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Clearance 3000 top and bottom. $6,500.00 firm and will deliver if close. 559-999-3177 This motor will not only leave your friends behind but will stop traffic any were you go. 454 big block chevy $6,50 That makes it a $400 engine IF the block isn't obviously cracked. If everything can be verified with receipts, pics and part#s, could be worth a lot more. A decent rebuild with run close to 2K. A professional shop may run into several thousand more Four bolt main 1974 454 Big Block Chevy. The block has been bored .100 over stock, and you can tell by the pictures that it sat for a while. However, you can also tell by the pictures that it's in great shape. Bead blasting or tumbling should remove the light surface rust that can be seen in the pictures Chevy 10114182 4 Bolt Main 454 Gen V Big Block Short Block Standard Bore BBC. $999.99. $250.00 shipping. 26 watching. Chevrolet Performance ZZ454/440 HP 6 SPD Manual Connect & Cruise Pkg. $14,613.09. Free shipping. 26 watching. PERFORMANCE GM Chevy 7.4 454 Short Block 1970-1990 2-Bolt with DOME PISTONS

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Getting a rebuilt 454 shortblock and heads is probably at least $5,000 without an exchange. Here in Michigan, I've seen people bid $1,000 for a rusted out, non-running suburbans at a police auction just to get the 454. You might hear stories of people finding Big Block Chevy's cheap but those are becoming less and less common. Pwrtrip7 Our Chevy 454 Long Block Engine is on sale. This 7.4 liter engine is commonly known as the 454 Big Block. In 1970 the 454 was first introduced for use in the Chevy Corvette, soon after it's use extended to a long list of GM and Chevy applications. 454 motors have withstood the test of time and have been in production for four decades and ended in the early 2000s with their Generation 5 model These are a firm favorite amongst classic car enthusiasts, and values have tended to hold very firm in recent times. A good original example will easily command a value of $45,000, while a pristine example with the cowl induction can push that figure past $65,000 found a 86 m/h 454 with 54000 miles on it. are these worth messing with ? can you wake up one of these with intake, carb and headers and maybe a small cam ? gonna put it in my 85 silverado 4x4. what did they change about the 86 454 ? noticed there's a different rebuild kit for 86 up engines. any opinions

I'd much prefer a 427/454 block due to the 4.250 bore. This will give much better flow through the heads due to less shrouding around the valves in the chanber by the bore walls. The cube difference might not seem much, but the more efficient air flow through the entire engine (with the larger 454 bore) will make a noticable difference IMO I have a 454 out of an 84 Winnebago and somebody asked me what I'd sell it for. I honestly have no idea what it's worth. It has about 65,000 miles on it and it ran when I parked it (about four years ago). I can't really find a reference on the internet, and I want to know the value so I can give this guy a straight deal 1965-1995 Chevy V8 engine Big Block 454 Steel Valve Covers Chrome low profile . Pre-Owned. $109.00. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Free returns. Watch. 7 1 J S p o H 4 n s o Q r 7 e M d U C 6. 1985 454 chevy RV engine bracket. Pre-Owned. $20.00. Buy It Now +$10.79 shipping. Watch. Z R O N S N p Z F o n s o r e d C Q I

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Big-block power output is directly tied to desirability, with the 1967-69 L88s at the top of the pyramid; the range of median values for these cars is estimated at $500,000 to nearly $4 million Columbus (ohio) Dispatch classifieds has a rebuildable 454 for 600 dollars and two good condition 454 engines for 1400 each. Seems like a lot to me, but I'm not up on big blocks. tom 1 - 8 of 8 Posts Not open for further replies It features the big-bore block at 4.25 inches but the same 3.760-inch stroke as the 366/396. 454ci: Chevrolet added the 454 in 1970, with the same bore but slightly more stroke than the 427 at 4. A 1991 Chevy 454 SS pickup in #2 condition has an average value of $23,700 in #2 condition. By comparison, a 1991 Syclone in similar condition is valued at $33,100, while a comparable 1992 Typhoon is valued at $28,400. Both GMCs have #1 (concours) values of more than $40,000

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The Chevrolet big block may be the most recognized platform in the category. But if you're going to run one, it really ought to be a 396 or 454. The 366 is a capable engine that found its home in the commercial sector, powering medium and heavy-duty trucks. A lot of people aren't familiar with it and, when they stumble upon one in a barn or. The intake was teamed with a 750-cfm (4-barrel) carb, a conventional distributor and long-tube headers. Run in this configuration, the Gen V 454 produced 334 hp at 4,300 rpm and 448 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm. While it was certainly no power house, we did have a running, usable big block, and that's always a good thing The Vortec 7400 L21 was a commercial version of the Chevrolet Big-Block engine used in the medium duty truck platform. Its design shared much with the L29 454, but with the addition of forged pistons and crankshaft, and coil near plug ignition. It had slightly reduced power compared to the L29 454 and used a different PCM A 74' 454 2 bolt block bored .030, 396 cast crank, 3/8 factory rods w/arp bolts, Sealed Power forged closed chamber pistons pt.# L2268F (10.5:01 compression with open chamber heads), 049 open chamber oval ports with blended bowl area, stock size valves ( 2.07, 1.72 ) Camshaft was a Crane pt.# 10313 flat tappet hydraulic .569/.595 238/248 Most likely it will have the exact same casting # on it and say hp passenger, if i remember right, all low deck mark IV block will have the hp passenger casting truck or car. It probably is a 14015445 block, There is a chance it will be a 4 bolt block

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Join Date May 2010 Location Wapakoneta Car Year, Make, Model: 1997 Chevy Suburban 2500 7.4L 454 Posts 1 The 454 cars are much faster from the factory (sorry, even the LS-5 390HP is faster than the L-78, 375HP cars, from the factory). The extra torque helps push our anything but svelte beauties much better. You can get a 396 car to be quicker than a 454 car, it just costs more money and takes more RPM Big, bad, and brutal, this sinister black 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Tribute is the muscle car youve always dreamed of owning. Tons of power thanks to a cackling 454 big block V8 under the hood.. While the small-block Chevy has been overshadowed now by the LS family, the big-block Chevy is still the best approach for building a big cubic inch GM engine for the street. This is a stock balancer for an externally-balanced 454 big-block

Completely restored, this factory-correct 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6 with numbers-matching engine and Muncie M22 transmission recently sold at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction for just under $150,000 without a reserve Hey there, just aquired a clean 454 block, casting number is 14015445, all that comes up on most sites is a general category of mid 70's to mid 80's 454s, not sure if ill be able to find anything more exact than that. Anyway, I'm going to be de-stroking it and building a snotty 427, and I was.. The engine is a IV 454 big block I think 73 or 74 casting # 351959 with a Stock type See picture belowoil pan with an aftermarket mr. gasket dipstick I do not trust. I'm trying to figure out the oil capacity. The pan I believe is a 4 quart pan but I drained out 6 quarts without draining the filter. The after market dipstick showed full

That, my friends, is some serious power for a budget boosted big block, and the best part, there is probably even more waiting to be unleashed, but the answer to that question will cost more than $500. Fresh from the wrecking yard, the L29 454 was upgraded with a new, carbureted induction system and mild Comp cam 454 with a 600 cfm edelbrock carb and stock manual fuel pump. Pressure started at 5-7 psi then dropped to near 0 psi when throttle is applied. yet still runs.. Now if you really want to do this, sonic check your block b/c some of the blocks back then will bore to 4.25 so that a 454 or a 454 stroked to 4.25 rotating assembly fit like stock Well, this 'Vette has a domed, big-block hood, 454 badges on the dome, a W code via its VIN, denoting a 454 CI engine, but surprise, it's gone! In its place is an era-correct 350 CI V8

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He finished the block with a 9.800-inch deck height, which, when combined with the Eagle Specialty Products 4.0-inch stroke cast crankshaft and a set of SCAT 4340 forged-steel 6.385-inch I-Beam connecting rods, brings this internally-balanced big-block in right at 460 cubic inches We Recently received a Stock Low mileage BBC 454 straight out of a Motor home, for a customer of ours. While it was here, we decided to Make a few passes on. Building a new 427 or 454 big block engine? Nothing compares to the rich history and engineering that Chevrolet Performance has poured into this new Gen VI bare iron block. This block comes in a 4.250 finished bore and equipped with heavy duty 4-Bolt main caps. There are several key features to this block that make it the number one choice by. A Guide To 1967-1972 Chevy/GMC Pickups The 1967-1972 Chevrolet/GMC C/K series of pickups is well on its way to achieving icon status, just as the 1955-1957.. I'm new to this forum and I think my question will probably be an easy one for those familiar with the gen V 454. I've seen where many have said this engine isn't worth building for performance but I don't want it to be a dragster. The casting number on the block is 10114182. It was pulled from a 1991 RV

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[quote]To Argosy24 [quote]A commercial truck 454 and the engine in a mh very likely aren't the same block. Yes they are. Been w/ Chevy dealers forever. Truck engines are 366CID. and ARE very different to the 454.[quote] 366 is the base big block tall deck truck engine as described in goob's post The 454 HO big block is Chevy Performance's most economical alternative crate engine to rebuilding - see images, dyno specs, installation info and more. 454 ho. You are currently viewing Chevrolet.com (United States). Close this window to stay here or choose another country to see vehicles and services specific to your location Development of the L88 can be traced back to the inception of the 427 Mark IV big-block in 1966. While it shared the same 3.76-inch stroke as the 396 introduced a year earlier, the bore was increased to 4.251 inches, which made performance and durability testing easy and economical on the latest, enlarged design

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For this reason, GM considered it a thin-walled big block. The advantage of this casting design is a significant drop in weight over the other 455 versions. In fact, the engine actually weighed close to 150 pounds less than the legendary 454 big block that Chevy used 454 Big Block Performance Specs The original LS5 engine was introduced with 390 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, while the LS6 was rated at 450 hp. By the time 1972 was reached, change of power calculations along with reduced power for emissions control resulted in a drop to max power rating of 270 horsepower with a peak torque of 468 lb-ft They had a girdle on it, and of course it was forged everything. I know a guy that had a low 9 sec. duster/ a 496 in it , he had to back the carb. down to 9.60`s to keep from cracking the block between the cam and main bearings, BUT, he didn`t have a girdle. If u think girdles aren`t worth doin, on a big block mopar, u better brush up on the facts I got myself a 454 big block chevy today. Old 70's style with a quadrajet. It runs but of course I want more power on a budget. Cam, intake, carb, headers. Just keepin it simple. I wanna know what is the biggest lift cam I can run with stock valvetrain? I'm just gonna buy a cam and lifter ki

An original big block with iron heads and intake, etc. weighs a ton. There are many ways to take weight off the front end so don't be at all concerned about weight distribution. My '68 is considerably lighter than a small block vette and I have a 454 in it My dad and I have and weighed a keith black aluminum block with sleeves, studs and all and it did not weigh much less than the cast iron one. I thought it was only about 50-60 pounds. It cost about 7500 so, for the money I did not think it was worth it Plus, who doesn't love big-block power in a small-block package? And, if 800 isn't enough, Golen equipped the mill with a little extra insurance via a Nitrous Express direct port system. Either way, we think this is one build small-block and big-block (Mouse and Rat) fans can all agree is one killer combination

In 1970, Chevrolet planned to introduce into its performance cars, especially the Corvette, a 454 cubic-inch displacement engine dubbed the LS7. This big block engine was an enlarged version of the L88, with an aluminum-head block. After the LS7's short-lived career, Chevrolet used an LS6, a less powerful 454. Yet few V-8s have offered massive displacement to performance-hungry hordes and taken on such legendary status like the Chevrolet Mark IV big-block V-8 has. Fifty years after its introduction, the big-block remains as well respected as ever and worth a look at what made it more than just a supersized version of the ubiquitous small-block Before I removed the useless engine fixed fan and installed the dual electric fan setup, my 68 big block hit the 250 F mark during stop and go drivings . Think about it, at very low RPM, 800 or son how much air is this engine fixed fan pulling. A electric fan always brings the same high flow. Get it done and you can forget steering at that gauge What happened to the big power numbers of the 454? The last generation big-block by GM (Vortec 454) leaves much to be desired when it comes to output. The Vortec big-block was gifted with a.

2 bbl? The big block should have gotten a 4 bbl. Heads are the big thing. I'm not sure exactly what the truck 402's got, but most likely you'll want to find something else. Post the casting #'s and we can go from there. The 402 is basically a .031 over 396 Russell Block Spencer's net worth: Russell Block Spencer is an American hip hop executive who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Russell Block Spencer grew up. For typical small-block V-8s from Chevrolet, Chrysler, or Ford, a good guideline is to use no more than about 0.100to maybe 0.125inch crown height in your quest for a high CR. If you are forced to stick with conventional heads patterned after the OE-style head, big-block Chevys can be something of a law unto themselves It's Chevy's turn as Mike and Joe build a classic 454 big block engine on a skimpy budget of 25-hundred dollars. Will it make more horsepower than their recent Ford budget build? The dyno will reveal the answer. Plus, a trip to the annual NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY

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A big block engine is physically larger and weighs more than a small block. Larger bores, longer strokes, bigger valves and ports can lead to truly astounding power production. If a small block is a quick and nimble welterweight boxer a big block can be devastating heavyweight Perhaps the 454's most unique contribution to the legacy of the big-block V-8 was the stroked version of the 454 arriving in 2001. Chevrolet increased the displacement to 494 cubic inches or 8.1 liters and renamed it the 8100 Vortec. The 8100 Vortec featured a coils-near-plugs design and a redesign from top to bottom The engine TRE recently built is a big block Chevy nitrous version that makes 2,000 horsepower using conventional heads and a standard deck Dart big block. For X275, if you're using a big block, they have to be a standard 9.8˝ deck height and stock bore space with conventional big block Chevy heads, which are 24 degrees - plus or minus a. Fig. 5.21. Big-inch, street/strip engines can make as much as 850 hp on pump gas when equipped with good rectangular-port heads (with ports of 340 to 360 cc) and an Edelbrock Victor/Super Victor style of intake. This manifold is only 5.9 inches high at the carb pad

All the above how numbers are performance 454 hp numbers from performance cars of the early 70's, 70-71. The 1990-91 SS454 Chevy C1500 only had 230hp. So the average stock 454 is 250hp. They changed the rating system from gross horsepower to net horsepower in 1972 net is more realistic but not always dead on My 67 350 hp 396 block has the Hi Perf cast on the heads and the block. My conclusion is that it means nothing. The tall blocks will only be found in the big bolts. The only major difference in the heavy truck block, was that the block is .4 inch taller than the car block. This is for the extra ring on the larger piston

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  1. As others have stated, factory 454 cubic inch big block Chevrolets use non-neutral balanced harmonic dampers on the front of the crankshaft and non-neutral balanced flexplates (or flywheels) on the rear of the crankshaft, similar to the ones in these photos (the balancing weights are shown in the upper section of the part)
  2. Engine Tech - How much horsepower will a 2 bolt main 454 take? - I was just starting on a 383 engine and I found a 454 bored to 468. It has a roller cam, oval port heads, good intake and carb. The engine dynoed at just over 500 hp. I can get a decent deal on it and it is complete carb to pan. The only negative it is a..
  3. TBI 454 255hp @ 4000rpm 405 lb/ft torque @ 2400 rpm 454SS(91-93) and 94-95 3/4 and 1 ton trucks used 90 lb/hr injectors at 28-32 psi (high pressure system) Vortec L29 454 290 hp 410 lb/ft torque The Vortec 454 uses 8 24 lb/hr fuel injectors that are sequentially fired. Both engines can benefit a LOT from higher flow cylinder heads and cams
  4. um Framed Walls and Roof Vacuum Bonded.
  5. A Dart block motor set to rev over 7500rpm could cost as much as $22,000. My point is the actual cost of engine building and rebuilding is the sum of its parts and labor. When it comes to big blocks I assume you are looking for big power
  6. Jet boat, 454 Big Block - $6800. 1974 jet boat, built 454 Oldsmobile motor, old school muscle sound, chrome full length headsets. 21 foot good condition runs great. New steering, new gas caps, new fuel sender all
  7. But big-block power still was available. The 402-cid four-barrel cost $173 and had 300 bhp, 50 bhp below the previous year's base SS engine. To retain the hallowed SS 396 badging, Chevy had called the 1970 402 a 396. For 71, it was renamed the Turbo Jet 400

It will probably take more nitrous than that if the car is a G.M. A body, like a Chevelle. It is also not likely that a stock block is going to clear a 4.5 stroke. The biggest that a stock block can handle is about a 4.25. The rails can't be ground on much before you hit water or the main bearing oil feeds which go down the side of the block can some one tell what is involved with installing big block in my 57.i am changing my breake system but want to keep stock power steering.buying motor mounts to move engine forward 3-4 of an inch.dont know about headers and other problems i might have.motor is a 454 vortect is now a carb.it is a 96 and up motor if that helps. i also have a 350 with 350 turbo if that is easier i am sure it it. In general, a stock small block V8 is considerably quicker than even the V12. BIG Block : If you are after a sleeper or a torquey tire smoker for the stoplight drags, our Chevy BIG Block 396-402-427 -454-502-??? conversion kit is the answer Designing a Short-Block for Extended, Extreme Loads. The big-block Chevy displaces 540 cubic-inches through its 8 cylinders. A cast iron block from Dart is used to house the beefed up rotating assembly. The Big-M is offered in several configurations. Prestige chose the standard 9.800 deck height with a 4.500 bore Okay, I thought they were pretty much the same castings, but weren't sure. Seems the 049's were going for more money for some reason. How much hp gain would I see on a stock 454 with 049 heads? Enough hp to make it worth it like 30 or 40 or

A quick trip around the market for a 69 Corvette with a big-block 427 CID engine reveals that most owners and dealers will boldly expect a low of $25,000 for a decent-condition model, but will quickly ramp up the price upwards of $35,000 for anything that is within sight of its original condition Rebuilt big block 454, duel energycam, msd... $25,995. Year 1974. Report. View car. 5. C. ClassicCars 30+ days ago. 1972 Chevrolet Corvette 49601, Wexford County, MI . 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray hits all the high notes: arumbling big block 454 with reliable upgrades, factory-correctattention grabbing... $37,995. Year 1972 Sell buy trade Chevy big block engine parts. Each block is cleaned and pressure tested. BBB Accredited Business. For sale 396 blocks heads engines, 427 block heads engines, 454 blocks heads engine and other parts for 1962-1972 Chevy big block muscle cars. My parts are guaranteed rebuildable

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1969 Oldsmobile Toronado Is a Big-Block Barn Find Worth as Much as a New iPhone. 29 Sep 2020, 7:17 UTC · by Bogdan Popa. Home > News > Classics Find CHEVROLET 7.4L/454 Chevy big block Mark IV Water Pumps, Mechanical and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Shop Holley Sniper 454 Chevy Big Block V8 Fuel Injection Systems and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Holley Sniper 454 Chevy Big Block V8 Fuel Injection Systems in-stock with same-day shipping Shop 402 Chevy Big Block V8 Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. 402 Chevy Big Block V8 Cylinder Heads in-stock with same-day shipping by Tom Dufur The big-block Chevy's canted valve heads are largely responsible for the tremendous power capability of the Rat motor and its continued popularity. The original head design is often referred to as having a 26-degree valve angle, although this intake valve angle of inclination is only one of four angles ne

Re: 7.4 454 Repower opinions needed. Welcome aboard! I am always amazed at how much more expensive a big block is than a comparably equipped small block. Anyway - several have expressed having a good experience with rapido marine. I just did a quick search - their web page mentions the big blocks being sold out... but that may change on a daily. Big block Chevy 572 stroker with 700 HP performance aluminum head engine combination was designed for maximum street/strip performance on pump gas. All engines can be custom painted to match your vehicle at your request. We can outfit your engine with the exclusive March Performance serpentine belt system You won't have to pay your stimulus check back to the government if you ended up making too much money in 2020 or 2021. Tax Day has been pushed back from April 15 to May 17, 2021 If you don't open the block drains, all the coolant you can drain out is what the radiator holds and the upper portions of the engine. The large coolant Search results for '454 Coolant Capacity' (newsgroups and mailing lists) 6 replies 1970 Cadillac Eldorado coolant overflow again. started 2010-05-05 22:51:40 UTC. rec.autos.misc Big Block Chevy - Twin Charger Kit $ 5,500.00 - $ 7,450.00; Related products. Pontiac 326-455 V8 - Single Supercharger Kit $ 2,950.00 - $ 3,200.00; Early 5.7/6.1 Dodge Hemi - Single Charger Tuner Kit $ 2,800.00 - $ 3,550.00; Big Block MOPAR B 383/400 - Single Charger $ 3,100.00 - $ 3,350.0

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  1. Find CHEVROLET 7.4L/454 Chevy big block Gen VI Fuel Injection Systems and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing
  2. The small block is not only lighter it also more compact. It isn't as wide with it's shorter deck height and smaller cylinder heads. The 454 is also a slightly taller and wider engine than the 396 big block which was factory available in gen 1 Camaros. The weight difference is a little over 100 pounds depending on how the engines are equipped
  3. Although the 454's use in muscle cars declined rapidly after its introduction, the engine was used in trucks such as the GM 2500 and 3500 until 1996. As of 2014, Chevrolet produces other big-bore 454 engines. Examples include the LSX454 rated at 620 horsepower and the 454HO rated at 425 horsepower
  4. How Much Is A Block Of Gold Worth Sunday, 2 May 2021. Cleaner finds 325 000 of gold bars gold bar weight largest to smallest how much is a gold bar worth did you australian man finds 49 ounce block of 1 kg gold bars
  5. I am building a Blown 454 BBC, standard bore so ci will stay at 454ci. it's a Chevy Block not an after market block. the block is a four bolt main, ARP studed mains and heads. 1471 Littlefield Hi helix, Alcohol burning, Carbon fiber injector hat. Brodix 365cc heads. I was thinking on 13 to 1 or 12.5 compression
  6. It will definitely be a big block between 454 and 502 cubes. What kind of power potential do you guys think is possible with the vortec 454 efi intake manifold? The ease of the swap and low cost make this option seem pretty attractive compared to the vortec 496 and the Ramjet 502
  7. Understanding the big block vs. small block further, the big-block engines were designed to fit the large cars and trucks. None other than Chevrolet introduced these engines in 1958 for bigger vehicles. For big-block engines too, Chevy brought the displacements such as 348, 366, 396, 402, 409, 427, 454, 502, and 572 cubic inches
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  1. Awesome 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS To create the 1990-1991 Chevrolet 454 SS, Chevrolet plucked its big-block V-8 from the heavy-duty-truck line... $25,900 36,731 Mile
  2. Fig. 8.14. Holley's Chevy big-block intake is a dedicated EFI design, rather than an adaptation of a carbureted intake. As such, it has been good on 500-inch engines but seems to show best when used on 540s and up. Fig. 8.15
  3. It's going to take a lot to get 600 rwhp out of a 427. It will take Cnc ported heads (afr, cfe, dart), big solid roller, shaft rockers, lightweight rotating assembly, short deck block, 11-12 to 1 compression, big single plane (sniper or victor), at least a 950-1050 carb, and about 8000 rpm or so
  4. Thats the thing with our big V8's they burn oil. 1q every 300 sounds like a lot then again its a 454 and if your like me and have a lead foot it burns even faster. With my little 327 I was burning 1q every 3 weeks or so , I was changeing my oil every 6 weeks
  5. I have always had small blocks, and still do, currently, but I know someone offering a good deal on a 454 big block, very nice. I know that the original engine available in my 68 was a 427, and they seem to be very much more sought after than 454's, but is there any disadvantages to the 454..

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  1. The 1990-93 Chevrolet 454 SS pickup is experiencing a
  2. how much would a 454 big block engine cost me? Yahoo Answer
  3. 2 bolt vs. 4 bolt main 454 Hot Rod Foru
  4. Bolt-On 230+ Horsepower to a 454ci Motor Home Big-Bloc
  5. Chevrolet 454 SS Muscle Truck Buying Guide: Cheap Ticket
  6. Chevy Big Block Engine - Chevy High Performance Magazin
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  1. Top 10 Engines of All Time (#8): Chevrolet 454
  2. Tech Corner: Big Block Engines That'll Weigh You Down
  3. Power For Peanuts: Gen V Big Block Power - CPGNatio
  4. Chevrolet big-block engine - Wikipedi
  5. how much $ to build a 500 hp 454? Team Camaro Tec
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