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  1. Google news feed disappeared. Pin . Lock . 0 Recommended Answers 33 Replies 1124 Upvotes I like to read news from Google news feed, i read all showing news then i click to hide news one by one so i receive latest news, but nothing show after scroll down for latest news and all thumbnails gone (disappeared). I like to read news from Google.
  2. My news feed disappeared. Pin . Lock . 0 Recommended Answers 47 Replies 303 Upvotes. news feed disappeared . Details. News tips & tricks, Android app. Upvote (303) Now the google news feed is gone? Just shows trending, but that flower thing you hit just disappeared. Google user. recommended this. Original Poster. Bren Steele
  3. How to restore your Google News Feed when you lost your left swipe capability. Long hold - Choose settings - toggle Personalized Updates

In order to fix it I need to long-press on my homescreen, choose 'Home Settings' and disable the 'Display Google App' and then re-enable it. After that the news feed is back but then it will disappear again at random. It doesn't happen just after the Google app is updated or after I've done anything in the feed, it just happens at random iPhone 7/10.2.1 Ireland. Deleted pre installed apps except Health and Wallet. News app now gone . Changed language & region settings to US. Widget returned but then had news icon on home screen. Deleted icon and it deleted the widget also. News app not available in App Store. Please advise. Thank you . Susan D We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

My news feed disappeared - Google News Communit

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  1. Download Google News and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Google News organizes what's happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you. With Google News, you'll see: Your briefing - It can be nearly impossible to keep up with every story you care about
  2. If you can't find the app using the iPhone Spotlight search tool, go to the Settings app to see if Restrictions are enabled.; Go to the Apple Store to reinstall iPhone apps that you've purchased or preloaded apps that you may have deleted.; If your phone is jailbroken, you might need to restore your iPhone to factory settings to get back your missing apps
  3. Use the Apple News app on your Apple Watch or the News widget on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to see the top headlines and save them for later to read on a different device. You can read the latest business headlines from Apple News in the Stocks app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac in all countries and regions where Apple News is.
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  1. Hi. Please help. I have 4 devices in the family (3x iPad Mini and an iPhone). All have previously had the Google app which is my preferred way of accessing the web. For some reason the Google app has disappeared from the screen of one of the iPads. It still shows on all others. When connected to my iTunes library it still shows as being there
  2. Join the Daily Android News Discussionshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnowc_KHgjVNj3Y-E-oQ8aw/joinGoogle recently removed the toggle that turned off the Go..
  3. Press and hold on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Tap the plus icon on the upper left corner to open the widget gallery. Search for & tap on the Google app, YouTube Music or the Google Photos app. Swipe right/left to select the widget size. Tap Add Widget Place the widget and tap Done at the upper right corne
  4. Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content
  5. I switched between the Google News app and Apple's News app on the iPhone to see which one is better. While both apps have their strengths — like customization, an easy-to-use interface, and.
  6. Some iPhone / iPad users reported their screen goes dark when they try to search something.In this video, we will learn you why and how to fix Google app or.
  7. The Discover feed is available on iPhone and iPad in the Google app. It's the list of cards underneath the search bar. It's the list of cards underneath the search bar. You may see a weather widget at the top and then a bunch of articles from around the web that fit your interests

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for To turn off Google Feed, tap the three vertical dots on a story. Choose Customize the feed and switch off Stories to read. It will disappear from the Google app's home screen iPhone's News App: Choose & Customize Your News Sources & Topics The more iPhone owners interact with the News app, the more customized it becomes, and now, with iOS 11.3, Apple has made the News app even more individualized. The For You section of the News app now includes videos, and as with the other sections of the News app, you can tailor the news video selection to your preference I was also beta user of ios14 on my iPhone 11 pro. I have same issue. I tried all the tricks listed here, none works. Still no News widget. I even hard reset (mistake!) thinking god knows what else I am missing. Still did not. fix it. No News widget! I just updated to ios14.2, still no News Widget

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  1. HOLD the Power (on/off) buttonand Home (round button with white square) button for 10-12 seconds. Ignore the Turn off message and release the buttons when you see the white apple logo. Let your iPhone reboots. Go back to Appstore and search for the app
  2. utes. If your Gmail account is still active in your device, but you don't see any of your Google contacts or events in the Contacts.
  3. If you can't find the app using the iPhone Spotlight search tool, go to the Settings app to see if Restrictions are enabled.; Go to the Apple Store to reinstall iPhone apps that you've purchased or preloaded apps that you may have deleted.; If your phone is jailbroken, you might need to restore your iPhone to factory settings to get back your missing apps
  4. Press and hold where the widget should be If a widget that previously existed happily on your iPhone home screen has all of a sudden vanished, leaving an empty space behind, you're in the right..
  5. To turn off Google Feed, tap the three vertical dots on a story. Choose Customize the feed and switch off Stories to read. It will disappear from the Google app's home screen. 32 Best Things..
  6. iPhone 8, iOS 12 Posted on Apr 20, 2019 5:13 AM I would recommend getting the google news app. It works very similarly to apple news but doesn't have paid content in the way. More Less. I have no plans to upgrade news feed to apple news+ for extra monies. How can I keep these annoying stories from appearing in my everyday feed

The iPhone's colors look off and it still can't get portrait mode right. This couldn't be any more clear than when I tried taking pictures of my new puppy. He moves around all the time and it's rare for him to hold still for more than a few seconds. The iPhone struggles with shutter speed, especially in portrait mode. Pixel? Works like a charm Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from FOXNews.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology.

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I have an iPhone Xs running the latest iOS (13.3.1) and recently my notes app has disappeared, I think it's probably related with the new operating system, the fact is that I can't find the app on the iPhone Tap the Google News app icon, which is the green, red, yellow, and blue card icon on a white background. 2 Tap the For You tab. This tab, which is the outline of a person reading a newspaper at the bottom-left corner, should open by default Many users have faced this issue in the past, and also in the present. Whenever a new iOS version is released by Apple, a lot of users complain about missing apps from their device. This is likely a bug that can be resolved quickly and you get back all Apps that were missing on your iPhone or iPad after updating iOS The good news is, you can simply re-download the apps from the App store. Just look for them in the app store and then download them again as you would any app. 3. Restart or Force Restart the iPhone. If you are sure that the apps weren't deleted but you still can't see them, your iPhone may need to be restarted as a way to make it. The Most Recent button disappeared in the Facebook app on iOS and Android. Here's how to get it back. iOS: Can't find your Most Recent news feed after Facebook's latest update on your iPhone or iPad

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Depending on which brand of smartphone you use, the last card on the left of your home screen will show you the Google Discover feed that aggregates news, sports, stocks, and entertainment. Formerly called Google Feed, Google Discover is a news feed service that Samsung integrated into One UI 3.1. Mind you, it might not be turned on by default. But the good news is that enabling it should only take a moment. Here's how to do so on the Galaxy S21 series, as well as any other Samsung device running the Android 11-based One UI 3.1 OS The only piece missing is Google Alerts, which I recently learned have been unreliable for the past few weeks and do not appear to be functioning in any other RSS feed reader since Google Reader. A smart news app built for every phone, everywhere • Google News is designed to meet the needs of users with different phones and levels of connection. • When your connection isn't strong or you need to save data, Google News will continue to work smoothly by slimming down the size of images and downloading less data

Once upon a time, RSS-style feed readers were enough to stay on top of the news. These days, the best news apps offer more, whether it's coverage from multiple sources or layouts designed with. I'll add too that my sites no longer display the thumbnail images from the Google news feed. Very disappointed. I purchased the Enterprise level Pro Feedzy and would certainly like to see a definitive answer from the company on what they are doing to restore the thumbnail image display for Feedzy users To create a list, click the Home button in the upper-right corner of Facebook to open the news feed. Then, from the left-hand column, under Favorites, you should see your Lists Microsoft adds a Google Discover-like news and weather feed to the Windows 10 taskbar Update 1 (04/22/2021 @ 1:54 PM ET): The news and interests widget is rolling out now in the latest Windows 10. Apple News introduces a local news experience in select cities, featuring diverse local publishers. Find top stories curated by local Apple News editors, weather, and more, right in your Today feed. Apple News+ extends the experience with access to major local newspapers. CURATED & PERSONALIZED. Apple News delivers Top Stories throughout the day

Google today is rolling out its take on the news feed, a personalized stream of articles, videos, and other content. The feed will appear in its flagship app for Android and iOS, simply called.. Kills the news feed and replaces it with a message reminding you not to get distracted. That's it. You can still check your messages and notifications, post status updates, and do everything you could do before. You just won't get distracting news feed posts anymore. No more wasting time on Facebook Google has introduced a major change to the way it delivers news and features within its flagship mobile app. As of today (19 July), Google is completely ditching Google Now in favour of a similar. Open the Google Authenticator app on your iPhone and click on Scan Barcode. You'll have to confirm that you give permission for the app to use your camera, but when you have, point the phone at. Google Feed/Cards are basically a POS after the last update, a lot less usable and a lot more buggy. It's so bad that every time it gets updated I simply go to the Play Store and uninstall/reinstall the updates to convert it back temporarily to the old version that is a thousand miles better

R, to mark as Read, S to mark as Starred, T to switch tabs, Q to queue posts - [beta] Bug fix for creating Any Website feeds V7.4.5: - Fix security issue on feed preview page - Fix bug when double-clicking on feeds or folders in the list V7.4.3: - Make the link to the feed in the posts screen click area smaller, reducing chance of misclicks. The News app is bundled in modern versions of iOS, accessible from the home screen as a standard app icon and from the Siri Suggestions screen in Spotlight under the News section on an iPhone or iPad. While News app includes a handful of curated Apple-approved sites, users can customize the app on their own by adding websites they like, and also use the News app as an RSS reader Tip: if you don't use Google News, you could also consider uninstalling the application on your Android device as this gets rid of the notifications as well.. Google News notification settings. Open the Google News application on the Android device, tap on the profile icon in the top right corner, select Settings and tap on Notifications on the Settings page that opens

The Google Assistant comes in several different flavors. There's the baked-in Google app on Android, the dedicated Google Assistant app on iOS, and the Assistant-powered Google Home smart speaker. But no matter how you access it, your Assistant will only get better if you take some time to personalize things As part of its 20th anniversary, Google unveiled plans to improve Search, starting with its Google Feed. Now known as Discover, the update brings a redesign complete with features to help you find.

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry is as hot as ever, with. Google App Integrated With A Google Feed Which Has A Stories To Read Section Which Loads Articles In Which You Take Interest. Google App's Feed Probably The Best Place To Read News On The Topics In Which You Are Interested. You Can Follow Topics In Google App To Read And Unfollow In Which You Have Not Interest When Google first released Google Now, it was celebrated by Android users across the board. When Now evolved into the Google Feed, however, this change was much less accepted. But the Feed is great if you just take the time to customize it Google surprised all of us yesterday with the news that Google Reader is getting canned this summer. That means if you use Google Reader for your RSS news feeds, you'll need to export your feeds to a new service before the service shuts down. Luckily, if you've got an iPhone or iPad, the task should be pretty easy. Here's a few options for transferring your RSS feeds to a new service

Coming to google.com on your phone. The Google homepage has always been a place to ask questions and search for information you're interested in. Now, it will be even easier to keep up with your interests, because Discover is coming to google.com on all mobile browsers In a shocking new report, specialist site iPhonesoft.fr states iOS 13 will drop support for the iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the iPad mini 2 and iPad Air. Given the.

I use google as my search engine but on my iPhone I just deleted this app because I can't find a way to unfollow brands in news feed. I don't want to see stories from daily mail and mirror. I googled how to customise and all the advice suggests to unfollow brand but this isn't option, all you can do is hide a single story How to personalize Google Discover using the cards from your feed. Google Discover has introduced a new way to express your interest or disinterest in the topics that it displays. Rather than going through never-ending lists of topics, this method allows you to interact with the cards presented in Google Discover and give feedback on the spot. Open the Google Discover feed and identify a card. News Feed is the constantly updating list of stories in the middle of your home page. News Feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook RSS Feeds Email Alerts Apple also offers a similar tracking feature, known as Find My iPhone, that helps iOS users to track down their missing iPhone or iPad, remotely locate its exact location by call tracking, call tracking software, Find my iPhone, google hacks, hacking news, mobile device management, mobile device manager, phone.

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Get started with News on iPhone. The News app collects all the stories you want to read, from your favorite sources, about the topics that interest you most. To personalize News, you can choose from a selection of publications (called channels) and topics such as Entertainment, Food, and Science.. You need a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to use News She manages the web editorial team and oversees all web and newsletter content. A long-time Apple enthusiast, Sarah can't live without her iPhone, Macbook Air, HomePod, Apple TV, or Apple Watch. As the original contributor to the iPhone Life Tip of the Day Newsletter, she wrote hundreds of iPhone how-tos to help users master their iPhones

Google promised three weeks ago that it would start adding privacy labels to its apps when it updated them. Today, none of its main apps have been updated, but some of its other apps have the labels 1. Look For App Store On Your iPhone. It is quite possible that the App Store Icon is hiding in some mystery folder on your iPhone. Hence, it is a good idea to first ask your iPhone to check for the Missing App Store icon. 1. Swipe down on the screen of your iPhone. 2. Next, type App Store in the search field iPhone text messages disappeared issue is an easy fix when you know what is the root cause. Start by identifying what made the issue and from there, follow the steps above on how to fix the problem. For sure you can resolve the issue in no time Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services

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For example, if you want all your pages to appear in Google Search, and if you want AdSense ads to appear on your pages, you don't need a robots.txt file. Similarly, if you want to block some pages from Google altogether, blocking the Googlebot user agent will also block all Google's other user agents For years, Dan-el Padilla Peralta, a Dominican-born teacher of classics at Princeton, has spoken openly about the harm caused by the discipline's practitioners in the two millenniums since antiquity — the classical justifications of slavery, race science, colonialism, Nazism and other 20th-century fascisms The Google feed, at its core, has basically become a glorified news stream. Open up the feed, and what you'll find is a series of stories presented in cards. The Google feed in the Google app.

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  1. Safely store and share your photos, videos, files and more in the cloud. Your first 15 GB of storage are free with a Google account
  2. The first news app to combine technology and community, giving you the world's highest rated, custom news feed - unbiased and tailored to your needs and interests.In-depth reporting on the 2020 US presidential election. We aggregate reports from major news sites, as well as international and independent media
  3. Steps to disable trending story cards in Google feed. Open Google App on your Android smartphone. It will show up some cards with trending news stories. If you scroll down, you can find more news stories. You are about to disable this trending stories in Google feed. Tap on the hamburger icon (displayed as ☰) on the bottom right side. It will.
  4. RSS feed readers make it a lot straightforward to access and browse through articles you like reading. Everything you find exciting or love to glance through is beautifully presented in one place. If you have decided to enrich your reading experience, look at the best RSS reader apps for iPhone and iPad
  5. Download Newsify: RSS Reader and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac OS X 11.0 or later, or Apple Watch. ‎Read and share your favorite websites and blogs with an amazing newspaper-like layout. FEATURES • All of your news, blogs and RSS feeds in one free reader app! • Sync with Feedly or Newsify or use without an account and.
  6. Solution 1: Checking News Feed Preferences. Facebook has news feed preferences which allow you to decide what you see in your news feed page. These preferences have 2 main options namely Top stories and Recent. By default, Top stories are selected and if you want to see most recent stories, you would need to change the preferences manually
  7. Faster access to lots of different sources of news and information means that you can more easily keep up with important trends in your industry and build up expertise on the topics you really care about. Because Feedly is connect to more than 40 million feeds, you can really go deep and find the niche content that is specific to your work or.

Looking into the content of the google and bing rss feeds, images are http while the feed is https and feedzy says it doesn't display these. If you type the http feed url from bing it forwards to an https address and shows fine. Can anybody suggest how to create a filter that will convert all http image address in the feed to https *Favorites - YOUR personalized feed. All the content you care about from your favorite teams, players and leagues. *Scores - A live view of every game. Every score at a glance, updated in real-time. Just tap the matchup for detailed box scores, including live player data, news and multimedia Get Apple news, iTunes hit lists, and more delivered directly to your web browser or newsreader. Click the links below to subscribe to the Apple RSS feeds you're most interested in

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Use Google Hangouts to keep in touch with one person or a group. Available on mobile or on desktop, start making video or voice calls today Text messages sent to Google Fi users with Hangouts may have gone missing between March 31st and April 5th, 2021. Google says the messages were recovered and were being sent through by April 7th It's not clear if this is a problem that's related specifically to the ‌iPhone 12‌ models or if it's a wider issue with iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2, but the majority of complaints appear to be from. If you use Google Authenticator to set up 2FA, there are several ways to transfer your security keys to a new phone, depending on whether you're using an iPhone or Android device and whether.


Google News has added a special executive orders section to its users' feeds, focusing on articles about executive orders issued by President Trump. The section has caused backlash from some users online who claim it to be inappropriate and agenda-driven Google Calendar's mobile apps can create and view Tasks now Keeping an eye on your Tasks to-do list is a little easier now that it's in the Google Calendar apps. R. Lawler | 10.03.2 ‎Microsoft News delivers breaking news and trusted, in-depth reporting from the world's best journalists. - Our editors curate the most trusted, important, interesting and trending news - You choose which topics matter most to you. - Microsoft News updates you with notifications of breaking news,

A few weeks after announcing that iOS support was on the way, Google's cloud gaming service now supports the iPhone and iPad. As expected, the company is using a web app to access the service Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing To address this, Google.org granted Vera $4 million and a team of 12 Google.org Fellows to develop a local level prison data set and an accessible, interactive visualization portal, documented in People in Jail in 2019. With this new information, policymakers can begin to make choices that are better for their communities

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