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Distance from Denver, CO to Aurora, CO The total driving distance from Denver, CO to Aurora, CO is 17milesor 27kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Denver, CO to Aurora, CO is 8miles. This is equivalent to 14kilometersor 7nautical miles The total driving distance from Aurora, CO to Denver, CO is 17 milesor 27 kilometers. Your trip begins in Aurora, Colorado. It ends in Denver, Colorado. If you are planning a road trip, you might also want to calculate the total driving timefrom Aurora, CO to Denver, COso you can see when you'll arrive at your destination

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Colorado (US) Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Colorado (US). [Note: The distance between cities in Colorado (US) distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Colorado (US) calculated based on their. The distance by car is 27 km. Get driving directions from Aurora to Denver. flight distance = 10 miles The straight line distance between Aurora and Denver is 16 kilometers. Travel time from Aurora, CO to Denver, CO driving distance = 17 miles The distance by car is 27 km. Get driving directions from Denver to Aurora. flight distance = 10 miles The straight line distance between Denver and Aurora is 16 kilometers How far is Denver from the North Pole? Denver is located 3,472.69 mi (5,588.76 km) south of the North Pole. Equator: 2,745.71 mi (4,418.80 km) How far is Denver from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? Denver is 2,745.71 mi (4,418.80 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere. South pole: 8,963.94 mi (14,426.07 km Located in Colorado's Front Range, just outside of Denver, Aurora is easy to get to from just about anywhere. The town offers a mixture of recreation, scenery and big-city access. With Denver.

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Find out how many hours from Aurora to Denver by car if you're planning a road trip. Looking for alternate routes? Explore all of the routes from Aurora, CO to Denver, CO. Compare the flight distance to driving distance from Aurora, CO to Denver, CO. Calculate the total cost to drive from Aurora, CO to Denver, CO There are 978.88 miles from Denver to Aurora in northwest direction and 1,279 miles (2,058.35 kilometers) by car, following the I-84 route. Denver and Aurora are 18 hours 30 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Denver, CO to Aurora, OR. The halfway point is Albion, ID

Downtown Denver is a short drive up I225 to I70 then West about 8 miles. Aurora is a boundry next to Denver city limits on the east side of town. Source (s): Live in Aurora Find out how many hours from Denver to Aurora by car if you're planning a road trip. Looking for alternate routes? Explore all of the routes from Denver, CO to Aurora, CO. Compare the flight distance to driving distance from Denver, CO to Aurora, CO. Calculate the total cost to drive from Denver, CO to Aurora, CO

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  1. The address of the Denver Aerospace Science Museum is: 22370 E Rockinghorse Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80016 How long does it take to go to Denver CO from Aurora CO? MapQuest estimates the driving time as.
  2. Aurora, CO to Denver International Airport (DEN), 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, Colorado 80249, United States: $41.17 Denver Union Station, 1701 Wynkoop St, Denver, Colorado 80202, United States to Fort Collins, Colorado, United States: $139.1
  3. utes. Areas of Denver closer would be shorter, areas farther would be longer. Of course the commute to Denver would generally take longer then the commute to Aurora. Public transit could be adequate, but again it depends on where you are
  4. Total distance from Aurora to Denver International Airport (DEN) is 17.05 kms. 17.05 kms equals to 10.6 miles and 9.21 nautical miles. Distance information is flight distance as a line. Flight time between Aurora to Denver International Airport (DEN) can change depending on many different conditions
  5. s far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Denver, CO to Aurora, IA. The halfway point is Hampton, NE. Please note the time difference between Denver, CO and Aurora, IA is 1 hour
  6. The 10-county Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area had an estimated 2009 population of 2,552,195 and ranked as the 21st most populous U.S. metropolitan statistical area and the 12-county Denver-Aurora-Boulder Combined Statistical Area had an estimated 2009 population of 3,110,436 and ranked as the 16th most populous U.S.
  7. The address of the Denver Aerospace Science Museum is: 22370 E Rockinghorse Pkwy, Aurora, CO 8001

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What is the distance between Denver AND Aurora? The distance between Denver and Aurora in a straight line is 7 miles or 11.26 Kilometers Driving Directions & Drive Times from Denver to Aurora can be found further down the page. Driving distances, maps and journey times are currently provided by Google mapping systems Why are Denver Colorado Springs and Aurora important? They are the most populated Colorado cities. Is Denver in Maine and Colorado? No, as far as I can find there is only a Denver, Colorado The shortest road distance between Denver International Airport to Aurora is 26 Mi. You can also find the flight distance or distance to fly from Denver International Airport to Aurora. Check map and driving Directions from Denver International Airport to Aurora helping you find the destination easier Denver International Airport is located approximately 11.6 miles / 18.7 kilometers southeast of Brighton and about 12.5 miles / 20.0 kilometers northeast of Aurora. IATA airport code is DEN. Colorado Springs Airport (COS) Distance from Colorado Springs Airport to Aurora is 64.3 miles / 103.4 kilometers 225 reviews of The Parking Spot Feel weird giving a parking lot 5 stars but... hey. They were good. $5 a day if you show spots! I just pulled up some spots on my Droid and was good. The shuttle driver that picked us up from our car was so nice and was there before we even piled out of the car. We had 4 adults, a preschooler, and a toddler going away for 10 days so needless to say we had TONS.

Buckley AFB is located in Aurora, Colorado just minutes from Denver. The base is situated against a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The base was formerly a National Guard base that has grown to fit the needs of the Denver military area after Peterson AFB was closed. The base is the home of 460th Space Wing Their visits generally occur between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. MOOSE. The moose is a naturally shy creature, but sightings occur almost daily in the summer along the banks of the Upper Colorado River in the Kawuneeche Valley. Enjoy the moose at a distance and give these magnificent animals plenty of room to roam without human interference Using Denver's RTD Light Rail or Bus system, you can leave your car at home and find a ride to Union Station from all over the metro area. Once in downtown Denver, a train ride to the Denver International Airport takes around thirty minutes.Many trips run throughout the day, every day, unaffected by area traffic Calculate driving distance between Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO and Denver, CO, United States. How far is Denver, CO, United States from Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO in miles and how much gas is needed, travel time E-470 is a 47-mile-long toll road is located in the suburbs of Denver Colorado and traverses the eastern portion of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area - Douglas County, Parker, Arapahoe County, Aurora, Adams County, Brighton, Commerce City, Thorton.E-470 serves Denver International Airport. It is the most direct route if coming from the North or the South

Denver, CO, USA and Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills National Forest, 13000 South Dakota 244, Keys; Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO and Denver International Airport, Denver, CO, United States; 1963 Jasper St, Aurora, CO 80011, USA and Denver International Airport Station, Denver, CO 80249, US Denver International Airport. Ace Rent a Car provides courtesy shuttle service to and from Jeppesen Terminal. Shuttles pick-up and drop-off from Jeppesen Terminal Level 5, Island 4, outside doors.Customers will be picked up under the Off-Airport Rental Car sign located on Island 4. Shuttle pick-up and drop-off every 15-20 minutes Denver - Puerto Penasco, Mexico: 994 miles Denver - Galveston, TX: 1027 miles Denver - Long Beach, CA: 1029 miles Denver - San Diego, CA: 1078 miles Denver - San Francisco, CA: 1258 miles Denver - Great Salt Lake, UT: 540 miles (I don't recommend this. I'm from SLC and the lake quite literally smells like brine shimp) If you're looking to get to Estes Park from Denver or vice versa, you can take the Bustang from Denver's Union Station. From there it stops in Westminster at U.S. 36 and Sheridan Boulevard before ending at the Estes Park Visitor Center. The round-trip ticket is $10 and the bus runs seasonally

Read A Long Weekend in Park County: Fairplay, Alma, & More >>With 14,000-foot peaks, a rolling and colorful river valley, mining history, twisting and ancient bristlecone pine and abundant wildlife, the real South Park in Colorado's Park County is one of the state's most beautiful designated heritage areas and is home to the towns of Fairplay, Alma and Como It's around 70 miles to either fly or drive. The flight time is around 45 minutes, versus 1.5 hour by car. For airport to airport travel, estimate at least $150 per flight, more at the last minute Enjoy the Colorado-side of wine at the Infinite Monkey Theorem. Located inside Stanley Marketplace, their swanky third-floor taproom is decorated in historical artifacts and modern-age flare. Enjoy classic Malbec's, pinot noir, and more on tap. Dry Dock Brewing Co. Dry Dock Brewing Company was the first brewery to open in Aurora, Colorado So leaving from Denver International Airport, you'll want to go south on Pena Boulevard to Interstate 70. From there you'll drive past Denver and into the mountains for about 53 miles until you get to the Central City Parkway

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Cooke said that despite the unfortunate arrangement between Denver and Aurora that skirts the intent of his 2015 bill, he still believes police can be trusted to ethically investigate other. — A car was struck by a University of Colorado A Line train Wednesday afternoon in Aurora. > Video above: Distracted driving survey: 92% of respondents admitted to driving distracted RTD's R Line brings light rail service from Denver through the heart of Aurora to Lone Tree. The 10.5 miles of light rail connects the existing track at Nine Mile Station up I-225 to the Peoria Station on the University of Colorado A Line.The R Line opened on February 24, 2017

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The cost of living in Aurora, CO is -0.1% lower than in Denver, CO. You would have to earn a salary of $59,964 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Aurora, CO typically pay -0.1% less than employers in Denver, CO The Mount Evans Scenic Byway, just 60 miles west of Denver, is the highest paved road in North America. A day trip to the top is a journey that snakes and climbs through nearly 9,000 feet of elevation gain, from the high plains of Denver through five climate zones to the 14,264-foot summit of Mount Evans, one of 54 peaks in Colorado that soar to 14,000 feet and above - the famous. As a Denver suburb, Aurora, Colorado, lies in the shadow of its share of mountainous terrain. The majority of this terrain, though, lies west of Denver. While a few Denver-area ski resorts may be. Each of our 249 rooms is designed for a relaxed getaway in Aurora near Denver, with spacious settings and a plush Hyatt Grand Bed™. Upgrade your stay to a suite with a living room area, dining table, and two bathrooms

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Aurora Outpatient Clinic Apply for and manage the VA benefits and services you've earned as a Veteran, Servicemember, or family member—like health care, disability, education, and more. Aurora VA Clinic - VA Eastern Colorado Health Care Syste Aurora, Colorado vs Denver, Colorado Change Places A salary of $20,000 in Aurora, Colorado should increase to $22,151 in Denver, Colorado (assumptions include Homeowner, no Child Care, and Taxes are not considered

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Colfax Avenue is the main street that runs east-west through the Denver metropolitan area in Colorado.As U.S. Highway 40, it was one of two principal highways serving Denver before the Interstate Highway System was constructed. In the local street system, it lies 15 blocks north of the zero meridian (Ellsworth Avenue, one block south of 1st Avenue), and would thus otherwise be known as 15th. DENVER, CO: 31: W (26 m iles) UHF 602 Mhz: 5 Services Starting at $45 / month KPJR: INDEPENDENT GREELEY, CO: 38: N (31 m iles) UHF 614 Mhz KRMT: INDEPENDENT DENVER, CO: 41: W (24 m iles) UHF 506 Mhz KVSN-DT: INDEPENDENT PUEBLO, CO: 48: S (63 m iles) UHF 536 Mhz KTFD + 1 subchannel: INDEPENDENT DENVER, CO: 50: W (26 m iles) UHF 554 Mhz KETD + 1.

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Get reviews and see photos of our hotel in Aurora, Colorado near Denver. See our spacious, comfortable rooms, outdoor spaces, and elegant dining options at Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Colorado is a state rich in natural landmarks, parks, forests, ski slopes, and a number of cities, each with their own local flavor. Many of these gems are easily accessible as day trips from the capital of Denver, CO, which is located centrally within the state.Rocky Mountain National Park and Pikes Peak offer mountaintop fun beyond the trails, while places like Garden of the Gods and Pawnee.

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Each rental vehicle at Enterprise is thoroughly cleaned between every rental and backed with our Complete Clean Pledge. This includes washing, vacuuming, general wipe down, and sanitizing with a disinfectant that meets leading health authority requirements, with particular attention to more than 20-plus high-touch points Aurora runs the entire length of Denver along its eastern border. The northern section of Aurora offers some of the most affordable homes in the Denver metro area. The central section of Aurora has the Aurora Mall and shares Aurora Public Schools with the northern section. Homes are generally built before 1980 in the central section of Aurora Colorado Springs, Denver, United States ↔ Aurora, Denver, United States = 62 miles = 100 km

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Interstate 225 is a suburban loop in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area between I-25 at Denver Tech Center Denver and I-70 at Aurora We're just 18 miles from Denver Broncos football, Denver Nuggets basketball, Colorado Rockies baseball, and other live events at their arenas and stadiums. Explore downtown Denver for restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Outdoor fun awaits at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Find 26 listings related to Far East in Aurora on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Far East locations in Aurora, CO DENVER CORPORATE OFFICE: 7330 W 52nd Ave, Arvada CO 80002 DENVER MAINTENANCE GARAGE: 5401 E 48th Ave, Denver CO 80216 CO SPRINGS MAINTENANCE GARAGE: 3465 Astrozon Place, Colorado Springs CO 80910 Tel: 303-572-8687 Contact U

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Our hotel in Aurora, Colorado, showcases the state's alpine charm through every detail of our design and offers a convenient location just 8.5 miles from Denver International Airport. Begin your stay by indulging in self-care at our hotel spa and enjoy our indoor and outdoor water complex with a seasonal lazy river Aurora has 60+ miles of bike-able trails, connecting all major points in the city. For a cool afternoon ride, cruise to Aurora Reservoir from the Southlands Mall, circle the lake, stop for a picnic, and be back in time for happy hour at McDonough's Pub. 10. With so much innovation, you can think of Aurora as Colorado's Silicon Valley Shop Costco's Aurora, CO location for electronics, groceries, small appliances, and more. Find quality brand-name products at warehouse prices This is the main factor that makes Aurora the number 9 worst location in Colorado. Though its 369,111 residents battle a high crime rate, Aurora has other benefits to provide. Located about a half hour east of Denver's city center, it gives excellent access to the region's major metropolitan area Cañon City, Colorado . While the town of Cañon City, which is 119 miles away from Denver, is primarily known for its federal prison, its proximity to the Arkansas River makes it a popular starting point for rafting and tubing trips.It takes about two hours and 30 minutes to reach by car. Adventurers can also take a zip line through the Aerial Adventure Park, hop on the tramway at Royal Gorge.

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>United States vs United States > Aurora, CO vs Denver, CO Aurora, CO vs Denver, CO. Pollution Comparison Between Aurora, CO and Denver, CO Unless you live in The Centennial State's most dangerous places. Yes, that's right. Colorado is the 19th most dangerous state in the country; and sadly, Colorado is one of the only states to have three of the most dangerous cities in the country. Thinking of Colorado conjures up images of intense snowy mountains and peaceful forests

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An Aurora development that could rival the size of the Denver Tech Center or downtown Denver's central business district — with up to 80 million square feet of commercial, office and r We install egress windows in the entire Denver Metro Area throughout Colorado and specialize in older homes in areas such as Denver and Boulder, Washington Park, Park Hill, Bonnie Brae, Congress Park, Denver Highlands, Sloan's Lake, Cherry Creek, Cherry Hills Village, City Park, Lowry, Stapleton, Wash Park, Aurora, Boulder, Littleton, Lakewood, Englewood, CO etc The City of Littleton is a Home Rule Municipality located in Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties, Colorado, United States.Littleton is the county seat of Arapahoe County and is a part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city population was 41,737 at the 2010 United States Census, ranking as the 20th most populous municipality in the State of Colorado If you don't mind the extra half hour drive from Denver, Green Ridge campground is an awesome place to camp for the weekend. It is nestled between the Colorado River and Shadow Mountain Reservoir, making it an excellent spot for fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. Many visitors enjoy whitewater rafting as well Our Texas Roadhouse location in Aurora offers exceptional dining and service. Visit us at 14200 E. Iliff Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014

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Toll Road Name: I-25 HOV/Tolled Express Lanes, Denver, Colorado Connecting Cities: Two reversible lanes between US 36 and 20th Street in Downtown Denver Colorado. On Which Highways: Interstate 25 Distance of the Toll Road: 7 miles 11.27 Km How to pay: ExpressToll or license plate tolling History: The I-25 Express Lanes opened on June 2, 2006. How to Use: The Express Lanes include seven miles. AURORA | A car passenger was shot while driving through north Aurora Wednesday night but is expected to survive, Aurora police announced Thursday morning. Police said the unidentified person was shot at approximately 9:20 p.m. July 1 near the intersection of East 40th Avenue and Tower Road, which sits on the border with Denver's Green Valley Ranch neighborhood It sports 3 large kitchens, laundry facilities, TV lounges, play areas indoors and out, and a patio. The House meets all ADA standards. The Aurora House is located in the suburbs of Denver, approximately 1 mile south of the Anschutz medical Campus, home to Children's Hospital Colorado and UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital

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