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The temperature should be lower for softer/warmer wax and higher for harder/colder wax. The approximate iron temperature is often printed on the wax box. Hold a chunk of wax against the base of the iron and let it drip onto the ski or snowboard as it melts Wax Iron Setting. Iron Temperature Calibration and Settings. Q: Is my iron dial setting accurate? A: If your iron isn't calibrated, what you dial in may not be the exact temperature of the iron. Use these numbers as a guide and adjust down to the lowest temperature that will maintain the wax in a liquid state behind your iron at a length of about 4 inches (10 cm), on optimum range of 3-5. Warm rated (Red or Yellow) hydrocarbon is best above 25 F. It is a great wax to ski on but is also used for conditioning a new base and is the best wax for hot-wax-scrape-cleaning. Cold rated (Green or Blue) hydrocarbon is best below 25 F. Universal all-temperature (White) hydrocarbon is a good one-wax system for non-racers Wax also lets you deal with changing snow conditions. Colder snow is more slippery than warmer snow. By changing the type of wax you use, you can better match shifting conditions. You don't always need to re-wax if the temperature changes, but die-hard boarders will want to do everything they can to get the most out of their boards

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  1. Cold temperature waxes are optimal for colder, drier conditions. Colder temperature waxes harden the snowboard's base structure giving it a better gliding property on cold, dry snow. The wax also lasts longer because of this
  2. How to Wax a Snowboard in 9 Easy Steps. Some waxes are temperature specific - warm wax and cold wax - which relate to the temperature of the snow you'll be riding. If in doubt, or you.
  3. The universal snowboard wax can be applied hot or cold, depending on your preference and how much time you have. It comes in a .75-pound block and boasts an impressive temperature range, from 6 to..
  4. Iron Temperature Settings | Fast Wax Ski Wax HS 0 White, HS 10 Teal, HSLF 10 Teal, HSF 10 Green, Universal Cold Digital Iron 275 F or 135 C Standard Dial Iron 7 to 8.5 Mediu

Providing boarders and skiers with ample wax for the season, this wax will work in air temperatures ranging between 50°F to -22°F and snow temperatures ranging between 0°C to -30°C. It is very easy to apply this wax onto your board or ski's, and as an additional bonus this wax smells great, making for an enjoyable application period One Ball F1 All Temperature Push Up Snowboard Wax . $11.95. Wax. Snowboard wax comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and while there may be an endless supply of wax brands and types to choose from, the question of how you apply the snowboard wax is the most important decision you need to make when buying snowboard wax. Snowboard wax can be.

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  1. Get an iron made specifically for waxing your snowboard. You can purchase an iron from a snowboard shop. Find an iron with a wide range of temperature settings. While you can use a regular clothes iron to wax your snowboard, be advised that you will only be able to use the iron for waxing after you use it once
  2. ates. Black Graphite: This wax is designed to overcome static friction that is encountered in cold dry snow
  3. Another reason to choose the Purl Wax is that it works anywhere from 3 to 35 degrees. While that large spread won't work in absolutely frigid conditions, it should be more than enough to handle more common temperatures

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  1. Super Hot Sauce - All Temperature Ski and Snowboard wax 340 GRAMS - Iron-on or Rub-on Wax. 4.7 out of 5 stars 770. $23.75 $ 23. 75. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon +1 colors/patterns One Piece NGT SKI and Snowboard Wax All Temperature SKIS Preservation Accessories 250g Protect The SKI and Snowboard Environmentally Friendly.
  2. Finally, all-temperature waxes are designed to be a more versatile type of snowboard wax that works in all conditions. You'll typically find all-temperature waxes in the form of rub-on wax, which is applied for a shorter, more temporary performance boost, ideal for those who do a lot of park riding
  3. Ski Wax by Hertel is your one stop shop for all your ski wax and snowboard waxing needs. Our ski and snowboard wax is the only true ALL TEMPERATURE™ skiing wax on the market. Free shipping on all ski wax, snowboarding wax, and waxing accessories! Hertel waxes are used in cold and warm temperatures. Super HotSauce a
  4. Ski and snowboard wax prices. Ski and snowboard wax is not especially expensive, but you must apply it regularly if you ski or snowboard frequently, so the cost can add up relatively quickly. You can expect to use roughly 0.5 ounce of wax (about 14 to 15 grams) each time you apply it to a pair of skis or a snowboard. (This is a rough estimate
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Fluorocarbon waxes are offered in a variety of universal and temperature-specific formulations that range from relatively inexpensive low-fluoro wax (2-3% concentration for low humidity snow), to mid-fluoro wax (3-5% concentration for mid-humidity snow), to high-fluoro wax (5-15% concentration for high-humidity snow), all the way up to. Marketed as racing wax and built to perform, the Swix biodegradable wax is an iron-wax that works best from 14 degrees to 36 degrees F. For those seeking alternative temperatures, Swix offers the same product in both warmer and colder versions. Read through their options online and find out which one best suits your needs

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Follow along as Guf (@matt_guf) guides you through the process he takes to wax his snowboard. 1. Check the Edges2. Clean the Base3. Apply the Wax4. Scrap t.. There's also a video on how to wax your snowboard with two of our team riders included if you don't like reading! 403 855 4038 [email protected] 0 0. C$0.00 When choosing a wax choose it based off of the coldest temperature of the day because the wax, when it doubt go colder because the waxes will perform better if you go slightly too cold.

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Swix hs5 10ºc 18ºc 180gr and pr0824 alpine racing manual swix ch10 yellow wax alpine accessories swix ski wax color chart the future Wax Charts Briko Maplus Toko Purl Slidewright Ski Snowboard Tools Wares Best Swix Wax Chart Ever Race Your Own Swix Was Helpneed A Pic Of The Temp Chart Gear Talk Newer 3: Storage. There's nothing worse than reaching for your board in the fall and finding it in worse condition than you left it. For that reason, a snowboard bag is the safest place to put your board in the off-season. Not only does it prevent the board from any accidental dings or dents, but it also blocks out sunlight and dust Iron temperature settings vary from one iron manufacturer to the other so some experimenting with your iron to find the right setting for each type of wax is necessary. The guide that we use with our Purl iron is between 210 F (110 C) for warm spring wax and up to 270 F (133 C) for our sub zero wax. Best results by using our Purl Wax Iron! Today, I'll be covering advanced tricks that you can use to get the most from your waxing. If you're not familiar with waxing, refer to my previous blog on how & why to wax your skis/snowboard.. Instead of just waxing your base with the same all-temperature wax every time, you can mix other waxes together and layer your waxes to get better performance For a special wax iron 250° F is ideal. When it is hot, hold the wax near the base of the iron and gradually allow the wax droplets to fall on the board in a even, up and down zig-zag pattern lengthwise. Remember that you have dripped the wax in a manner that every two inches has a drop of wax on it

Try out some of the highly concentrated good stuff whether testing your skills in a local pipe comp, banked race or mass-start downhill with a competition-grade 14 F to 32F temperature specific hot wax formulated with high-speed fluorocarbons All Temperature Snowboard Wax $ 5.99 - $ 19.99 Select options; Ultra Cold Sub Zero Snowboard Wax $ 5.99 - $ 19.99 Select options; Ultra Warm Slush Snowboard Wax $ 5.99 - $ 19.99 Select options; Variety Pack Snowboard Wax $ 14.99 Read mor Swix 8 Series (pink) waxes, for instance, are meant for snow temperatures between 1˚C and -4˚C (34˚F to 25˚F). There is some overlap in the temperature ranges; the next colder wax, the 7 Series (violet), is for temperatures from -2˚C to -8˚C (28˚F to 18˚F) Each of the five waxes in this kit is classified by temperature, ranging from 12 below to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to tailor your wax to the snow conditions to get the best possible performance from your skis or snowboard. Because when skiing is life, wax isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario Hot Wax Cool for 10 to 25 Degrees F - 4.6 oz. $19.95 (0

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Ski, Snowboard, Wakeboard, Skateboard Gear & Clothing: Enjoy Free Shipping, Low Price Guarantee, Product Reviews, Shopping Tools and a little flavor F1 is a performance ski and snowboard wax at a great price. An all temperature hydrocarbon wax for hot waxing or it can be used as a rub-on. Excellent all conditions, all snow types formula and it smells great. Perfect for rental shops and tuning centers or for the guy that loves to wax every board in the neighborhood Adjustable Temperature Waxing Iron (110 V

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item 8 Ski Snowboard Wax Universal Ski Wax All Temperature Hydrocarbon 2X100 total 200g 8 - Ski Snowboard Wax Universal Ski Wax All Temperature Hydrocarbon 2X100 total 200g $21.89 Free shippin The melting temperature of your desired wax will be indicated on the packaging. Most waxing irons have a dial to select the temperature. If you want, you can use two different waxes for steps 4 and 5. We recommend using an all-temp wax for step 4 and the correct, temperature appropriate wax for step 5. 4 Rub on hot wax

How to Wax a Snowboard (Step by Step) O.k. so you've decided to do it yourself. Here are the steps. Step 1: Get the tools and supplies you'll need. To wax your snowboard you will need the following: Wax (get cold wax if you know you'll be in cold conditions, warm wax if you know you'll be riding in warm conditions or all-temperature wax. Different types of waxes are made for different types of situations and snowboard wax is specially formulated to operate within certain temperature ranges in order to best suit your needs. Wax is meant to repel the melted snow that friction creates and provide glide down the slope

Snowboard Belt Tune: Includes base cleaning, minor p-tex repair, standard structure, sharpen and polish edges, and hand waxing with all-temp wax: Performance wax upgrade: Upgrade the wax used on the Belt Tune to a temperature specific wax instead of all-temp for best performance: Snowboard Hot wax Fast Wax packaging states the temperature that the wax is designed for. A trick is to look at the number in the name of the Fast Wax product. Then add and subtract 10 to that number to get the range that the wax is for. The number on the package is the mid point in the twenty degree range for that wax The Demon Hyper Big Block ski and snowboard wax might just last you all season long. 1.06 lbs of pure speed. Developed in Southern California in 1991, our proprietary premium blend guarantees speed down the mountain. Big Block Universal Temp Wax. 1.06 Big Block Demon Hyper . Optimal use in any snow condition/temperature Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron Ski Waxing Iron ,Precise, consistent temperature control.Thick base plate holds heat well and is accurately adjustable to melt all temperature ranges of wax.adjustment temperature working range from 100 - 180 degress C for different types of waxes (eg:cold,warm, universal etc) melt at different temperature required Cold temperature snowboarding wax works better in cold and drier conditions while warm temperature snowboard wax is the opposite and works better on wet snow and warmer conditions. If you don't know what type of conditions you will be riding in look for all temperature snowboard wax

XCMAN Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron Ski Tune Up Waxing Iron 120V 800W with UL Plug for USA and Canada Adjustable Temperature + One Ski Waxing Scraper 130mm Length 4.6 out of 5 stars 120 Holmenkol Pink Universal ski Snowboard Wax Backshop Packaging 250 g Rod Wax Stangen Made in German Generally it is worth going for a universal wax, especially if you will be skiing in Europe as the conditions vary so much. However if you will be off to Canada or Scandinavia or somewhere where it is likely to be cold it is probably worth going for a harder, cold temperature snowboarding wax as this will last longer The only true all temperature wax, it delivers a premium performance every time! Great from 6°F to 52°F/ - 14 ° C to +11 ° C. Super HotSauce has a unique microencapsulation formula with patented surfactants that work in all temperatures and weather conditions. No other ski & snowboard wax works like it All Temperature Ski & Snowboard Wax (3 Pack) from $35.99. Quick View Size. 95g . 155g . Quantity. 3 Box . Qty. Add to Cart All Temperature Ski & Snowboard Wax (3 Pack) from $35.99. Cold Temperature Ski & Snowboard Wax (3 Pack).

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F1 All Temperature 165G Snowboard Wax. $10.00. 12 Inch Snowboard Wax Scraper. $8.50. 4WD 165g Warm Snowboard Wax / Ski Wax. $12.00. F1 Summer Slush 165g Snowboard Wax Spring Snow conditions. $12.00. 4WD 165g Cold Snowboard Wax / Ski Wax. $12.00. F1 Graphite Plus 165G Snowboard Wax. $12.00 item 4 Ski Snowboard Wax 2 kg/ 4lb Universal Ski Wax All Temperature Hydrocarbon lot 20 4 - Ski Snowboard Wax 2 kg/ 4lb Universal Ski Wax All Temperature Hydrocarbon lot 20 $199.49 +$9.99 shippin The Top 7 Snowboard Waxes Reviewed There's nothing quite like the sight of crisp blue skies and powdery slopes for those who enjoy winter sports. For snowboarders, the arrival of fresh snow is a sign to get their gear out and make the most of th Their snowboard wax comes in four temperature formulas including all temperature, warm, cold, and mild temperature. The wax is non-toxic and contains no perfluorinated chemicals. Apply the wax with the melt on method for optimum performance. 2. Dakine Indy Hot Wax. Best All Temp Snowboard Wax

Upgrade your wax iron to the Holmenkol Smart Waxer and be amazed at how easy waxing your skis has become. This unique wax iron has a uniquely designed plate to evenly distribute wax on your ski or snowboard base. The superfine temperature dial lets you customize your iron temperature to suit any kind of hot wax you need. Holmenkol's state of the art technology keeps the heat even and. 4. RaceWax Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit. BEST HIGH-END. This wax and tuning kit from RaceWax is a higher-end option for serious shredders. The iron features a thick plate that holds a consistent temperature for an even wax spread and 1,000 watts of power for fast heating Wax helps the snowboard or skis glide over the snow more efficiently, helping you ride faster. A waxed base also helps with agility, making turns easier and sharper. A waxed surface also acts as a small buffer when you hit rough surfaces, protecting it from scratches Maplus P2 Med Solid Ski & Snowboard Wax - 100g. High and medium melt-point low fluoro paraffin solid premium glide wax New 100 gram Penta container for skis and snowboards Snow temperature -9 to -2 degrees C with low-medium humidity (30 - 60 percent) mor A Snowboard... Duh; Wax Your Board In 3 Easy Steps! Step 1: Drip Line And Iron Wax Into The Closest Edge To You. Press the wax on your heated iron above your snowboard. The wax will liquify and pour off of the iron and on to your board. Draw a line with the liquid droplets on your board near the edge closest to you. Make sure you run the wax.

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This high performance wax iron for skis and snowboards has a fine tuned thermostat which reduces temperature fluctuations. The thick metal base holds heat to prevent damage to your skis during waxing. This portable wax iron is a must have for overnight ski trips or whenever conditions prove to be variable XCMAN Ski Snowboard Wax Iron Adjustment temperature working range from 100 - 180 degress C Adjustment temperature working range from 100 - 180 degress C. for different types of waxes(eg.cold,warm,universal) melt at different temperature required Briko-Maplus LP2 Blue Low Fluorinated Ski and Snowboard Solid Wax. Ski and Snowboard Low Fluorinated Paraffin Wax Solid, 250 grams. LP2 Blue Solid is formulated for optimal performance with snow in transformation, snow temperature range -20° to -10° C

There are three basic types of snowboard wax: all-temperature, temperature specific and high fluorocarbon. If you are a weekend warrior or someone who rides various mountains with differing temperatures, all-temperature wax is your friend. For people who spend their time shredding very cold temps often, a cold-weather wax formula would be ideal This wax absorption (along with a properly done 'hot wax'), greatly reduces surface friction between the base and the snow, allowing the snowboard to travel on a thin layer of water. Snowboards with sintered bases are much faster, but require semi-regular maintenance and are easier to damage Normally a snowboard is waxed with a hydrocarbon wax first, and then if a fluorocarbon wax is being used it is applied on top. Temperature Waxes. Waxes are designed for use with different temperatures of snow. There are many all temperature waxes intended to work in all conditions, but really they are just mid range temperature waxes Snowboard wax for Japow. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. buckchoi · Registered. Joined Nov 24, 2017 · 39 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 2, 2020. I have a general temp wax for my board, looks like temps will be -12C to -15C on average when I get there. Warmer wax temperature range in a colder air temperature will. * Before hot waxing with the wax for your intended temperature, you should clean any dirt that has become embedded in your snowboard base. However, don't use base cleaner to clean your base. You should avoid using base cleaner routinely, because it will suck wax out of your base, causing it to dry out and take on a grayish appearance

XCMAN Ski snowboard wax and waxing tuning tools help for the do-it-yourself tuner.Professional ski wax and waxing tuning tools for alpine, snowboard, crosscountry and biathlon racing.ski wax and egde tuning tools for World Shipping. 2020~2021 Winter is coming sooner After you have dripped wax onto your snowboard base you must iron it in. Double check the setting on your iron. If your iron is smoking, turn the temperature down. Iron the wax into the entire base and allow the board to cool for about 10 minutes. Always remember to unplug the iron after applying your wax Ryan Knapton known for his uncanny buttering and carving tricks on YouTube made a video on April Fools Day waxing his board with candle wax bought from Walmart. He rode the board and later commented that it didn't feel bad in slushy condition. Che.. Snowboarding is one of the most popular sports in many countries. Similar to making an oil change on a car, we also need to wax our snowboards. The reason a snowboard can slide on snow smoothly is that there is enough wax on the bottom of the snowboard. Wax can reduce the friction force between the snowboard and ground The application process begins by ensuring that the ski or snowboard has a clean and tuned surface, next, it is important to choose the right wax, either all-temperature or temperature specific. After choosing the wax, one should choose the best iron to apply the wax with, and afterwards leave the wax to cool thoroughly

The easiest way to wax a new snowboard is to take it to a snowboard shop. The next easiest way is to wax it yourself. Snowboards aren't cheap so a few extras dollars for wax when you buy that snowboard is a small price to protect it from water intrusion and make it perform better. If you want to wax a snowboard yourself, it's easy You can tell that temperature is holding by how even the wax melts across your board. Simply put this iron kept the temp just fine. The range of temperature is more than suitable for nearly any type of wax that you might use. As far as snowboarding irons go, this is one of my new favorites for my travels moving forward I'm wondering if there's really a major recreational difference between a universal ski wax you'd use from say.... 5 degrees to 35 degrees temperature, versus the performance you'd get using a temperature specific wax in 3-13 degree, 14-24 degree , 25-35 degree ranges? Of course I know for ski racing it's a massive difference given you're measured in hundredth's-of-seconds, but for the purpose.

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How to wax a snowboard with a heat gun This page describes the technique I use for waxing my snowboard and skis. The technique makes use of a heat gun, and does away with iron and scraping. It started with a set of skis I bought at a yard sale. I found the speed I got with them to be entirely unsatisfying, so I decided to look into waxing them The way to begin using is the temperature wax which will work. This needs waxing your board each time the weather changes although you may purchase wax. Waxes will be tagged with a particular temperature evaluation, if you're heading to North America, Europe, or Japan, you are going to want to go to get a cold wax that's going to match the. The Optimal Universal Blend is perfect for use in any snow and weather temperature. You can clean your base with the Citrus Cleaner and then wax with the Hyper wax. The cleaner is the perfect package to clean and wax your skis and snowboards. Features . Product size: 1 LB; Proprietary blend; Citrus scent; Pros. Guarantees speed and smile

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Its purpose is to wax a new or completely cleaned surfboard with it - a surfboard that has no wax on it. It creates a base layer which is then waxed with normal temperature dependent wax. Why? It helps your 'normal' wax stick better to your board, especially the soft cold temperature type and it creates a bump pattern that will last Look for waxes that are all-temperature or purchase a couple options to cover you in all conditions. Most ski and snowboard wax will cost around $1 to $3 per ounce and usually come in blocks. The Demon DS 7010 Blue Blur Wax - Suitable for Snowboards or Skis. A base wax for cold temperatures below 0 degrees. When its cold the board and skis alike start to stick to the snow, so BLUE BLUR WAX with its biodegradable high-tech polymer additive reduces this friction thereby freeing the board or skis to glide efficiently over the cold snow or ice in an enviromentally friendly way Kick wax. Birken. Information regarding COVID-19. Drizzle. Wind. Sweat. Mud. SWIX is for everyone who loves training outdoors, in all conditions. Since 1946, SWIX has been testing and developing products for Nordic conditions, and knows what it takes to be the best - and to look good doing it. We call this SWIXFACTOR

All Temperature Ski & Snowboard Wax. Regular price $20.00 Sale price $20.00 Regular price $20.00 Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Goldie Wax Sticker. Goldie Wax Sticker. Regular price $4.50 Sale price $4.50 Regular price $4.50 Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Goldie Wax - 3 Pack. Goldie Wax - 3 Pack. Regular price $24.9 Ski wax can come in a variety of different types for specific conditions, compositions, or performance level. These are the most common forms of wax: Block Wax . Block Wax is the most common form of wax. Block wax needs to be melted on the ski base once it is heated up with an iron, then ironed in to the pores of the bases evenly to allow. It usually takes around 12-15 grams to hot wax one pair of skis or one snowboard so the average 100 gram wax bar is good for about 6-8 hot wax applications on average (based on an average size set of skis or snowboard). You can usually get more out of a rub-on wax gram for gram as you don't need to use as much during the process Grayne Premium Dual Voltage Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron : Grayne's premium waxing iron is the ultimate tuning tool for your stick! Full temperature adjustability from 70° to 190° C lets can dial in the perfect temp for every wax. The ergonomic handle offers much more than comfort. With a specific design to ensure the plate of the iron stays safely away from your table and or board, this iron.

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Your place in Seattle for Ski and Snowboard Service: ski and snowboard tune up, hot wax, binding mount, stone grinding, and full custom services! flattened, machine set 1/1 edge angles, hand file and polish edges at 1/1 bevel, all-temperature hot wax and scrape $65. Youth full tune $50. Wax & Deburr. $35* * This service is reserved for skis. » Purl Eco Friendly Ski & Snowboard Wax » Ski Mender Base Repair Products » SkiMan Ski and Snowboard Vises and Tools With this older oven, the temperature of the elements probably need to far exceed the target oven temperature to generate enough heat for the whole oven to reach and maintain the 240°. A reasonable assumption is that a. A popular wax that has a wide effective temperature range one finds in the middle of the winter. Wax Technology: HS 10 is an engineered blend of several pure paraffin waxes each selected for a key property to form an exceptional ski wax that works over a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST SKI WAX TYPE OF WAX . DOWNHILL SKIING. Downhill skiers use glide wax, which works by manipulating the thin layer of water that forms thanks to the friction between your skis (or snowboard) and the snow.In combination with a base wax, glide wax is melted into the ski's base material where it reduces friction so your ski can glide more smoothly Original Sex Wax and Really Tacky are our older RETRO formulations that are still available for those seeking Classic surf wax performance.. Items. Sexwax Quick Humps Surf Wax: Eco Box From $0.00/BAR. Sexwax Quick Humps Surf Wax From $1.72/BAR. Sexwax Dream Cream Topcoats From $0.00/BAR

Product Description: BASE WAX - ALL TEMPERATURE WAX 130g. Related Products. MACH - Universal - 500g $30.99 SKU: M199C2 Add to car One Ball Jay Lady Fingers All-Temp Snowboard Wax in stock at Tactics. Shop the best selection of snowboard tune and wax from One Ball Jay. Low price guarantee + free shipping with $60 purchase The temperature can fluctuate, which can potentially burn your wax or damage your snowboard. Plus, many clothing irons have a steaming feature to help your cotton shirt relax, which means the face of the iron has holes The Swix F4 All Temperature Universal Glide Wax Spray gives you good glide quickly and easily. This glide wax spray is made for skis and snowboards and it comes with Fibertex applicator. The F4 All Temperature is for all snow conditions. The Swix F4 All Temperature Universal Glide Wax Spray is ready to bring a new look to your skis and snowboards This tutorial shows you how to wax a snowboard is easy steps. We also list the best snowboard waxes, irons, base cleaners, and tuning kits from Dakine, Burton, Swix, Toko, Demon, and other brands

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Swix Snowboard Wax Kit - Small Swix Snowboard Wax Kit Swix Alpine Wax Kit - Large. Clamped down and ready for action. 1. Clean them, or not. If the bases are dirty, clean them using a specific agent that strips wax without harming or drying out the base For those who actually like the hassle of waxing their own skis, the solution is Mountainflow Eco-Wax, a plant-based ski and snowboard wax. The basic hot wax, to be melted and applied, comes in. With 4 available temperature ranges you can fine tune your snowboard or ski wax depending on conditions. Hydrocarbon Glide Wax; Iron-on; Economical Racing Wax; Available in 4 temperature ranges: CH4 = +14 to -25 degrees F, CH6 = +21 to +10 degrees F, CH7 = +28 to +18 degrees F, CH8 = +34 to +25 degrees ZUMWax RUB ON WAX Ski/Snowboard - WARM Temperature - 70 gram - INCREDIBLY By zumwax 8.7 View Product 8.7 6: XCMAN Complete Ski Snowboard Side Edge Tuner Care Kit Side Ski Angle Tool+Gumm

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Purl Universal Wax is our best selling bulk ski wax. This wax works across a broad temperature range. Some technicians choose to mix it with other waxes. If it's a cold day out, you can run your cold weather wax on the sides of your skis and universal wax down the center. This 1 pound block will keep your gear waxed all season Ski Snowboard Wax Waxing Iron by Wintersteiger: Temperature-adjustable 800 W wax iron with thick sole plate; Fine-tuned numbered temperature adjustment dial starts from below 100 C/212 F and rises to 170 C/338 F; Unique curved plate to cup wax as you iron and prevent wax loss; Base plate measures 5.5 x 3.5 and is 0.5 thic COMPREHENSIVE KIT: Includes a multi-angle tuner, all-temperature wax, wax iron, and snowboard tuning essentials to keep your snow gear in top condition. COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT. All tools are packed in a compact, light carry bag for the ultimate traveling convenience! MULTI-ANGLE TUNER. Equipped with an Edge Tuner calibrated for 87, 88, 89 and 90. Our universal workshop wax of choice and offering great value for money, this hydrocarbon ski and snowboard wax is an ideal entry level wax and perfect for summer storage too. These 250g rods can cope with all snow conditions and can tolerate temperatures from 0° to -20°. Idea as a cleaning wax and summer storage wax too What weather/snow factors influence my wax selection? Temperature. Many waxes (e.g., Swix) are rated for air temperature to make it easier. If you measure snow temperature (the top quarter inch or 7 mm), you may want to consider it in your selection process. If there is a big difference, especially colder, a colder wax will be more durable

Butane Backcountry WaxSwix Universal COLD Wax (180g) BULKSwix Waxpack Wax KitDominator Graphite Zoom Universal Wax (400g)Dakine Mountain Fresh Multi Wax
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