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Listings Not Show up in eBay Search Results: by: Tiffee Jasso : Thu May 31 00:08:26 2012: I have found dozens of times, this year that when I use Ebay's search engine to look for an item, there are none on Ebay. Then I go to Google and lo and behold there is the same item or most times items, on Ebay that I was looking for Do use the alternate search results views . By default, you'll get eBay search results as a list of items and titles, but that's not the only way to browse eBay. Just under the tabs along the tops of your search results, you'll see the text View as: and a series of three icons eBay's search engine only finds listings that contain all the words you typed in the search box. That means the more terms you use in your search phrase, the more precise your search results will be. Consider all the features, functions, and traits of the item you want. Some possible attributes to include: Manufacturer/Brand; Model Name/Number. Enter the search phrase you're interested in, hit Enter and then click the green Follow this search text that appears at the top of your results. Your eBay homepage will now show fresh items.

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  1. After you search for an item, select Save this search at the top of the search results page. To view the listings in the searches you saved: Go to Saved searches - opens in new window or tab. Choose View items. Watch the video below to learn how to save your search
  2. A seller told us that this month, sponsored listings began appearing in search results when sorted by price (lowest) but are never actually the lowest cost items - usually the direct opposite, he said. In addition, eBay displays the following message: We removed some search results to show you the most relevant listings
  3. @onemixedbag wrote:. So I've noticed more and more that ebay's search results are not complete. A current example today is the following....If you do a search for bee earrings and sort from highest to lowest price, the most expensive pair they show is a pair for for $553.45 however if you do a search for slane bee earrings, there is a pair for $1, 999.00
  4. g in eBay searches. Next to many of the items in the results are small question mark icons that you can click to get more information
  5. Open an eBay Store. Learn how to set up an eBay Store and what you need to know before you get started. Manage your eBay Store. Discover how to manage your eBay Store through Seller Hub, including how to put it on a vacation setting. Close your eBay Store. Find out how to close your eBay Store, and what happens to your active listings when you do
  6. eBay's advanced search can give you short term sales data. For more in depth and detailed information professional sellers look to Terapeak. Cleaning up your title and/or pictures can get your better search results on eBay. If an item qualifies using eBay's Promoted Listings is a great way to get a boost for your listings and your eBay store

How to use advanced search. Advanced search lets you narrow down your results, whether you're looking for an item or a store. Here's how it works: Select Advanced next to the search bar. Select an option from Items, Stores or eBay Motors. Choose the filters you'd like to apply by ticking the boxes or entering your keywords. Select Search Buy & sell electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles & more on eBay, the world's online marketplace. Top brands, low prices & free shipping on many items From Advanced Search check mark the box for Completed listings only: A view of the completed listings returned. 2. From the Completed Listings search results page, easily view shipping costs, links to similar active items on eBay and links to list similar items: 3. Sellers and buyers have multiple options to view and organize results Have multiple items that you can group into a multi-quantity or multi-variation listing; Have a lot of inventory and want to minimize your insertion fees; Want your items to show up for buyers for more than 10 days; List in the right category. Pick the category that's most relevant for your item. You can also choose to list in a second category

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Solved: I started ebay store and listed some items. But New items listed not showing up in my ebay store yet. How much time it will take to show my. Browse eBay. eBay Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type Seller Asks Why Google Is Not Showing eBay Items: by: I Must be Crazy : Sun Aug 16 14:26:12 2015: It doesn't help much to have one item show up every now and then in a Google search. It's especially useless if it points to an expired listing. For me I would just back all the way out to my results page and go to the next option The Best Match search system on eBay has gotten mixed reviews, with buyers typically liking it more than sellers. That difference of opinion is hardly surprising. One of the reasons for creating the search feature was to move some listings to the background so buyers don't have to see them any longer It seems like if my store goes for 3-4 weeks with no new listings, my stuff doesn't show up in search results as well, and sales definitely drop like a rock. But as soon as I list a handful of new items, within a couple of days sales and visibility seem to go back up Step-by-Step Instructions to Export eBay Listings to Excel. Select your listings and open the bulk editor. Click the checkboxes on the right of all the items you want to export. Click on Action > Export to file. When the box pops up, click on Export to CSV (spreadsheet format) and then the blue Export button

Your listing will be posted on the eBay site and can be viewed in My eBay. Your listing may not be immediately searchable by keyword or category for several hours (or up to 24 hours in some circumstances), so eBay can't guarantee exact listing durations in search results Specific sellers (enter seller's user IDs) My saved sellers list Sellers with eBay stores eBay Outlet sellers Sort by Time: ending soonest Time: newly listed Price + Shipping: lowest first Price + Shipping: highest first Distance: nearest first Best Match View results All items Picture Gallery Show item numbers Results per page 25 50 100 20

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  1. e the best Store subscription for your needs. Starter Store
  2. Seller Questions eBay's Exposure in Google Search : by: Terry in Texas : Tue Dec 16 23:26:07 2014: I agree with you that there is something amiss with google. i have tried to find some of my listings on ebay and my own website and they rarely come up at all (maybe 10 pages down). occasionally i will see one of my IMAGES come up on the first page. but the only way to get my listing to show on.
  3. Motorcycledot is a reseller for hundreds of Motorcycle brands, selling accessories and part

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There are many, many eBay sellers who don't have eBay stores, and who are still very successful at selling on eBay. In fact, having a store won't do much in and of itself to help sell your items or improve your sales. That's not the purpose of an eBay store, nor is increased sales a normal result of opening an eBay store, unless by pure. *Likelihood to sell based on an eBay study that reviewed 6.8 million listings that resulted in an increase in 4.5% more sales over this period; better photo quality defined as photos that measure 500 or greater pixels on the longest side, do not have added text or graphics, and are uploaded to eBay picture service. Individual results may. Don't Just Show Up in Results; Earn the Sale This tip is the most subtle, but also one of the most important in your eBay search ranking. eBay has indicated that your click-through and sale percentages matter for your search ranking over time. That is to say that

Ebay can also control small sellers listing in the google search results because ebay controls the google webmaster key to the sellers listings and ebay can then exclude sellers pages from google search results because ebay is the controller in google web master tools On eBay search results pages, buyers can search and browse using the categories and item specifics listed in the left-hand navigation. By updating your listings with item specifics, you'll help ensure that your items will show up in relevant search results and be viewed by more buyers. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO

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These additional customization tools help you to create promotional space and item lists in the left-sidebar navigation on your eBay store and to promote your eBay store to search engines with keywords directly related to your business, your selling, and your stock As it stands, 71 percent of all purchases made on eBay have been shipped for free (eBay, 2019). According to eBay, this is an added incentive that helps to attract more buyers and boost visibility by having listings placed higher in search results

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Search by item number. Click Advanced Search at the top of most eBay pages and select By item number on the left side of the page. If you don't know your item number, you can look it up in your confirmation email or in My eBay Secondly I noticed that the area of my store is listed as a town however the search results for my store or under the state versus the town, so if this is a issue or cause of ur issue u can go ur profile then ur store and make both locations the same so if u opt to search for ur own merchandise u know exactly how to find it

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If you want to build a profitable ecommerce business that stands the test of time, you need to register your own domain and start your own web site. Most people who aren't tech savvy often question their own abilities and end up relying on 3rd party marketplaces like Ebay to implement their website store for them. Here's why starting an Ebay store is a bad idea eBay Promoted Listings is a pretty simple advertising scheme. You just choose which items to promote, and how much of the sale price you are willing to pay. eBay then boosts your items from their normal positions in the search results to the four top spots, or a variety of placements lower down in the results

Problems with ebay's search functionality, not sho

  1. Some eBay sellers are lamenting that with both the influx of new auction-style listings from the million-item promotion and also with eBay's recent notice about no promises being made that your item will ever actually show up in search results, their sales are down from where they usually are. And, of course, the question is begged, how might they get them back up
  2. g to do this for each and every one..
  3. g a no-go, according to eBay's updated dropshipping policy. With eBay threatening to remove your listings from search, display them lower in search results, or remove them completely from the site, eBay dropshippers have been looking for alternative channels to promote their products

In search results, you'll see the new shipping message replace the older Fast 'N Free badge. Search results will not show the guaranteed by date. The View Item, cart, and checkout pages will show the new shipping message along with get it by estimated delivery date. See below for the previous experience vs. new Separate listings can be created for the same item on different eBay sites, as long as the international shipping options don't result in the listings cluttering the search results of any individual site; Up to 5 separate fixed price listings for identical items designed to fit multiple devices are allowed, when each listing is differentiated. Much like the main Google search index, Google Local is the most popular local vertical search engine out there. Submitting your site to Google Local enables you to show up for local queries, appear on Google Maps for searches there, and of course, appear for relevant general queries via blended search when Google detects that [

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Advertising Specific Items: Sellers can use this type to feature on one or more of their store items. They can highlight items that are newly listed or ending soon, both of which get a boost in search. Sellers can choose items manually or allow eBay to feature their items automatically Item Specifics such as brand, make, model, size, colour and style are key to helping shoppers find your items on eBay. They match with the filters that buyers use to refine their search results so we can match you with the right buyers, at the right time

Not only do many eBay users expect free delivery on certain products, but free shipping can also boost your listing position. That's thanks to eBay's 'Fast & Free' programme. Fast & Free is an update to eBay's search algorithm that puts sellers with fast and free shipping at the top of the search results. Sellers without end up at the bottom The eBay Stores free listing entitlement is available to all sellers who subscribe to an eBay Store on eBay.com.au. Insertion fees and optional listing upgrade fees Once you've used up your free listings , or if an item doesn't qualify for a free listing, we'll charge a non-refundable insertion fee whenever you list an item on eBay How It Works: Search/browse eBay completed listings & recently sold items, spanning the past several weeks. (FYI: Best Offer selling prices may be displayed for relevant items.

* Free listings are allotted by calendar month. The following categories are excluded from these free and discounted listings: Motor Vehicles, Real Estate, Classified Ads, Heavy Equipment, Concession Trailers & Carts, Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment, and Commercial Printing Presses I have a few items up for sale on bonanza and all the other times i have done a search, my items show up in the search results. but i just did a search right now and less than half of my items show up!! i looked through all of the pages and i dont see my items! so i went to my booth and the items show up in my booth but only 4 of my 11 items show up in a search. has this happened to anyone.

But that traffic will only come to your listings if they appear in search results. And as we all know, the higher the search result, the more likely people will see and click it. To increase your eBay sales, you need your listings to appear higher in search results. eBay search results are controlled by eBay's own search algorithm, Cassini To search for items by seller: Click the Advanced Search link located at the top of most eBay pages. the By seller link. Enter the seller's user ID. If you're not sure of the seller's user ID, select the Show close and exact user ID matches option. Click the Search button. Tip:.

eBay is a fantastic resource if you're looking to buy some items at a competitive price. However, finding a specific thing again can be a nightmare. If you're always on the hunt on eBay for specific items or types of items, you can save yourself time and effort by saving your search parameters or criteria List your items in two categories — a main Store category and a secondary Store category. Listing in two Store categories is free. Consider creating special categories that attract buyers' attention, such as 50% Off or Featured Items

When you sell on eBay you rely on customers going there to search for products. Part of that comes from eBay pages appearing prominently in Google's search results. So, when eBay itself has a slow month, or has a problem with its own search ranking, your sales may suffer. eBay were no longer appearing for 80% of search results Listings on eBay incur Insertion Fees (listing cost) and Final Value fees (percentage of final sale) that vary based on the seller's use of eBay (if they do or don't have an eBay store subscription). eBay gives sellers up to 50 free listings each month to incentivize them to sell more on eBay How Keyword Tool Generates Keywords for eBay Search Engine Optimization. Keyword Tool uses the search suggest, or autocomplete function, of eBay search engine to extract the keywords that people use when looking for products on eBay websites. To do it, Keyword Tool takes the focus keyword that you provide and puts it into the eBay search box

People,its 2012 going into 2013,the election is over,time to start shifting your ebay inventories into other venues.do some research,start your own website,you dont have to do it all in one week,but at least start to make the change.ebay has hit the skids and is only profitable for a few.my web site:www.qualityvintagecostumejewelry.com is doing. One factor is an apparent eBay crackdown on location abuse. This is when businesses falsely declare the location of items on their eBay listings, to gain an advantage in the search rankings. For example, a business in China might say their goods are in the UK, but actually ship them from China

To save the search you will find the save search option at the top left of the results page just above the lefthand picture. Once save you can access the saved searches from either the My ebay menu at the top of the page or from the lefthand menu of your main ebay page Welcome to ChannelFireball's eBay store! We are your #1 source for everything related to Magic: The Gathering. If you need assistance, message us in eBay and we will get back to you within one business day. Thank you for shopping with us The steps that I've outlined in this post are the techniques that I use to show up in Etsy search. It's the key to having a successful shop and making money on Etsy! How to show up in Etsy search. One of the main factors for being shown in Etsy search results is the keywords for your items and where you place them The reviews are in — literally and figuratively! The best way to avoid bad eBay reviews is to maintain good standing with your customers by having customer service. Conclusion. To maximize your ecommerce store's potential on eBay, you have to do the research, put in the work, and be patient With nearly 1 million eBay Shops, you're sure to find your version of perfect

eBay selling fees & credits. The exact cost of selling an item is based on the types of items you sell, how your listing is set up, your seller performance and service metrics, whether or not you have an eBay Store, and whether you use any optional features and services. Selling fees without an eBay Store ⇾ eBay Stores selling fees This Store currently has 0 listings. You can come back later or check other Stores

Welcome to the Hollyhock Quilts eBay Store! My name is Glenna Hailey. I am a Quilt Designer, Author and former Fabric Designer. 0 results found in all categories. Your search returned 0 items. This Store currently has 0 listings. You can come back later or check other Stores. An eBay Store maintained by: Member id feedsax. Re: My items do not show up in search results? Firstly, instead of searching for the item, just go into your feedback, then click an option to see all your items for sale. If its showing up there, then its active, if not, then its not up yet If you recently added or revised a listing, it might not appear immediately when you search or browse on eBay. Although listings are generally searchable within 24 hours, to help make eBay a safe place to buy and sell, there are times when this might take longer eBay has recently rolled out new changes to Best Match, eBay's sorting algorithm which determines which listings rank at the top of the search results.Best Match is crucial to making sales on the platform and therefore, this new algorithm change can affect many sellers on eBay Setting up a store is fairly simple, but if you want to sell more on eBay you'll need to focus on the details. To increase eBay sales, understanding what pushes some stores to the top is key. Much of it has to do with the way eBay's search engine, works. eBay's search engine helps customers find the items that are most relevant to their.

You can search for a seller on eBay using the site's advanced search function. You can also find a seller by first finding an item they have for sale We'll send you email alerts when new items matching your search are listed. Your searches will also appear in your feed when you're signed in or you can find them by selecting Saved on the eBay homepage. How to save searches. After you search for an item, select Save this search at the top of the search results page Customise your eBay Shop. You'll find all the tools for managing your Shop, and more, in Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab. You can manage stock, put items on sale, organise your listings within custom categories, select items to feature, and more. You can find more about managing your Shop in the Seller Centre - opens in new window or tab WorthPoint.com is a resource founded in 2007 by Will Seippel that eBay sellers can use as an effort to identify the products or items they intend to resell. In fact, it's a tool that empowers the seller with the ability to provide accurate descriptions of what they are selling as well If I search by putting item number in then they appear. If I view one of my other items whilst signed out and then view sellers other items they do not show up. Only 6 items which I listed a few days ago

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