ Taping/Mudding Repairs -Smooth Ceilings/ Popcorn Removal -Potlights Install -Crown Mouldings/ Door Casings/ Baseboards Upgrade -Kitchen Backsplash -Complete Finished Basement -Framing (Light Weight Steel/ 2X4) -Drywall/ Taping/ Mudding/ Level 5 -Painting -Tiling -Trim Carpentry -Own Tools -Own Transportation. Popcorn ceilings were extremely popular from the 1950s to the 1980s. Before the dangers of asbestos were widely known, most popcorn ceilings were made from this deadly material. If you have popcorn ceilings in your home, they're likely safe if left undisturbed

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Possible Asbestos Exposure, House, 21 replies Popcorn Ceiling Removal, House, 42 replies Plaster/stucco popcorn ceiling removal - 3 contractors = 3 different solutions, House, 11 replies Popcorn Ceiling Removal - A Tutorial, House, 16 replies So we started removing the popcorn ceiling, House, 25 replie Rest easy, friend. Removing your popcorn ceilings is a seriously easy project requiring zero muscle and a moderate amount of clean up (if you prep correctly). Tools For The Job. Duct tape Clear tarps Painters tape 10 scraper Handheld pump sprayer Silicone caulk Bucket, sponge, and soap Ladder Paint roller, handle extender Paint for the. The molding can be placed without removing the popcorn ceiling, but it may not result in a precise look. If you do want to remove the popcorn ceiling, do so carefully using a piece of wood to scrape away the area where the molding will be fixed making sure not to scrape away the area that won't be covered by the molding. Step 2 - Cut the Moldin A popcorn ceiling can date your home. If you have moved into a home with a popcorn ceiling then you can depend on us to get rid of it for you. If you have tried to remove popcorn ceiling on your own, then you know the horrible mess it leaves behind! Let us handle that for you! Popcorn ceiling also traps odors

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Here is the definitive list of popcorn texture removal services near your location as rated by your neighborhood community. Want to see who made the cut? A note to our community regarding COVID-19 Our services also include things like the removal of vermiculite insulation asbestos and popcorn ceiling asbestos treatments. With team caring for your home, you can be confident that from asbestos floor tile removal, to asbestos ceiling tiles, your home will be cleared for safe passage

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A friend of mine removed the popcorn from the ceilings and it was quite the project / mess. Water if it soaks through to the drywall can damage the paper on the drywall. If that happens, you'll need to cut out the damaged paper, prime, patch with a joint compound (finish the surface) then prime and pain And the popular popcorn ceilings were once produced with asbestos, so experts need to be called in to handle any type of asbestos popcorn ceiling removal. Asbestos Removal Brooklyn NY can look after all the appropriate steps, starting with an asbestos testing performed by a certified asbestos tester Popcorn Ceiling Removal Florence, OR - Ceiling Texture Removal Florence, OR Popcorn Ceiling Removal Florence OR — Remove popcorn ceilings in Florence OR simply, with the expert help of Papa's Handyman. Since 1970, Papa has been a trusted expert in the drywall trade which has included removing hundreds of popcorn ceilings in Florence OR as well as re-texturing and painting as well

Easy way to remove textured or popcorn ceiling without theHe hates his popcorn ceilings, removes it in minutes withEasy Popcorn Ceiling Remover | Texture TerminatorPopEEZE | Popcorn Ceiling Scraper With Vacuum AttachmentCost To Remove a Popcorn Ceiling - Estimates, Prices
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