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Sec. 157.216. HEARING ON MOTION TO REVOKE COMMUNITY SUPERVISION. (a) The court shall hold a hearing without a jury not later than the third working day after the date the respondent is arrested under Section 157.215. If the court is unavailable for a hearing on that date, the hearing shall be held not later than the third working day after the. Getting released on bail can be complicated and costly, but at least, you're out of jail at the end. This freedom comes with a lot of strings attached: If a defendant violates bail conditions, fails to show up in court, or gets arrested again, the judge can revoke the defendant's bail and put the defendant back in custody.After revocation comes forfeiture of the bail money or bond

Texas Probation Revocation Motion To Revoke, Motion To Adjudicate A probation revocation case begins with either a Motion to Revoke Probation, or a Motion to Adjudicate for defendants on deferred adjudication. If you are on regular probation and a motion to revoke is filed you are not entitled to a bond and often judges will not set one What is a Motion to Revoke Bond? A motion to revoke bond is a bond posted specifically for a person charged with a Motion to Revoke. A Motion to Revoke is a motion filed by the District Attorney's Office asking the court to remove or alter a person's probation conditions OF EL PASO COUNTY, TEXAS. THE STATE OF TEXAS § § D.O.B.: 00/00/00. VS. § WARRANT NO. D03-00000 § D.O.A.: 1/1/03. CASPER § MOTION TO REDUCE BOND. TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE OF SAID COURT: COMES NOW, CASPER, Defendant, by and through his attorney, and moves the court to reduce bond in said cause for the following reasons: I

Texas Motion to Revoke Probation Attorneys Texas MTR Lawyers MOTION TO REVOKE PROBATION (MTR) San Antonio, Texas Bail Bond Attorneys San Antonio, Texas Jail Release Lawyers. At Joyner + Joyner, P.C., we offer our clients the most comprehensive representation possible. Part of this comprehensive representation is the ability to post bonds. Motion to Revoke Community Supervision A prosecuting attorney, the Title IV-D agency, a domestic relations office, or a party affected by the order may file a verified motion alleging specifically that certain conduct of the respondent constitutes a violation of the terms and conditions of community supervision A sample motion from the State Counsel for Offenders for an incarcerated person with a community supervision (probation) revocation detainer from a Texas county. They can request a speedy revocation hearing in order to try and resolve the matter while still in TDCJ In either type of probation, if you mess up, even the slightest, your bondsman may revoke bond, or the prosecutor or probation officer may file a Motion to Adjudicate. A Motion to Adjudicate is basically a mini-trial to determine whether you violated probation, and to sentence you for the crime you were on probation for

If the defendant acts poorly, however, the court can revoke the bail and mandate that the bond be forfeited. The defendant then has to return to jail - although he can petition for a second bond after the initial bond revocation - and the bond proceeds may or may not be returned to him

Texas Probation Revocation Motion To Revoke, Motion To Adjudicate A probation revocation case begins with either a Motion to Revoke Probation, or a Motion to Adjudicate for defendants on deferred adjudication. These motions will list the alleged probation violations We in Nueces County are currently reviewing our procedure for revoking pre-trial bond. When the defendant violates the conditions of bond, we currently get a warrant with no more than the supervision officer's representation concerning the violation and file a motion to revoke, which is not then served on the defendant until after he is arrested and already in custody The decision is up to the probation officer. If he decides to go forth with probation revocation, he will file a motion to revoke probation with the courts. Once filed, an arrest warrant will be issued. A motion to revoke probation in Texas is serious and should be avoided at all costs

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What Happens Once A Motion To Revoke Probation Has Been Filed With The Court? Once a Motion to Revoke Probation has been filed with the Court, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Sometimes, the Court will go ahead and set a bond with the warrant, but other times it won't When the state of Texas legal system deems a parolee to be in violation of their probation a motion to revoke probation is filed, and if granted, an arrest warrant may be issued. Before probation can be revoked, a probation revocation hearing is held in front of a judge, according to Guest and Gray criminal defense lawyers If you need a reliable and professional attorney to handle a Motion to Revoke case, call Bail Bond Attorney San Antonio in San Antonio, TX, at 210-254-2531. 301 Fair Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78223 210-254-253 A Motion to Revoke probation is always filed in the Court where the underlying criminal charge was filed, regardless of where the probation is actually being served. Once a Motion to Revoke has been filed by the District Attorney, the Judge will issue a probation violation warrant. Usually, a no bond warrant is issued


  1. al defense attorney right now. I will take immediate action to present your defense to a judge, get bond for you, and defend you against the motion. Even a small technical violation of your probation can mean no bond and a stay in jail until your hearing
  2. al. Motion Revoke. This form is a generic example that may be referred to when preparing such a form for your particular state. It is for illustrative purposes only. Local laws should be consulted to deter
  3. Trotter, and files this Motion to Revoke Bond and Deny Bail and would respectfully show the following: I. The Defendant stands charged with the offense of Assault Family Violence with Previous Conviction alleged to have been committed in Wilbarger County, Texas, on or about the 12th day of June, 2018
  4. Motion To Revoke, Motion To Adjudicate. A probation revocation case begins with either a Motion to Revoke Probation, or a Motion to Adjudicate for defendants on deferred adjudication. These motions will list the alleged probation violations. A warrant for arrest will be issued. Common Violations. The most common reasons for a probation revocation
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A Motion to Revoke is a document that asks the court to revoke, or take away someone's probation and send them to a term in jail or prison for which the sentence originally called for. In Bexar County, the first appearance a defendant facing in a motion to revoke hearing is an opportunity for the defense counsel to speak with probation and. The judge who ordered you to be arrested can also set a bond amount so that you can be released from jail pending your hearing on the motion to revoke. If you have not been released on bond, your attorney can file a motion to have a hearing on your motion to revoke within 20 days of filing the motion

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If your probation officer has already filed an MAJ or a Motion to Revoke Probation (if you are on straight probation), call me at 713-222-2828, I can do my best to get you a bond and hopefully keep you out of jail MOTN Motion hearing MRP Motion to revoke probation MRPH Motion to revoke probation hearing MSE Motion to suppress evidence MSEH Motion to suppress evidence hearing NGIH NGRI commitment hearing NGIS NGRI commitment status conference NTRL Non-trial setting OTHA Appeal on other case OTHB Bond forfeiture other case OTHR Othe The bond company should include the following sentence just above its signature line: By this motion, I consent to the reinstatement of the bail bond previously posted. The bond company should then include information such as the date of the bond, its amount, and its power of attorney number (if applicable)

A motion to revoke probation. This necessitates our law firm setting a bond with the judge. Most probation violation warrants have a no bond hold. Disposition of a motion to revoke a DWI probation can range from: Dismissal of the motion to revoke petition; Dismissal of the motion to revoke petition with agreed upon additional conditions. A motion was filed in court Wednesday afternoon to revoke the bond of Johnston Taylor, now 18. Geren Don Bryant, 31, of Kingsland was arrested March 20: motion to revoke bond-credit/debit card abuse, motion to revoke bond-possession of controlled substance, motion to revoke bond-forgery of financial instrument Motion to revoke bond texas Motion to revoke bond texas

) MOTION TO REVOKE BAIL NOW COMES the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, by and through their Attorney, ELECTED OFFICIAL, by his Assistant, Samuel Partida, Jr., and moves this Honorable Court, pursuant to 725 ILCS 5/110-6(f), to revoke the bail of the defendant and hold the defendant for bail hearing, and in support states as follows: 1 Texas prosecutors filed a motion Tuesday to revoke the bond of Tonya Couch, the mother of the affluenza teen who killed four people in a drunken driving crash Motion to revoke bond texas

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The difference between a motion to revoke and a motion to proceed is the type of probation that a defendant was on. If you were on what we call straight probation, or a probation that is a conviction where the jail or prison sentence was probated then, the state files a motion to revoke So, if you or a loved one has an active no bond warrant as a result of either a Motion to Revoke or a Petition to Adjudicate, feel free to contact me at (972) 372-4054 so I can help you either get a bond set or just get the entire case resolved without the need for a bond According to a motion to revoke bond, Cheshire admitted in a video conference to committing the misdemeanor crimes of criminal trespass on Aug. 14 and assault on Dec. 3 Motion To Revoke Probation. If you or a loved is currently on probation or on deferred adjudication (community supervision) and are facing a Motion to Revoke Probation (MTRP/MTR) or a Motion to Enter an Adjudication of Guilt, you need an experienced attorney. We are available 24/7 A cosigner can revoke a bond prior to a surrender. Revoking a bond means cancelling the bond contract. A cosigner revokes a bond by meeting with the bondsman. Requirements for revocation typically include completing documents to cancel the bond, providing a reason for doing so and providing information on the defendant's whereabouts

In Texas a judge is not required to set a bond on a motion to revoke probation. The judge can make you wait in jail while your case is resolved. This is different than most cases where a judge will set a bond when they sign an arrest warrant. If you are on regular probation and a motion to revoke is filed you are not entitled to a bond and. Straight or Regular Probation (Motion to Revoke) - Bond May Be Set. Unlike a person facing a motion to adjudicate, a person facing a motion to revoke has no right to a bond. In fact, most judges will not independently set a bond when a motion to revoke is filed. The distinction, again, is a technical one FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS EL PASO DIVISION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff, v. ODET MADRID, Defendant. § § § § § § § § § § § CAUSE NO. EP-15-CR-1380-DB(2) ORDER REVOKING BOND AND FOR ISSUANCE OF ARREST WARRANT On this date came on to be considered the Government's Motion to Revoke bond and fo the State Bar of Texas, Sheriffs' Association of Texas, Chief Deputies' Association of Texas, Texas Association of Counties, and the Texas Jail Association. Robert is always willing to consult with county officials concerning bail bond issues and any other legal issue impacting counties, sheriffs, and other county officials or employees. His. 9:00 a.m. motion to revoke 18-67359 duty striking fix./hwy landscape 0/$200 the state of texas vs jackson , robert l pr bond lisa a. kubala 9:00 a.m. motion to revoke 19-67454 theft prop $100 u/$750 the state of texas vs filip , zachary taylor a freedom bail bonds lisa a. kubala 9:00 a.m. announcement 20-68378 burglary of vehicle the state of.

HOUSTON - Two district court judges have ignored a district attorney's request to revoke a bond for a violent gang member accused of murder while out on multiple bonds.. The motions filed by the state in the 232nd Judge Josh Hills court and the 351st Judge George Powell's court make it clear pr bond lisa a. kubala 9:00 a.m. motion to revoke 20-68561 asslt causes bodily injury:family member the state of texas vs page , cynthia lisa a. kubala 9:00 a.m. motion to revoke 21-68816 driving while intoxicated the state of texas vs page , cynthia pr bond/pt services lisa a. kubala 9:00 a.m. arraignment 19-67977 dwi brac 0/0.15% the state of. AUSTIN, TX — David Hoot was booked into the Travis County Jail on 4/9/2021, charged with REQUEST TO APPREHEND - MOTION TO REVOKE PRO. - Record: 11207782 / Booking: 2105705 / Charge: 4000-0 REQUEST TO APPREHEND - MOTION TO REVOKE PR The way a motion to revoke probation in Texas charge works is straightforward. First, you go to court. Then, the court finds you guilty and you get probation. After that, the court will give you a number of rules to follow. If any of these rules are broken, your probation officer will go to the judge For these types of cases, having an attorney is extremely helpful. That attorney can help get the bail bond set, and then attempt to assist in the motion to revoke hearing. If you are facing circumstances where a motion to revoke is pending or will be filed, call our office to see how we can assist. 210-224-524

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State of Texas Judge Randy Gray Criminal Non-Jury Docket Criminal Non-Jury April 12, 2021 Bond 06/16/2018 SO #: Comment: Pia 2018CR0537 Hernandez, Vincent Francisco Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence Vestal, Rick Ready / Recall Motion To Revoke Probation Contested In Jail? No Offense Date Appointment Type: Appointed Bond Type. Texas Department of Criminal Justice | PO Box 99 | Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099 | (936) 295-637


He said that the district attorney's office on Sunday filed a motion to revoke that bond. Sheriff's spokeswoman Kristen Dark told the Austin American-Statesman that Broderick, a property. In the motion to revoke bond, the district attorney's office spelled out the conditions of the bond, including following a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew other than for medial or legal work, surrendering. A Circuit Court judge on Friday denied a prosecution request to revoke the bond for a Newport News police officer charged in a 2019 slaying. After a hearing closed to the press and public, Judge Margaret Poles Spencer ruled that Sgt. Albin Trevor Pearson could remain out of jail pending trial. Pearson's trial is slated for October. He's charged with second-degree murder and other counts in. AUSTIN, TEXAS — A manhunt was underway Sunday for a former sheriff's deputy wanted in the fatal shooting of three people in Austin, Texas, as an official said it wasn't known if the suspect. AUSTIN, TX — Robert Moore was booked into the Travis County Jail on 3/25/2021, charged with MOTION TO REVOKE PROBATION/ 147TH/ MAN DEL. - Record: 11206810 / Booking: 2104719 / Charge: 4003-0 MOTION TO REVOKE PROBATION/ 147TH/ MAN DE

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December 13 - Motion to Revoke: December 12: November 14: October 11 - Motion to Revoke: October 10: September 13 - Motion to Revoke: September 12: August 16 - Motion to Revoke: Ausgus 15: August 3 - Final Pre-Trial Conference: July 12 - Motion to Revoke: July 11: June 8: May 8 : April 12 - Motion to Revoke : April 11 : March 27 - Final Pre. VS. WILLIAM KENDALL BROWN. Hearing Type: Motion to Revoke. 1:30 PM. POSS CS PG 1 <1G. Atty: HYDE, HEATH. 903-439-0000. File Date: State Atty: YOUNG, GARY. 03/15/201

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A bail bond can also be revoked if the defendant commits another crime or does not abide by the terms of the bond agreement. If this happens, the defendant will need to contact their bondsman quickly to ask for a reinstatement of the bail bond. This paper is then presented to the court to lift the bench warrant, and it reinstates the bail bond In the County Court At Law #1 of Comal County State of Texas Judge Randy Gray Criminal Non-Jury Docket Criminal Non-Jury April 13, 2021 9:00 A If a Motion to Adjudicate, or a Motion to Revoke Probation is filed, or you know that your probation officer is going to file, call me at 713-228-4607, or another Houston defense attorney as soon as possible. All Harris County probationers on deferred adjudication are eligible for a bond, and some on straight probation as well Cash Bond: Posted by the Defendant 81. Cash Bond: Posted by a Third Party 82. Personal Bond 83. Surety Bond 84. Oath of Surety 85. Motion and Order to Revoke Personal Bond 86 CASH BOND: POSTED BY THE DEFENDANT (Arts. 17.02, 17.08, and 45.044, C.C.P.) CAUSE NUMBER: _____ STATE OF TEXAS § IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT. VS. § CITY OF § COUNTY, TEXAS BEAUMONT, Texas (KFDM) - Officials say a judge revoked probation for a man who became known as the ice cream licker and ordered him to serve 180 days in jail. D'Adrien Anderson, 26, was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 180 days probation in March of 2020 after he took cell phone video showing him opening a tub of Blue Bell ice cream from a refrigerated section at the Walmart on Twin City.

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The Fulton County DA has motioned to revoke Garret Rolfe's bond. The officer who shot and killed Brooks was accused by the Fulton County district attorney of taking a vacation to Florida. Garrett Rolfe is accused of traveling out of state for vacation and violating the terms of his $500,000 bond

They don't want to try that new offense in a motion to revoke, so they usually will hold back on that motion to revoke until your new offense is resolved. What's really important on a motion to revoke is to get a lawyer, get a bond set, and get out of jail or get processed, so you can start preparing a defense Motion to Revoke Probation Hearing. The proceedings for a probation violation are similar to a trial. You will hear the DA's evidence regarding the alleged violation and you do have the opportunity to defend yourself against the charges. You also have the right to an attorney. Still, there are key differences in a motion to revoke probation. Motion: Texas: DOC : Personal Bond Release Motion : 2020-03-24: Motion: Texas: DOC : Letter to Officials re: Harris County Jail : 2020-03-24: Advocacy: Texas: PDF : Resource Collection (TIDC Dropbox) 2020-03-24: Resource Collection: Texas : Dropbox: TIDC has setup a Dropbox with many resources including declarations, affidavits, motions, orders.

If the bond is posted by a SOLICITING BAIL AGENT, a true and correct copy of the individual's power of attorney must be attached and the following information must be preprinted or stamped clearly an The motion to revoke the bond can happen under many conditions, but it often happens because the person out on bail committed another crime. Under those circumstances, a motion to revoke the bond will be given, and the defendant will face a charge for a different crime. When this happens, the judge will often have a less understanding ear, and. The bond set will usually be twice the original bond. When you violate your probation, even for the first time, your probation officer can file a report that will prompt the court to issue a warrant for your arrest. Judges can revoke your probation even if it is the first time you violate probation. They can then send you to jail to serve. The process is very similar to that of the Motion to Revoke, up to a point. You are likely going to be arrested after which a bond will likely be set - unless of course the prosecutor is moving to adjudicate because of a new offense and the new offense is one of a handful for which bond is not allowed

When your bail is revoked, so too is the bail money or bond you posted. Here's some information about what happens next if your bond is revoked in Texas, courtesy of an expert in bail bonds in Angleton. Courts must follow certain processes. Federal and state courts each have some specific procedures in place for how they will revoke bail The court probation officer will prepare either a Motion to Revoke Probation, if you're on regular probation, or a Motion to Adjudicate if you're on deferred adjudication that is signed off on by the State prosecutor. If you are on a deferred adjudication probation, the law requires that the judge set a bond amount. However. Patrick L. Hancock will also represent you in bond or motion to revoke probation hearings in courts in and around San Antonio. He makes sure the court hears your side of the story and considers giving you a second chance. Many violations are the result of a miscommunication or a misunderstanding between you and your probation officer MOTION TO REVOKE BOND STATË OF FLORIDA vs. GFCRGF, ZÎMMERMAN The State of Florida, by and through the undersigned Assle,tänt State Attorney, pursuant to Rule 3,131 and 3.132, Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, moves this Hbnorable Court to enter an order revaklng Defendant'S bond. As grounds the Stgte states Revocation can occur only after a motion has been filed, served on the probationer, and after the probationer has had an opportunity to defend himself against the allegations in the motion. At a motion to revoke hearing, the government is required to prove to the sentencing judge by a preponderance that the probationer violated the conditions.

In Texas, if a motion to revoke is filed on a misdemeanor offense the probationer is entitled to a bond. However, in a felony case the probationer can be held without bond, in the county jail, until the resolution of their case If one or more conditions of probation are violated, a Motion to Revoke or Adjudicate Probation can be filed by the District Attorney's Office and a warrant for arrest issued. Upon arrest, a probationer is usually held in the County jail, sometimes without bond, until the time of the trial If you are on a felony Straight Probation and a Motion to Revoke was filed, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO BOND OUT OF JAIL. Legal Standard for Filing a Motion to Revoke or Motion to Adjudicate. When a Motion to Revoke or Motion to Adjudicate is filed, certain criteria have to be met NATCHEZ — Judge Lillie Sanders this morning denied a second request by the Sixth District Attorney's office to revoke the bond of Jessica Aldridge. Aldridge, 33, is awaiting trial for the.

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The types of bond conditions can vary widely, depending on the criminal charge. But some bond conditions can be fairly common among defendants. These are written out in documents given to the defendant and his attorney. For instance, many defendants may face such common bond conditions as these requirements: Stay in the state of Texas until trial He said that the district attorney's office on Sunday filed a motion to revoke that bond. Sheriff's spokeswoman Kristen Dark told the Austin American-Statesman that Broderick, a property crimes. How to find us. San Patricio County Court at Law 400 W Sinton St #B-15 Sinton, TX 7838

Generally a Bond is at will, meaning the Bonds Men has a right to revoke the bond. What a defendant can do is 1st ask for some type of notice, and then argue for a hearing. At the Hearing the Defendant can argue that the bondsman revoking the bond has caused an undue hardship and the judge should schedule the next bond accordingly You must file a Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment and Notice of Hearing within 30 days of the date the default judgment was signed by the judge. See Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules 329(b).. Exception 1: If you first learned about the default judgment more than 20 days after it was signed by the judge, your 30-day deadline to file the Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment begins on the. At the Law Office of Penny Wymyczak-White, I provide legal service to clients throughout the Houston Harris County Texas, as well as Harris County, Brazoria County, Galveston County, Montgomery County, Liberty County, Chambers County and Jefferson County, including the cities of Galveston, League City, Texas City, Clear Lake, Pearland, Katy, Sugar Land, Pasadena, Baytown and Beaumont

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This is a term used to refer to people who are on probation and have had a motion to revoke probation filed against them. The term comes from the idea that the only way a bond can be set where there is no bond is to hire an attorney to speak to the judge (3) If the state's motion to revoke or modify bond includes a prima facie showing of imminent danger to the community, imminent danger to the defendant, or flight by the defendant, the chief judge or presiding judge shall conduct or order an emergency bond hearing to be conducted by the circuit court judge within forty-eight hours of receiving. Garza said his office filed a motion Sunday to revoke that bond. Sheriff's spokeswoman Kristen Dark told the Austin American-Statesman that Broderick, a property-crimes detective, resigned after.

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