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Five candidates for San Antonio's 2021 mayoral race officially filed to run for office. Current San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg is seeking a third term There are 14 candidates on the ballot to be San Antonio's next mayor. Click here for more info. Search Query Show Search. Home. News. San Antonio Mayoral Race 2021 Texas Public Radio Published April 19, 2021 at 12:07 AM CDT Greater oversight by city of San Antonio mayor in decisions that affect SA ratepayers the buck stops at the Mayors. The 2021 San Antonio mayoral election was held on May 1, 2021 to decide the mayor of San Antonio, Texas. The election was a nonpartisan blanket primary election. The incumbent mayor Ron Nirenberg won a third two-year term

Meet the candidates Learn about the City Council and mayoral candidates ahead of the May 1 election In an effort to inform voters about the candidates on the May 1 ballot, the San Antonio Report asked them about their experience in civic organizations, their priorities if elected, and their opinions on other current topics of importance The city of San Antonio, Texas, held general elections for mayor and city council on May 1, 2021.If needed, a runoff election is scheduled for June 5, 2021. The filing deadline for this election was February 12, 2021. Click here to learn more about the city's mayoral election San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg goes door to door campaigning on the city's Southwest Side, Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Nirenberg is seeking reelection in the May 1 city elections. There are 14..

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  1. The dozen other candidates in the mayor's race include frequent candidates who have taken multiple attempts at running for City Council positions. Antonio Diaz — an outspoken activist for the rights of indigenous people — often has filed to run in every city election since 2013 as a contender in the mayor's race or council seat
  2. 2021-01-26 Five candidates for San Antonio's 2021 mayoral race officially filed to run for office. Current San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg is seeking a third term
  3. SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2021 Election. NOTE: Unofficial Election Results. The City of San Antonio will Canvass the May 1, 2021 Election Results at the 2:00 PM Wednesday, May 12, 2021 B Session. SATURDAY, june 5, 2021 run-off ELECTION Council Districts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9 IMPORTANT ELECTION DATE

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Mayoral Candidates Denise Gutierrez-Homer and Greg Brockhouse participate in the Greater Harmony Hills Neighborhood Association's Candidate Debate Night at Vogt Auction House in San Antonio on. Voters will cast their vote for mayor, city council members and school board members, as well as voting on propositions such as A and B in the city of San Antonio. With Election Day approaching, reporters from The Mesquite contacted candidates for San Antonio's mayoral race

San Antonio Activists 'Cannot in Good Faith' Support This Year's Mayoral Candidates Jerry Iannelli Apr 30, 2021 Cincinnati's Upcoming Mayoral Race is 'Make or Break' for Policing and Housin San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg has won re-election. Nirenberg defeated 13 other candidates, including his closest opponent, Greg Brockhouse who narrowly lost to Nirenberg in 2019. Nirenberg picked up more than 60% of the votes. He was first elected mayor defeating incumbent mayor Ivy Taylor in a runoff for the 2017 mayoral race The San Antonio Municipal Elections was held on May 1 st where votes were casted to decide the mayor, all 10 city council seats, two propositions, and school district boards.. The 2021 District 2 Municipal Elections was one to remember. With twelve individuals running for the seat that presides to the incumbent Jada Andrews-Sullivan, each candidate ranged from various backgrounds such as. The Time Has Come To Mandate 0 to 3 Early Childhood Education. By mandating 0 to 3 early childhood education in the city of San Antonio, we as a community will give every child the opportunity to live up to their intellectual potential and at the same time become every child's first line of defense against neglect

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Let's Vote SA! Learn more about conservatives who are running.Early voting April 19th - 27th.Election Day is May 1st. REQUEST ELECTION DAY REMINDER HERE conservative candidates running for office in san antonio 2021 Mayor Ron Nirenberg won re-election in a 14-candidate nonpartisan general election for mayor in San Antonio, Texas, on May 1, 2021. Nirenberg received 61.9% of the vote. 2019 challenger Greg Brockhouse received 31.5% of the vote. No other candidate received more than 2% of the vote The mayoral race was the most crowded with 12 candidates on the ticket as of Friday morning. Current Mayor Ron Nirenberg filed for re-election along with challenger Greg Brockhouse , the former District 6 councilman who forced Nirenberg into a runoff in the 2019 municipal election

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The general election in San Antonio is on May 1. The filing deadline to run passed Feb. 12. Candidates are competing for mayor and all 10 seats on the city council. Fourteen candidates filed to run in the nonpartisan mayoral race. If no candidate wins a majority of the vote in a race, the top-two candidates will advance to a runoff election A brief Bio of Ray Basaldua and his history of growing up in San Antonio, Texas. And, a short message from Ray Basaldua regarding his mission to provide better opportunities for early childhood development. If elected mayor, Ray will establish the Early Childhood Development Department in San Antonio TX to enable children to have the added benefit of early educational resources to help them.

San Antonio 2021 Propositions A And B tpr.org - Texas Public Radio • 10h. City of San Antonio | Proposition A What is it? San Antonio City Council has proposed a charter change, which may offer more flexibility in the kind SAN ANTONIO - Mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse is criticizing Ron Nirenberg for refusing to agree to a debate. Brockhouse lost a close runoff to Nirenberg for the job two years ago. If you. This long-ballot trend is also happening all over the country. In its most recent election, Chicago chose among 14 people running for mayor, while races for the San Antonio City Council averaged nearly five candidates per district. Perhaps no city, however, can match Seattle for candidate enthusiasm

The 2021 San Antonio mayoral election is scheduled to be held on May 1, 2021 to decide the mayor of San Antonio, Texas. The election will be a nonpartisan blanket primary election. The incumbent mayor Ron Nirenberg is running for a third two-year term Poll shows San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg likely to win third term, while voters split on Prop B Apr 6, 2021 With Greg Brockhouse's filing, May's race for mayor of San Antonio will likely be a.

The mayoral races to watch in 2021. In San Antonio, the state's second largest city, incumbent Mayor Ron Nirenberg is facing a 14-person field. Six major candidates are vying to be the. Michael Commander Idrogo, Candidate for San Antonio Mayor, San Antonio, Multiple Counties, Texas, May 1, 2021 Texas Municipal General Election: Picture, bio, position statements and social media links | Vote-US San Antonio. San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the United States, with a population of about 1.5 million. The current mayor is independent Ron Nirenberg. He was elected to a second two-year term with about 51% of the vote in 2019. That was a top two runoff against Greg Brockhouse. 14 candidates are on the ballot, including Nirenberg and. The Bexar County general election will be May 1. Voters will cast their vote for mayor, City Council members and school board members, as well as voting on propositions such as A and B in the city of San Antonio. With Election Day approaching, reporters from The Mesquite contacted candidates from the District 4 city..

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Jan 25, 2021 @ 10:05pm . Denise Gutierrez-Homer, candidate for San Antonio mayor/Photo-Facebook. SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) - Two years ago, Denise Gutierrez-Homer ran for City Council District 2 and finished third out of eight candidates. Jada Andrews -Sullivan won the East Side council seat We can do better at City Hall. We're bringing new energy, bold ideas, and real urgency to make San Antonio the jobs capitol of Texas - for all of our families - Greg Brockhouse For Mayo 2021 City of San Antonio Elections How NOWCastSA chose which candidates to include in the Mayoral Town Hall. by CharlotteAnne Lucas on 2021-04-06. Animal Care outlines Easter pet dangers to hop away from . by City of San Antonio on 2021-03-30. More. Community Maps The list of Democrats who have come out in opposition to the proposition includes Julián Castro — the former presidential candidate, U.S. housing secretary and San Antonio mayor — as well as. 2021 City of San Antonio Elections Mayor District 1: District 2 San Antonio ISD Candidate Forums. There are eight candidates running for four districts. Click to see video of their answers to questions in candidate forums..

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  1. e who serves as mayor, which candidates will fill 10 city council seats and who will.
  2. San Antonio 2021 Propositions A And B tpr.org - Texas Public Radio • 9h. City of San Antonio | Proposition A What is it? San Antonio City Council has proposed a charter change, which may offer more flexibility in the kind
  3. SAN ANTONIO — Former City Council member Greg Brockhouse has officially filed as a candidate in the city's mayoral election this spring, setting up a rematch of the contentious 2019 election.
  4. San Antonio's general election to elect a mayor and city council representatives is approaching, with options to vote more safely amid the coronavirus pandemic:. All registered voters age 65 and older can safely vote from home by mailing in an absentee ballot before Election Day

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  1. SAN ANTONIO - Former City Councilman Greg Brockhouse lost the 2019 mayoral election by 2,690 votes in the runoff. He's ready to try again. After speaking with Brockhouse Tuesday, we have.
  2. Residents of the heavily Hispanic city of San Antonio, Texas are voting on a police reform ballot measure in the May 1 municipal elections. April 28, 2021, Along with the mayoral and City.
  3. With nearly all of the votes tallied Saturday night, Mayor Ron Nirenberg secured a third term as he claimed 62% of the vote. Former District 6 councilman Greg Brockhouse - who failed to capture the same support he had in 2019, when he took Nirenberg to a runoff - trailed with 31.4%

On Monday night, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez reported 213,677 total COVID-19 cases and 3,323 total deaths in Bexar county. An increase of 119 new cases and no new deaths were added to the count since last week. In addition, there are 236 hospitalizations Last day to apply is February 12, 2021; Last day to withdraw name from ballot must be received by 5:00 P.M. on February 20,2021. Election Day is Saturday, May 1, 2021 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Candidate packets are available at City Hall, 5100 N. New Braunfels Ave., San Antonio, TX 7820 On Monday night, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez reported 208,606 total COVID-19 cases and 3,366 total deaths in Bexar County. An increase of 144 new cases and no new deaths were added to the count. In addition, there are 199 hospitalizations She is a first-time candidate — and for now, the only female candidate in the 2021 mayoral race — and said she was running to represent the people. San Antonio Current Out in S

SAN ANTONIO - Mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse is calling for a clean sweep of CPS Energy after the winter storm response. CPS Energy's response to the devastating winter storm is at. Eventbrite - Champions Coalition presents POSTPONED! Decision '21 SA Mayoral Debate - Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at The Restoring Church, San Antonio, TX. Find event and ticket information The Mayor of San Antonio works closely with City Council to pass laws and create policies for the City, as well as the City Manager, who serves as the City's chief administrator. While City Council members are elected by district, the Mayor represents all of San Antonio (for a two-year term, with a four-term limit) SAN ANTONIO — Video taken nearly a year ago of mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse is being recirculated this week by Mayor Ron Nirenberg's campaign after a popular Asian restaurant was. Mayors who governed through the last once-in-a-generation crisis (a mere decade ago) believe that the long past eight months are sure to shape the 2021 mayoral races. When Michael Nutter was elected mayor of Philadelphia in 2007, he rode into office as a reformer, with plans to reinvigorate the municipal bureaucracy and update ossified systems.

2 Mayoral Candidate Lily Bao Wants to Make Plano Great Again. 2021, 8:49 am CST. In the not-too-distant future, San Antonio is scrambling to go carbon neutral. San Antonio-based author. New York Will Tax its Top Earners, But Not All Mayoral Candidates Agree It Will Speed Up Recovery. 2021 PUBLISHED 9:00 PM EDT Apr. 06, 2021. SHARE The City Council is made up of 10 members representing 10 numbered districts and acts as the city's legislative body, writing local laws, appointing city officials, and providing oversight of the mayor's office. San Antonio's population is about two-thirds Hispanic and less than a quarter white, and the council reflects that diversity.

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  1. Cair San Antonio. 854 likes · 3 talking about this. Community Organizatio
  2. The four mayoral candidates offer differing plans to contain the violence, but agree it's the top priority. San Antonio police say it was a passenger in the front seat who opened fire on an.
  3. And Hoodline made some inquiries to a short list of potential candidates who may run for mayor of Oakland in 2022. April 1, 2021. - RALEIGH-DURHAM - SACRAMENTO - SAN ANTONIO - SAN DIEGO.
  4. The slate of candidates for San Antonio mayor and the city's 10 council seats on the May 1 ballot is set. After Friday's deadline for filing, city records showed 81 people are running for a spot on the City Council in a race defined by the human and economic toll inflicted on the city by COVID-19 as well as a reckoning over the power of the San Antonio Police union in the wake of a public.
  5. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg won a third term Saturday. In Fort Worth's mayoral race, Mattie Parker and Deborah Peoples are headed to a runoff. by Texas Tribune Staff May 1, 2021 Updated: May 2.
  6. ated for presidency of State Bar's Young Lawyers Assn. - March 2, 2021. Members of Texas House LGBTQ Caucus named to key leadership positions - February 9, 2021. As State Legislature convenes, Equality Texas warns of bills targeting trans youth - January 25, 2021
  7. Mayor & City Council San Antonio, Texas May 1, 2021 Election (Early Voting April 19 - 27, 2021) PDF of the endorsements that you can print and take it with you to the voting booth. ENDORSE = The candidate operates from a strong biblical worldview most of the time. We believe he/she is capable of fulfilling the office if elected

Green Party candidate for Mayor of San Antonio. My name is Antonio Diaz and my hometown is San Antonio, Texas. I am a graduate of St. Phillips Nursing Program and also a graduate of Texas A&M Electronic Engineering Extension Program San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg believes his city is next up for an NFL franchise. I said I think last year or the year before, I think San Antonio is an NFL city within 10 years, I still stand. In San Antonio (the nation's seventh-largest city, with a population greater than Hawaii's), conservative Greg Brockhouse is seeking a rematch with progressive Mayor Ron Nirenberg after losing. 2021 Voters Guide Early Voting: April 19-27 Election Day: May 1 A Guide to help voters make informed choices in the Municipal Elections The League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area is a strictly nonpartisan organization The LEXIT Strike Force, led by Texas businessman Duke Machado, is running a slate of candidates taking on the Democrats who dominate San Antonio's city council. The LEXIT Strike Force held a press conference in San Antonio Tuesday to highlight the candidates it is supporting in the Alamo City's upcoming elections. Mr

April 19, 2021 By Heron Staff Leave a Comment. Mayoral candidates discuss top issues before May 1 election. April 19, 2021 By Heron Staff 1 Comment. District 2 candidates discuss gentrification, other East Side issues as San Antonio election approaches. April 18, 2021 By Heron Staff Leave a Commen 23 candidates are competing to fill the vacancy created by the death of Republican Ron Wright in February Live Results: Mayoral Elections in San Antonio, Fort Worth and Three Other Texas Cities Voters in five Texas cities will go to the polls on May 1 to elect a new mayor; runoffs to follow where no candidate gets 50

San Antonio mayoral candidates debate police reform

  1. Mayoral Candidate Lily Bao Wants to Make Plano Great Again In the growing suburb, a years-old debate about zoning policy has led to increasingly polarized rhetoric in typically nonpartisan races
  2. utes ago — — Voters in San Antonio kept incumbent Ron Nirenberg as mayor this weekend, who beat his opponent Greg Blockhouse by 30 points.. Although Nirenberg's modest campaign strategy turned out to be a relatively tame race, San Antonio saw record turnout. By May 1, 2017, more than 100,000 citizens had voted, well above the previous record of 77,589 early voters in.
  3. Filing Deadline: December 2021 Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates): August 2022 Filing Deadline (Independents): August 2022 Primary: March 2022 Run-Off: July 2022 Julian Castro (D) - Ex-US Housing Secretary, Ex-San Antonio Mayor & '20 Pres Candidate Michael Cooper (D) - Pastor, Civil Rights Activist,.

Mar 23, 2021 Help Our Endorsed Candidates! Mar 23, 2021 Mar 11, 2021 March 2021 Membership Meeting. Mar 11, 2021 Mar 7, 2021 Here are our 2021 City of San Antonio Municipal Election Endorsements... Mar 7, 2021 KLRN Public Television is on Facebook. To connect with KLRN Public Television, join Facebook today

BOMA San Antonio | PO Box 171115 | San Antonio, TX 78217 | (210) 822-449 iSideWith shows which candidates you side with based on the political issues selected most important to you. Try it now! Try the political quiz. You Quiz Elections Issues Candidates Discuss. Menu Elections > 2021 > Cities. Share. 2021. 2021 City Voter Guide. Take the political quiz to see which candidates match your political beliefs.

The officer who stopped this saved a lot of lives, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said. — San Antonio PD (@SATXPolice) April 15, 2021. Fort Worth Mayoral Race Headed To. Vote early at UTSA in joint election for S.A. mayor, city council members UTSA Center for Civic Engagement. Apr 15, 2021 2021. Candidates for COLFA dean to speak at forums UTSA Office of Academic Strategic Communications. Apr 2, 2021 The University of Texas at San Antonio, a Hispanic Serving Institution situated in a global city that.

Q&A: Meet the Mayoral candidates Texas A&M University

Mayoral candidates Greg Maxton and Snehal Patel, both current Fair Oaks Ranch City Council members, have been confirmed to debate and City Council candidates David Deleranko (Place 1), Emily Stroup (Place 1), Tim Corley (Place 5), Scott Parker (Place 5), JC Taylor (Place 5), Chesley Muenchow (Place 6) and Stephen May (Place 6) will also be in. Disclaimer: The City of San Antonio's electronic campaign finance filing system was implemented in April 2005. Reports filed electronically can be viewed on this page. Some candidates have filed for an exemption from electronic reporting. Those reports may be viewed here.. For information on filing deadlines for campaign finance reports or. published 7:46 pm et mar. 31, 2021 published 7:46 pm edt mar. 31, 2021 SHARE In the two top-polling candidates for mayor, New York City has two showmen, masters of attention-grabbing antics

Julián Castro endorses Ron Nirenberg in San Antonio

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Apr 19, 2021. Graduate programs land in best for 2022 U.S. News & World Report list. Apr 15, 2021. Vote early at UTSA in joint election for S.A. mayor, city council members. Apr 15, 2021. Candidates for COEHD dean to speak at virtual forums. Apr 15, 2021. The University of Texas at San Antonio, a Hispanic Serving Institution situated in a. Texas officials allege child sex abuse at San Antonio migrant facility. April 7, 2021, 11:07 PM Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey warns. The Labour mayor is planning to charge people a daily fee of at least £3.50 to drive into London in an attempt to raise money for cash-strapped Transport for London. Carolina drafted six offensive. San Antonio Express - 2/23/2021. Shared from the 2/23/2021 San Antonio Express eEdition. Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert, former mayor and presidential candidate Julián Castro, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro and other public servants who showed up for their constituents during the crisis. They appreciated the words of Mayor Ron.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg Wins Re-Election News

Jorge Ayala – The PaisanoGet to Know Your City Council Candidates | San Antonio Chamber

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Jenny Cudd, front, a flower shop owner and former Midland mayoral candidate, and Eliel Rosa leave the federal courthouse in Midland, Texas, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021 Whichever candidate St. Louis voters pick in the Tuesday, April 6, 2021, mayoral election will face daunting tasks, including a declining population and one of the worst murder rates in the nation The commercial also features more pictures of the candidate with Obama and Joe Biden. San Antonio, TX Mayor: Former conservative City Councilman Greg Brockhouse announced over the weekend that he.

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San Antonio was the perfect region for us to explore because it already has an established and fully operational local organizing committee in place for the 2021 Women's Final Four, said. Below is the transcript of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro's keynote speech during the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night. My fellow Democrats, my fellow Texans, my fellow Americans: I. On May 4, 2019, the city of San Antonio, Texas held an election to choose the next mayor of San Antonio. The election was a nonpartisan blanket primary.As no candidate secured a majority of the vote (50% of all votes cast +1), a runoff was held on June 8, 2019 between the two top candidates, incumbent mayor Ron Nirenberg and San Antonio City Councilman Greg Brockhouse

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The disability vote includes people living with a disability, family members and friends, advocates, educators, professionals, providers, bureaucrats, and supporters. The disability community has a major stake in the outcome of this election. Issues important to people with disabilities must be part of the platform for any candidate running for public office, be it a City Council position or. Jan 10, 2021 at 7:08 PM City Comptroller and mayoral candidate Scott Stringer wants to pull the plug on fossil fuels. He unveiled a climate action plan Sunday, including a public takeover of.

All you need to know about the 2021 San Antonio CityAll you need to know about the 2021 San Antonio City electionsCommentary: Courts ignoring COVID order on evictions
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