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This article on Attitude is part of the Ethics Notes for UPSC that I had prepared. Attitude is the bent of mind that predisposes one to react positively or negatively towards an object, person, situation etc. (called 'attitude object') ABC Components of Attitude The Characterstics of attitude in organisational behaiviour are explained below An attitude is the predisposition of the individual to evaluate some objects in a favourable or an unfavourable manner. The most pervasive phenomenon is attitude. People at work place have attitudes about lots of to pics that are related to them Attitudes are views, beliefs, or evaluations of people about something (the attitude object). The attitude object can be a person, place, thing, ideology, or an event. Attitudes can be positive or negative. Eg: I hate men with long hair Attitude Attitude is described as the appraisal of various facets of the world. It can be assessment of an idea, object, and action. The attitude may be strong such as attitude towards drinking behaviour

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  1. Characteristics of Attitude are; Attitudes are the complex combination of things we call personality, beliefs, values, behaviors, and motivations. It can fall anywhere along a continuum from very favorable to very unfavorable. All people, irrespective of their status or intelligence, hold attitudes
  2. The characteristics of Attitude are as follows: Attitude has an object: An attitude has an object, which is liked or disliked, favored or disfavored; or evaluated as negative or positive. The object can be a thing, an idea, a person, or a situation. Attitudes are learnt: Attitude is not an inborn phenomenon. Attitudes are learnt through social.
  3. d- your positive/negative feeling towards a person, object, event, idea, environment. It deter


An Attitude may be defined as a feeling or disposition to favour or to be against objects, persons and situations. An attitude is a well defined object of reference In simple words, an attitude is an individual's way of looking or an individual's point of view at something. To be more specific, an attitude may be defined as the mental state of an individual, which prepares him to react or make him behave in a particular pre-determined way. It is actually an acquired feeling Topic: Attitude: content, structure, function; its influence and relation with thought and behaviour; moral and political attitudes; social influence and persuasion. 7) Discuss the functions of the attitude. Give examples in favour of your answer.(250 words) Reference. Why this question. The issue is related to GS 4- syllabus under the following heading 70 Days ETHICS PLAN Topic: Attitude: content, structure, function 9) a) Differentiate between prejudice and stereotype. b) Is behaviour always a reflection of one's attitude? Explain with example. c) What are the factors that influence the formation of attitude? Discuss with examples. NCERT Class XII Psychology textbook Chapter 6 Note: Tomorrow there will Continue reading 9) a.

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Attitudes are views, beliefs, or evaluations of people about something (the object). The attitude object can be a person, place, thing, ideology, or an event. Attitudes can be positive or negative. Eg: I hate men with long hair Attitude is the State of mind or a set of views or settled way of thinking or feeling about something in a particular way which has an evaluative feature (Positive, Negative or Neutral) Attitude is part of social Psychology. Attitudes are abstract constructs, not something we can directly observe. We can observe them only with behaviour Elaboration Likelihood Theory of Attitude Change This theory of persuasion suggests that people can alter their attitudes in two ways. First, they can be motivated to listen and think about the message, thus leading to an attitude shift

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GS Paper 4: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude is a new addition to the UPSC Mains Syllabus. GS Paper 4 includes questions to test the candidates' attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity, probity in public life and his problem-solving strategy to numerous problems and conflicts faced by him in dealing with society The basic attitude of reverence is the presupposition for every true love. A similar reverence is obvious in justice toward others, in consideration for the rights of another, for the liberty of another's decisions, in limiting one's own lust for power, and in all understanding of another's rights. 2 Functions of Attitude Attitudes serve four major functions for the individual: (By Daniel Katz) The adjustments / utilitarian / adaptive (or instrumental) function The ego defensive function The value expressive (or ego-expressive) function The knowledge function. Any particular attitude may satisfy one or more of these functions. The most important function of any attitude can onl

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This page contains teaching and research aptitude notes useful for those preparing for UPSC and other competitive exams. The research methodology aptitude questions and answers of previous years (in pdf format) will be extremely useful for the students. 1. Teaching Aptitude a) Teaching: Nature, objectives, characteristics and basic requirement Attitude is the psychological characteristics that define who we are. 3. 'Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something'. 4. The cognitive component is an evaluation of the entity that constitutes an individual's opinion (belief/disbelief) about the object. The affective component is the emotional response. Characteristics of Communalism | UPSC - IAS Encompasses social, economic and political aspects for its manifestation. It causes rivalry, violence and tension among masses. It is used by the higher class people and elites as an instrument for division and exploitation of the communal identities of the poorer sections of their co-religionists Attitudes reflect more than just positive or negative evaluations: they include other characteristics, such as importance, certainty, accessibility, and associated knowledge. Attitudes are important in the study of social psychology because they influence the amount of attention and the type of judgment an individual may give to a specific subject Attitude - Functions. Attitudes are important because they can guide thought, behavior, and feelings. If you hold some attitudes, it might be useful to you. Attitudes help to mediate between a person's internal needs (Eg: self-expression) and the external environment. Thus, attitude helps people to achieve their basic goals

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Political attitudes formulation process is an indispensable element of a political system. Political attitude formulation and political attitude move parallel. Political attitude formulation is a learning process by which an individual attains orientations, beliefs, values and norms and behaviour patterns in political system Characteristics of Resources . 1. All resources are useful and all help to achieve goals. One cannot call energy or time as a resource if it is wasted or not used. If a piece of land is lying vacant, it is not a resource, only when a family grows vegetables on it, does the land become a resource. 2. All resources are limited Learner characteristics are often defined as various measures of leaners' psychological, behavioral nature, and attitudes toward everything associated with learning. due to the broad range of learner characteristics, its specific components are operationally defined in e-learning research and measured in various ways. especially , aptitude of learners is usually discussed as a construct of.

Colonial bureaucracy: The bureaucracy essentially remains colonial in nature characterized by 19th century laws e.g. Police Act 1861, complex rules, wide discretion, secrecy, moral responsibility devoid of legal accountability and the ivory tower attitude Personality is a set of distinctive individual characteristics, including motives, emotions, values, interests, attitudes, and competencies. It is a stable set of characteristics representing internal properties of an individual, which are reflected in behavioral tendencies across a variety of situations 12.When negative attitudes toward religion, in the West or elsewhere, are motivated by a ____ for justice, they must be respected. (a)disinterest (b)concern (c)distraction (d)association 13.The art of growing up is living in the school of life, where learning is ____, and taking responsibility is important

A positive attitude is considered to be an essential characteristic of a civil servant who is often required to function under extreme stress. What contributes to a positive attitude in a person? UPSC MAINS 2020 ANSWERS . ANSWER BY B.A. NAGESH ( RETD CIVIL SERVANT The low levels of per capita income and poverty in developing countries is due to low levels of productivity in various fields of production. The low levels of productivity in the developing economies has been caused by dominance of low-productivity agriculture and informal sectors in their economies, low levels of capital formation - both physical and human (education, health), lack of. A positive attitude is considered to be an essential characteristic of a civil servant who is often required to function under extreme stress. What contributes to a positive attitude in a person ? IASNETWORK, January 31, 2021 January 31, 2021, UPSC MAINS 2020 QUESTION PAPER, BA NAGESH, IAS 2020, MAINS 2020, MAINS 2020 ANSWERS,

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Characteristics of Social Organizations. Following are the main characteristics of social organizations. Unanimity among Members. Unanimity means the full agreement among the members of a social organization who accept the situation willingly. Unanimity among members of a social organization is an important character which plays a vital role in. Beliefs, thought processes, attitudes of the employees. Ideologies and principles of the organization. It is the work culture which decides the way employees interact with each other and how an organization functions ADVERTISEMENTS: If a person is deprived of his or her rights or privileges, just on the basis of his or her community, this would constitute communalism.-Husain Shaheen India represents diverse religions and multiple cultures. The Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, etc. have flourished here. Whereas the Hindus constitute, the major segment of India's. Space Technology. India started its Space endeavors way before independence in the form of contributions and distinct efforts of scientists like C.V.Raman and Meghnad Saha.Initial works were confined to the study of radiations, meteorology, and the study of the upper atmosphere The English Utilitarian and India: Part I. Background: There were also several new intellectual currents in Britain, which preached the idea of improvement and thus pushed forward the issue of reform both at home and in India.; Since the end of Hastings's tenure there was a gradual move towards cautious intervention in Indian social institutions

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Last Updated on Oct 26, 2020. Read the complete UPSC CSE Mains Psychology syllabus for paper 1 and 2 in English. This article will tell you about the topics/chapters of Psychology that comes under the syllabus for the UPSC IAS mains exams 3. Characteristics of Group: All these above definitions have emphasized some common characteristics on which a psychological or functional group stands: (1) A group consists of more than one person. (2) They meet together to satisfy some common motive or common purpose say to collect money for flood affected persons, or national defence fund [Sociology Test 8] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2020: Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts UPSC CSE Mains Psychology Syllabus Psychology Paper - I. Foundations of Psychology. 1. Introduction: Definition of Psychology; Historical antecedents of Psychology and trends in the 21st century; Psychology and scientific methods; Psychology in relation to other social sciences and natural sciences; Application of Psychology to societal problems. 2. Methods of Psychology: Types of research. Characteristics of Successful Candidates: * They go through CSE Syllabus and previous years CSE question papers to understand the pattern and demand of the examination. * They read newspaper religiously every single day without fail. Make their ow..

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UPSC Information . UPSC Doubts Hey Comrade, Before starting your preparation you may have some doubts about UPSC. So the first thing you must do is clear all those doubts before staring your preparation because we must start your preparation with energy and focus not with fear and confusion.here are some most important doubts UPSC Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exam Syllabus; Characteristics of Communalism. Communalism is a philosophical notion. play imperative role to generate awareness about harmony between different communities and make efforts to change the attitude of people towards other communities. People must be aware of the dangerous consequences. Characteristics of Communalism | UPSC - IAS. Encompasses social, economic and political aspects for its manifestation. It causes rivalry, violence and tension among masses. Efforts should be made through mass media for changing the attitude of people towards other communities. People must be aware of the evils of the communalism When and where the authoritarian style is most useful can depend on factors such as the situation, the type of task the group is working on, and characteristics of the team members. If you tend to utilize this type of leadership with a group, learning more about your style and the situations in which this style is the most effective can be helpful PSYCHOLOGY PAPER - I Foundations of Psychology. Introduction: Definition of Psychology; Historical antecedents of Psychology and trends in the 21st century; Psychology and scientific methods; Psychology in relation to other social sciences and natural sciences; Application of Psychology to societal problems. Methods of Psychology: Types of research: Descriptive, evaluative, diagnostic and.

UPSC Syllabus The most important part of UPSC IAS exam is its syllabus and there is a need to take an in-depth look at it. Click here to view the UPSC IAS Prelims syllabus. Visit UPSC IAS syllabus page here UPSC IAS Study Material ForumIAS is the repository of many toppers' Online study materials for GS Mains and Optional subjects State in comparative perspective: Characteristics and changing nature of the State in capitalist and socialist economies, and, advanced industrial and developing societies. 3. Politics of Representation and Participation: Political parties, pressure groups and social movements in advanced industrial and developing societies 2. Methods of Psychology: Types of research: Descriptive, evaluative, diagnostic and prognostic; Methods of Research: Survey, observation, case-study and experiments; Characteristics of experimental design and non-experimental de- sign, Quasi-experimental designs; Focussed group discussions, brain storming, grounded theory approach. 3

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Public administration topics FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION Nature of financial administration Systems of budgeting Performance budget:Components of performance budget Planning, Program, Budgeting system / Program budgeting Zero based budgeting Controller general of account covering IGNOU public administration, NCERT, NIOS, Radhabinod Aribam New Horizons in Public Administration - Mohit Bhattacharya. UPSC Psychology Syllabus 2020 for IAS Exam is provided by UPSC through the Civil Service Exam Notification. Psychology is one of the many optional subjects that can be opted for the Civil Services Mains Exam. UPSC Psychology Syllabus for mains exam consists of two papers for 250 marks each. Therefore, making a total of 500 marks Character building and attitude also matter a lot for the UPSC result. The third exam of UPSC (Personal interview) is to rate your character, decision-making ability and several other characteristics. Having a good attitude is a plus point for the students and the learning of attitude right from home

Characteristics of Indian Society • Multi-ethnic society • Multilingual society • Modernisation: It is a process which primarily relies on scientific outlook, rational attitudes, high social mobility, mass mobilisation and specialisation in work. It has made caste system more flexible. Starting the preparation for UPSC Civil. CHAPTER-27 ( Revision Notes) Survey of British Policies in India . Administrative Policies-Divide and Rule-Determined to avoid a united mass action challenging their authority, the British rulers in India decided to practice a naked policy of divide and rule.Hostility Towards Educated Indians-At a time when the nationalist movement was born (Indian National Congress was founded in 1885), the. Liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing individual freedom to be the central problem of politics. Liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed by others, but they also recognize that government itself can pose a threat to liberty

After spending three years in preparation for UPSC, I deployed the following Secrets. Celerities • Entertainment How to Ace Anthro, Booklist and Basic Plan - by Sri Anudeep Durishett Ethics and Integrity is a recent introduction of UPSC in the iAS main Exams. The Ethics and Integrity Model Question Paper will be very useful to the candidates preparing for the IAS Exam ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about the meaning, characteristics and causes of social disorganization! Life is a process of continuous adjustment and readjustment. The social organism is always undergoing a change necessitating adjustment of its different parts. ADVERTISEMENTS: When the various parts of society are properly adjusted, we have social order and a well [

CHARACTERISTICS OF PUBLIC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT: 1) Concerned with delivery of high quality services valued by citizens. 2) Considers citizens as active consumers and serious attempts are made to find out their expectations and needs. 3) Provides greater flexibility in working conditions and permits more expertise and employee creativity This is just a compilation from various sources and I do not own it. 1.Communism: A political theory favouring collective ownership in a classless society 1.Definition: A theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, with actual ownership ascribed to the community or state 2.General

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9) a) Differentiate between prejudice and stereotype

After this you need to qualify the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Exam. The exam itself is structured into three parts - the Preliminary (Civil Services Aptitude Test - CSAT), Main Exam, and finally the Interview. The UPSC exam is considered to be one of the toughest exam out there and requires a lot of preparation Characteristics of Attitudes : Attitude can be characterized by their - Valence, Multiplexity; Relation to needs; Centrality. Valence:It refers to the magnitude or degree of favorableness or unfavourableness toward the object/event. While measuring the attitudes we are basically concerned with the valence Consumer attitude may be defined as a feeling of favorableness or unfavorableness that an individual has towards an object. As we, all know that an individual with a positive attitude is more likely to buy a product and this results in the possibility of liking or disliking a product Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence (Hindi) Lesson 9 of 62 • 460 upvotes • 14:09 mins. Awdhesh Singh. Share (Hindi) Ethics, Integrity and Attitude for UPSC CSE Aspirants. 62 lessons • 12h 55m . 1. Course Overview (in Hindi) 14:27 mins. 2. Meaning of Ethics (in Hindi) 13:37 mins. 3. Ethics in Public Administration (in Hindi Positive attitude centers on the positive side of life; A positive attitude helps believe that everything would turn good. Positive attitude is a mindset that helps you see and recognize opportunities. A positive attitude means positive thinking. People having such an attitude use words like, I can, and it is possible

Characteristics, development tasks, promoting psychological well-being across major stages of the life span. 5. Sensation, Attention and Perception : Sensation: concepts of threshold, absolute and difference thresholds, signal-detection and vigilance; Factors influencin PAPER - I: Foundations of Psychology. 1. Introduction: Definition of Psychology; Historical antecedents of Psychology and trends in the 21st century; Psychology and scientific methods; Psychology in relation to other social sciences and natural sciences; Application of Psychology to societal problems. 2. Methods of Psychology: Types of research: Descriptive, evaluative, diagnostic and. Achievement motivation and economic development; Characteristics of entrepreneurial behaviour; Motivating and training people for entrepreneurship and economic development; Consumer rights and consumer awareness, Government policies for promot ion of ent repreneurship among youth including women entrepreneurs

characteristics in the zone (Glade, 1992; Bebbington, 1991). the study revealed the enormous impacts of the of indigenous knowledge systems in constantly monitoring the attitudes of residents. 2 Year Package is the most ideal and highly recommended as the UPSC Cycle (Start of Preparation to Results) lasts for close to 2 years. For example, If you purchase the notes with Download Validity == 1 Year, on 02/05/2021, then you will be able to download the Static Files + Current Affairs files till 03/05/2022 The essence of development administration is to bring about change through integrated, organised and properly directed governmental action. In the recent past the governments in most of the developing nations have shifted their focus on development by means of planned change and people's participation. With this shift of administrative concern towards developmental objectives the researcher

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A Positive attitude, Smart body language, Proper communication and Knowledge about current affairs reflect a great Persona. Along with this Sound technical knowledge can create a great impression in personal interviews. Familiarizing yourself with the previous UPSC IES Interview will help you better in your preparation The term dominant caste is used to refer to a caste which wields economic or political power and occupies a fairly high position in the hierarchy. These castes are accorded high status and position in all the fields of social life. The people of other lower castes look at them as their 'reference group' and try to imitate their behaviour, ritual pattern, custom and ideology examine the interrelationships of individual personality and work, the characteristics of organizations and their environments and the challenges presented by the ever-changing combination of these factors. Organizational Behaviour helps to understand different activities and actions of people in organization

Psychology Optional Paper - I UPSC Mains Syllabus . Foundations of Psychology. 1. Introduction: Definition of Psychology; Historical antecedents of Psychology and trends in the 21st century; Psychology and scientific methods; Psychology in relation to other social sciences and natural sciences; Application of Psychology to societal problems Psychology syllabus for upsc Psychology upsc exam syllabus upsc exam syllabus upsc psychology syllabus About the Author: Palakpuja Panda Well i am a hardworking girl and believe in positive attitude and love for work....born on 7th January 1991 and now a btech graduate in the field of electrical and electronics AN expert committee, headed by Dr. Yoginder K. Alagh, former Union Minister and Vice-Chancellor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, has been set up by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to look into the state of the civil services has found serious deficiencies in the system of recruitment ADVERTISEMENTS: Bhakti movement constitutes a very important chapter in the socio-cultural history of India. The movement started in the 9th century A.D. by Shankaracharya which continued up to 16th century A.D. by a number of Hindu devotees, preachers and religious reformers. The word Bhakti is a very familiar word in the Hindu religious system. ADVERTISEMENTS: [

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UPSC: UPSC offers a total of 48 optional subjects and psychology is one of the optional papers the UPSC aspirants can opt for. In this article, we have provided a detailed syllabus for the Psychology optional syllabus for UPSC IAS Mains 2020 UPSC MAINS Medical Science Syllabus . CIVIL SERVICESS MAINS PSYCHOLOGY SYLLABUS. Get UPSC Mains Psychology Syllabus, Paper structure Applicable Topics covered in UPSC IAS Psychology Syllabus . UPSC Mains Psychology Paper - I. FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOLOGY 1. Introduction UPSC Syllabus of Psychology Psychology as we all know is known for implicitly. In UPSC, Psychology is always a very imp. subject. And in a simple way psychology is the study of human and animal behaviour, in addition to the study of human mind scientifically. Psychologists understands the nature of human such as what people think and act

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