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The salsa is always performed on the balls of the feet; do not dance with flat feet. Although salsa is supposed to be a sensual and sassy dance, do not overdo the hip movements. The hip movements will come naturally to you once you get into the rhythm of the dance. Exaggerated moves can actually ruin the effect of the performance Ultimate guide on how to Salsa dance for beginners. We'll teach you 2 basic Salsa steps and how to combine them together. To get 5 free dance lessons from ou.. Need a reminder of the moves taught in your salsa dance class? Salsa Lust is just for you! The most comprehensive salsa moves list offered on the web. Move of the day. See Setenta y Cinco for further details. Browse moves by level 1 - Basics 2 - Beginners 3 - Improvers 4 - Intermediate 5 - Advanced 6 - Expert 7 - Master The one released in 2000 is in French and is about a pianist who realizes that he loves salsa music more than Classical piano, and moves to Paris to start a Latin Band. In the process he learns how to dance salsa and falls in love with a salsera. The movie actually features some great salsa music and dance scenes in the salsa clubs of Paris Intermediate Salsa Moves. Once you've mastered the foundational beginner Salsa steps, it's time to move on up and explore our intermediate salsa steps and the various patterns that complement them.The idea here is to build off the fundamental techniques you already have and master them as you expand your arsenal of moves

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If you can take one step forward, do the same backwards and then side to side, those are all the Salsa moves you need to know to be able to Salsa dance. It really is that simple. Here's a tip that will really help you progress from just walking to dancing:- keep your steps very small. Salsa routines can be practised and danced anywhere Traditionally in Salsa Dance the Man is the Leader and the Woman is the Follower. Together the Leader and the Follower are known as Dance Partners or simply Partners. These claves are little tugs, pushes, or checks given at the right time in the momentum of the dance that let the Follower know when to turn, hesitate, dip, cross-body, etc Salsa dancers move their feet to the beat of the music, and are influenced by the movements of the cha-cha, mambo, and African styles as well. When dancing salsa, dancers often add their own flair by moving their hips and upper body in coordination with the basic foot work. Part 1 Learning to Count the Musi Our beginner Salsa steps cover everything a beginner Salsa dancer needs to know to get started off right. Browse through our lessons and you'll find key moves like the cross body lead, basic right turn, left turn and more. By learning these beginner moves, you're just chipping at the tip of the iceberg

Salsa is danced in 4/4 timing. All that means is that the music is counted in four beats, followed by another four beats. This repeats throughout the music you are dancing to. But when we are dancing salsa, we actually count the beats in a progression of eight beats A common salsa move in salsa dancing used to bring the follow from one side of the slot to the other Salsa is a Latin dance associated with the music genre of the same name which was first popularized in the United States in the 1960s in New York City. Salsa is an amalgamation of Cuban dances such mambo, pachanga, and rumba as well as American dances such as swing and tap.. It was primarily developed by Puerto Ricans and Cubans living in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s for choosing Salsa Gente as source for your information! We are community oriented and based in Santa Cruz and maintain Cuban-style Salsa dance since 2001. We offer classes and dance opportunities filled with lots of fun. As courtesy, we describe some basic Salsa Rueda de Casino moves starting with Beginner level and list our Salsa

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  1. Salsa is a sensuous and exciting dance that is known for its smooth hip movements, its exciting music and its intricate footwork. It is a dance form that has a worldwide following. It can be danced by a solo dancer or with a partner and there are line and circle formations as well
  2. g On 1 Free Lesson . 2. The Basic Steps Free Lesson . 3
  3. Chapter 5: Salsa dance Steps Salsa Steps Names. Each style of Salsa has different 'moves', 'steps' or 'turn patterns' which you will learn with a partner. Many Salsa dance moves have names which you will learn from your Salsa Instructor. Since Salsa is a street dance, a number of Salsa dance moves are non-standardised
  4. Many of the moves involve rapidly swapping partners. In the Philippines 2005, a growing interest among young Filipinos led to a fusion of salsa and community dance, later called Ronda de Salsa, a dance similar to Rueda but with salsa dance moves that were choreographed locally and in Filipino names
  5. Britney Spears' favorite way to blow off steam is to dance her heart out. The singer performed some incredible hip-swerving moves at home, saying she was getting her 'salsa on.
  6. Salsa Shines is a Solo dance that lets you show your capability and dance moves on the rhythms independently. You can say that it gives you a break from a couple's dance. The term 'Shines' means to have an opportunity to shine individually

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The word 'salsa' literally means 'sauce', usually hot and spicy, and that's definitely how you would describe salsa dance - zesty, energetic, passionate and sexy. Basic steps; Instructions & Diagrams; Video; Recommended Video Lessons » Quick intro. Salsa is a sensual Latin dance, similar to mambo. Both have a pattern of six steps over eight. http://www.danceclass.com/salsa.html If you've followed each of our Salsa Basic Steps clips in order, you will have learnt the Salsa basic, crossover steps a.. But still, as a dancer, teacher and salsa lover, I value every piece of movie that has been made about or is related to this magnificent dance, salsa. Here are the 10 best salsa movies of all times. And one that is terrible . As you may know, originally the term salsa was referring to the music and not the dance as it's used today Cadence. In salsa dance, the term cadence simply means to mark or keep time with your feet.The timing is vital to successful salsa dancing, as it is what creates the fluidity of movement that the genre is known for. As one becomes a more advanced dancer, it is easier to throw in personal style quirks and really change up the tempo versus the steps

You can do some very simple shines like suzy Q, step tap, left turn and right turn. I will show you these steps in this post and also share with you 3 tricks to never feel odd doing shines at salsa socials again. Here are the 3 Basic shines that you can do in the solo section of your dance Addicted2Salsa provides free salsa dance videos and lessons that make it easy for anyone around the world to learn to salsa dance through easy to follow dance lessons and step-by-step instructional guide Oct 29, 2020 - Explore Cattleya De Leon's board Dance moves on Pinterest. See more ideas about dance moves, dance, salsa dancing Get into the spirit of sunshine of Caribbean dance and music. This popular crash course offers everyone who wants to learn to dance Salsa a more sizzling Cuban variety. Level 1 is for anyone who wants to learn to dance partner salsa, with easy and cool looking moves. SORRY: LEVEL 1 CLASS IS FULL! Level 1: begins Feb 24, 2016

Salsa is the basic move of Zumba dance workout which incorporates Latin steps and rhythms into the workout. It is one of the best aerobics workouts that involve swift and vigorous leg movement. Salsa is the preliminary part of Zumba that involves the leg movements. It is almost like a Latin dance where you step out your right foot and switch. Learn how to dance Salsa for beginners with the following basic Salsa dance steps.You will learn 2 basic moves for the On 1 Salsa style and 2 basic moves for the On 2 Salsa style below. These videos are brought to you from Passion4dancing's membership and Casa Salsa's video course available here for purchase Salsa dancing originated in the 1970s in New York City, influenced by dance styles from Cuba and Puerto Rico. It is a lively, sensual dance that you can perform at parties or dance clubs. Start by learning basic salsa moves like On1.. I looked very hard but it's almost impossible to find videos that are good enough quality, proper Cuban salsa, have the basic moves (without lots of complicated moves) and are not just dancing. So I compromised. Basic step - on the spot. Basic step - turning. Basic step - walking forward (arriba). Basic step - walking backward (abaho)

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  1. This classic move popularized by Soul Train allows you to experiment with traveling around the dance floor. Used in line dances, as a party move, and in partnered dances like Salsa and Bachata, it's the Grapevine's versatility that really makes it an essential to learn
  2. The dance steps currently being danced to salsa music come from the Son (music), but were influenced by many other Cuban dances such as Mambo (dance), Cha-cha-cha (dance), Guaracha, Changüí, Palo Monte, Rumba (dance), Abakuá, Comparsa and sometimes even Mozambique. Solo salsa steps are called Shines, a term taken from Tap dancing
  3. g dance floor real estate in great quantities. This is one thing I love about the Salsa. I love to move my partners around the floor utilizing navigational skills around other couples. I love the challenge of doing this
  4. FreeSpirit presents Salsa in Fuchsia as part of the Dance Moves collection by Katie Pasquini Masopust
  5. How To: Do the patternito salsa dance move (reverse cross body lead) By WonderHowTo; Latin; Salsa dancing, like salsa the food, is spicy hot and full of Latin American sizzle. During salsa dancing, there is a double-handed move called the in-n-out in which the girl gets spun out to her left and gets resisted by the guy on her right shoulder so.

Salsa is the most popular of all the Latin dance styles, which means that whenever you go out to a Latin party, you will need to know how to dance this rhythm! This program starts slowly with the basics, so it's perfect for anyone with 2 left feet, and then it progresses to 15 turns and twirls, that get fancier, as you get better Celebrate by teaching these 5 Latin dance steps to your kids and get them into the groove. Face the music: concerts are way more fun when you're dancing along with your favorite artists. The red-hot rhythms of live Latin music are especially great for dancing, and fans of all ages love getting down to the syncopated sounds of salsa, merengue.

Low Impact Salsa Dance Workout for Seniors. In this workout we will use salsa/latin dance music for a great cardio workout! Cardio workouts can be a lot of fun, especially when there's music involved! While you don't need to have music playing to do cardio, it will help inspire you and keep you motivated 2 Step 2 Dance Studio Salsa Basics Property of 2 Step 2 Dance Studio Page 1 Part or the whole of this document may not be published or sold without prior permission from 2 Step 2 Dance Studio Salsa Basics Pre-requisite None (These are basic patterns) Introduction Salsa was born in 1928 when Ignacio Piñeria, a popular song writer Salsa Moves and Steps The Mambo Basic in LA Style Salsa. A common basic step in Salsa is the Mambo basic (see Salsa videos). It is danced to two bars of music or eight beats with three steps to every bar or four beats. The step rhythm is quick quick slow, or one-beat one-beat two-beats, or step step step hold

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Oct 23, 2016 - Salsa dance steps. On-1 or LA-style. I first learned when volunteering one summer in Ecuador; great memories Thus salsa encompasses mambo. In other words, mambo can be thought of as the special case of salsa where the break step is taken on count 2. If we are talking about salsa and ballroom mambo, the differences are larger. Ballroom training encourages precise and sharp movement with sudden stops and fast changes of direction Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Salsa Dance Moves for the Club - Simple, Spicy Salsa Steps for Beginners at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

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The basic Salsa steps consist of a forward half and a back half. Remember, it is very important to switch weight on every single step. The ladies start by stepping back with their right foot and men start with their left foot. You are essentially doing rock steps. Watch the video to master these basic Salsa moves right away. Dance: Salsa. Salsa dance was created by Spanish-speaking people living in the Caribbean and North America. Although salsa is a common Latin ballroom dance formed by couples, it can also be done solo or as a line dance. As with many art forms, no one person invented the salsa dance. Different people played a role in molding salsa

A person dancing, most commonly displayed as woman with one arm raised wearing a red dress, while dancing the salsa or flamenco. Often used to represent a sense of fun or as a positive affirmation, e.g. great! This emoji did not originally specify a gender, but was canonically deemed a woman when the Man Dancing emoji was approved Casino Rueda (meaning salsa wheel) is a group dance which originated in Havana , Cuba in the 1960s by a group called Guaracheros de Regla. In this dance, couples dance in a circle while one dancer, designated as The Caller, provides hand signals or calls out the moves which will be executed by every couple in the circle simultaneously. Basic steps. Rumba is usually danced to music written in 4/4 time, with four beats to each measure. The basic step is a very simple box step. It consist of three basic steps - two quick side steps and a slow forward or backward step. The rhythm of the steps is slow, quick, quick Plus, students go out dancing after the class to try out the new moves they've learned. Arthur Murray Dance Studio also teaches Latin ballroom styles including salsa, merengue, chachachá, and bachata, as well as tango, milonga, paso doble, and other styles. DanzaActiva offers salsa classes for adults as well as flamenco, sevillana, and bomba * Download salsa dance moves and combination videos to your device, so that you can learn to dance salsa anywhere in the world. * Learn to find the salsa dance rhythm with different salsa instruments such as the latin clave and tumbao drum. * Watch salsa video episdoes of the Addicted2Salsa TV show

Salsa - Dance Moves - Katie Pasquini Masopust Color: Fuchsia #PWKP017.FUCHSIA Fabric Width approximately 42-44 including the selvage 100% Premium Quality Cotton Fabric Sold By The Yard, Half Yard & Fat Quarter 18 X 21 Smoke & Pet Free Orders Over $35 Ship Priority Fre Boogie-woogie can be danced in social situations (mostly in Europe), or in competitions (worldwide). As a competitive dance, boogie-woogie is a led dance, without any choreography or acrobatic movement. Boogie-woogie can be slow or fast. When fast beats are used, boogie-woogie often moves into East Coast swing, Hollywood style and jitterbug SALSA @ MOVE DANCE STUDIOS . SALSA CLASS STRUCTURE. ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS LEVEL 1 (5 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS) - WEDNESDAYS 6PM - 7PM ($79.95 SPECIAL COURSE PRICE) This 5-week adult course is perfect for any newcomers to Salsa dancing, or those who may have done a few classes in the past and want to brush up on their basics. We will introduce you to. The Right Turn is the second most popular move in salsa. For followers, the Right Turn is a major move. Most leads will execute the Right Turn as this is the easiest Salsa move to lead, with the exception of the Mambo. Most leads will not put themselves into a Right Turn due to the fact they're lazy Summary. How to Dance Salsa with Sexiness & Style for Beginners. You'll learn over 14 different Salsa moves plus styling tips, lead & follow techniques and extra secrets to learning to dance salsa quick and easy with each move broken down step by step and shown from different angles

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  1. Street Dance - If you haven't heard of this film, or even Street Dance the original, you're not alone (and don't worry, you're not missing out on any misplaced Oscar gold). However, any salsa scene done street style in a boxing ring is well worth a watch. Shine, tricks and flair galore. It's got sexiness to spare and you might just get so caught up in this scene that it.
  2. The basic rhythm of salsa footwork is 1-2-3 pause 5-6-7 pause. Starting at the home position (see diagram) the man (1) moves his left foot out of home position, (2) steps in place with the opposite foot, then (3) moves the left foot back into home position.. On 5-6-7 he moves in a similar manner, but in a different direction, with his right foot.. The basic shuffles differ in possible hand.
  3. Salsa moves can be combined into one long sequence without going back to basic. This can be done either by doing full moves back to back, or by cutting off the ending of the first move before starting the next move. This is a powerful tool for creating beautiful, long and impressive looking choreographies—and a lot of nice blends are described
  4. The dance itself was developed in the mid-'70s by Puerto Ricans in New York. It is believed that the popularity of disco at the time also influenced this dance, as you see glimpses of the Latin Hustle. Salsa is a combination of fast footwork and swaying hips, while the upper body maintains its position. The turns the couple make is what.
  5. Rueda de Casino is a style of Salsa where several couples dance choreographically around a circle, with the dance moves being called by one person, a caller. This style was developed in Cuba in the 1950s [More at Wikipedia]. The wiki is to help all students of Rueda remember and refine their Rueda patterns, reflecting local variations, and.

Salsa is the basic move of Zumba dance workout which incorporates Latin steps and rhythms into the workout. It is one of the best aerobics workouts that involve swift and vigorous leg movement. Salsa is the preliminary part of Zumba that involves the leg movements https://www.addicted2salsa.com/videos/ This is salsa dance lesson to the salsa basic steps to salsa dancing. These are the real social salsa dance steps for.

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  1. Travel Salsa 1. Bend your knees. Slightly bend arms. Point them to the right towards the sky. 2.Take four steps to the right-use your hips to move. 3..Return to the middle. 4..Repeat step 1. This time point arms to the left. 5. Take four steps to the left-use your hips to move. 6. Try it faster. Check video for correct tempo
  2. Others believe the term was coined because of how salsa dancing melds all different styles of dance and music, just like edible salsa is an amalgamation of many different ingredients. Whatever the case, by the 1950's, Salsa variations like casino, mamba and pachanga had taken over in Havana's ballrooms and nightclubs
  3. Transcript. Hello, my name is Jorday Rivera, and I am an expert in salsa. I own two dance studios in Queens, New York. We're going to be learning a progression of salsa moves so we can actually go out, practice, take it to the clubs, take it to a party, and you can show off all the great moves you learned
  4. The Prince of Salsa deserves his name! He was part of the Vazquez brothers who is still considered one of the best dance teams to ever grace the planet. Mr. Vazquez is one of the icons of the L.A. Style! Flashy, sharp, technical and with extremely showy moves he symbolizes what L.A. Style signifies!! His team Imperio Azteca is amazing as well!
  5. Courtney and Carolyn choreographed the dance, using several moves provided from videos that Christina and Katie researched. Carolyn demonstrated patience while teaching the dance and is a stable dancer, rarely making mistakes. She researched and described the physical movements used in our salsa choreography
  6. Footwork: Steps in all directions are normally taken first with the ball of the foot in contact with the floor, and then with the heel lowering when the weight is fully transferred. Hip Movement: In Salsa, the hip action is usually relaxed and subtle, especially for men. Weight is normally placed onto a slightly bent knee. Arm Styling: In general, arms are held at or slightly above waist level
  7. Salsa Dance Moves. 191 likes. This page is for people who love Salsa Dancing

As the dancer moves, their hips shift with the movement of their feet, which plays into the notion that Salsa dancing is highly sexualized. The dance itself was born in a social atmosphere, and continues to be a social dance that is very fluid and in such settings can become rather improvised, given the colorful variety of dances that Salsa. The Cuban Casino style of salsa dancing involves significant movement above the waist, with up-and-down shoulder movements and shifting of the ribcage. The arms are used by the lead dancer to communicate or signal the follower, either in open or closed position Salsa: Easy Step Breakdown July 8, 2014 by Zumba PR 0 0 0 0 0. Zumba PR. comments. 0 0 0 0 0. Related Content. Merengue: Easy Step Breakdown. Dance Moves for Your Office Holiday Party. Find a Class in your 'hood! Search Classes. Latest Posts. April 22, 2016 Good Planets Are Hard To Find. Today, and every day, celebrate our beautiful planet. The Salsa is a sexy and exciting dance performed between two partners. It features a light swaying of the hips and frequent weight shifting that makes the dance feel and look fluid. Salsa is one of the most popular Latin dances and the steps are simple enough for anyone to learn! Learn how to dance Salsa with free video lessons from Howcast

As for moves, here is my best advice of how to learn new salsa moves.... Learn how to get into different endings from the same move. This will make your life much easier when you are trying to mix it up in social dance event. You may know only 10 moves, but with 3 endings to each move = 30 moves! ChicagoSalsero said: Hello people, so I'm. Steps: Salsa basic consists of 3 steps (2 quicks and 1 slow or a pause). You could dance the Salsa On1 (LA style) or On2 (NY style); in other words, you can start your first step (breaking step) on the first beat (the strong beat) or the second beat. Footwork in both styles are generally the same however the feelings are quite different How many steps to learn to dance salsa are necessary to dance to an entire song? There are many figures, many possible combinations. But in no way is it essential to be an expert dancer, to dance a salsa song on your favorite dance floor. What's more, with 8 basic salsa steps, you can dance to an entire song Salsa might describe a unique component of a dance but it also describes a unique style of music that requires the dancer to mix and match the steps and moves they know to match the music. It is probably now closer to the Puerto Rican Bomba tradition than the Mambo/Rumba Tradition Bachata refers to both a style of music and a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. The dance, like many Latin dances, is romantic and s..

Latin Dance Lessons will teach you how to dance. With our professional salsa dancers, you will learn everything from basic steps to advanced salsa moves, cha, salsa and other Latin dances. We believe that dancing is a fun . and entertaining way to express yourself. You can feel the energy of the people you dance with, learn new dance steps and. Rear view of blonde latino dancer doing salsa dance steps. Full body length portrait isolated on white studio background. close up. Salsa dance performer couple on a brown dance floor with the other dancers, indoor. Salsa dance lesson in a park. PLOVDIV, BULGARIA - APRIL 21, 2019 - Salsa dance lesson on the streets of Plovdiv city in Bulgaria

Salsa Dance Steps for Beginners. with Ryan Perez. Learn how to dance salsa - one step at a time! Take a dance class in the privacy of your home and learn the latin ballroom dance skills to impress. Playing 4 CQ. 2. Body Posture, Styling and Movement. A lesson with Ryan Perez Coach Kayla and a special guest will share some festive salsa recipes and teach you to liven up the dance floor with some basic salsa moves! About the Coach A former professional athlete and collegiate volleyball coach, Kayla's years of training serve as the framework for her healthy lifestyle

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Dance Survial Guides... Timing - Salsa Salsa's parent dance is the Mambo. As the tempo of Mambo music became faster, it's dance steps had to be modified and so we have Salsa. To stop the dancer moving off the beat, the Mambo's one beat step on count 4 was replaced by a half beat step, with a placing of weight on the next half beat I discuss this on my vlog: https://youtu.be/abz8Y9kMW4I How to Remember Salsa Moves I don't want to tell you to practice, because that's the obvious and ambiguous.

How to Dance a Basic Step in Salsa: 14 Steps (with Pictures

Salsa is generally a partner dance, popular throughout Latin America, and also in the United States, Japan, India, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Israel and Eastern Europe.Salsa has its origins in the Cuban Son and Afro-Cuban dance. Though it is generally performed with salsa music, tropical music is also used in some cases during its performance The dance style of salsa developed in the 1920s on the island of Cuba at the same time that a variety of music styles came together to make the style of salsa music. At this time Cuba was a fusion of different Latin dance styles and it was in this climate that a local Cuban studio named Fania named the new music salsa and began playing in on. (Above is the Salsa Dance learning curve graph from The famous Salsa Hell dance graph aka BEGINNER'S HELL). Salsa Dancing as a Lead: Salsa life SUCKS IN THE BEGINNING. You have so much EGO and. Yesenia teaches a beautiful and diverse array of salsa dance moves you can perform solo. Perfect for solo vignettes within partner salsa dance, or for non-partner performance and social dance occasions, Salsa... Solo! is a treasure chest of graceful step combinations, nimble turns, and swirls sure to make you look amazing on the dance floor Salsa Lovers offers over 50 group classes a week. Our 55-minute Group Classes give students a chance to learn new dance moves in an environment where you can practice your steps before hitting the dance floor

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Salsa dance steps. The salsa is usually danced in closed position with the man facing the woman. Heads are kept still, hips swing. Steps are closely linked to the clave rhythm. The dancers use two. Dance moves or step variety strongly depend on the music (such as the rhythms played by the different instruments), setting, mood, and interpretation. Unlike salsa, bachata dance does not usually include many turn patterns. Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean The following 3 basic Ballroom dance steps are a perfect way to get started with social Ballroom dancing. We have included the basic dance moves for 3 popular dances: Rumba, Swing and Waltz. These lessons come directly from the Social dancing crash course where couples can learn how to dance at any social event including weddings and parties

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Participants will learn basic salsa dance steps and how to combine them in different patterns. Alma Montuno Latin Dance is a Latin dance studio is based in Dunellen, NJ. The studio offers New York. The video has since gotten over one million views on Instagram, and her fans have been commenting on her dance moves at the beginning of their cooking session. Tamera admitted at the start of the video that she was feeling hyper that day, and proceeded to break out into a salsa dance in honour of their Spanish cuisine. One fan cheered her one

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Click the button below to add the Pasquini Dance Moves Salsa PWKP017 Free Spirit to your wish list. SHARE . Product Description. TO ORDER 1 YARD ENTER 2 IN THE QUANTITY. TO ORDER 1 1/2 YARD ENTER 3 IN THE QUANTITY AND SO ON. Katie Pasquini MasoPast Collection of Dance Moves definitely show a lot of movement! Fun and exciting to use and we hav Learn to dance Salsa steps SALSA Driven by the dense Afro-Cuban rhythms of Cuban jazz bands, Mambo and Salsa are exciting, sexy and fun. While the two dances can have subtle differences in timing and style, new dancers should focus on the hypnotic Latin rhythm and the basic step patterns

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