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Captains, Helmsman and Operators Seats for Commercial Marine Vessels. Online Catalog. Trusted Since 1985. Email for Quick Reply Pics taken from preproduction Broncos. MARINE GRADE VINYL SEAT LEATHER SEAT Another vinyl seat photo (and feedback) by @BellyRat Got to put my hands on the vinyl seats today. They are a lot softer than I thought. Definitely softer than leather. They look and feel fantastic. A leather.. Whereas a good quality vinyl looks and feels like soft leather. Figure that one out?....and I have to say it....Marine Grade vinyl doesn't equate to better quality. That's just Fords marketing team at work

MARINE GRADE VINYL SEAT View attachment 46898 LEATHER SEAT View attachment 46895 SIDE BY SIDE View attachment 46899 Another vinyl seat photo (and feedback) by @BellyRat Got to put my hands on the vinyl seats today. They are a lot softer than I thought. Definitely softer than leather. They look and feel fantastic. A leather upgrade would be a. Vinyl upholstery will have the same look with a wider range of color options to choose from and a texture similar to leather with less maintenance. This means less time spent caring for your vinyl upholstery versus leather. The costs of upkeep for vinyl material is also less expensive as the convenience of household cleaners are readily available Leather typically comes in neutral, natural colors, whereas vinyl can be customized in a range of colors and patterns, giving you greater variety in your design choices. Improvements in textures, colors, and grains gives high quality vinyl an appearance that mimics leather at a lower price Leather seating is an investment, and in many ways is a better car upholstery material than vinyl. Leather upholstery increases the value of both new and old cars. Slipping into the leather seats of an older car is like putting on a set of well fitting, soft gloves. Vinyl simply isn't going to have that effect

Though vinyl can be made to look almost identical to leather, there is a substantial difference in quality between the two. Leather is much more durable than vinyl and, with proper care, will last much longer. Over time, leather becomes softer. Softness, of course, is a very important attribute in furniture In fact, most of my customers are surprised to find out that only the faces of their factory seats are leather and that the sides and backs are a color-matched vinyl. Quality that good almost makes faux leather a no brainer. 3. Leather-simulated vinyl is also much easier to work with Marine-grade vinyl-trimmed seats and rubberized washout flooring; Optional equipment listed: 33-inch LT285/70R17 mud-terrain tires (Goodyear Territory) Leather-trimmed seats; Sasquatch Package. The skin is made of PVC and it's how the skin is made that determines whether the material is considered marine grade vinyl. When the outer skin is made additional additives are used to make the material marine grade vinyl. These additives provide UV protection, prevent mold/mildew/bacteria growth, prevent yellowing and help prevent staining. We have found vinyl creates friction with your backside and heats up more on a long trip than leather. A buttpad for the motorbike can solve the problem greatly. Leather also gets softer with age, while vinyl can get harder and more brittle. Modern leather stands up well to the rain, but it can get soaked and absorb water

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After following the routine cleaning procedure, allow the seats to dry and then apply a marine vinyl cleaner of your choice. Rub it into the vinyl using a soft bristled brush or clean cloth in an even overlapping circular motion. After that, use a clean damp cloth to remove any excess cleaner. This will leave your vinyl boat seats sparkling clean Marine-grade vinyl is an excellent choice for boat seats and other surfaces. However, even though it is durable, it is still not exempted from the harsh marine conditions' long-term effects, which is why using the best boat vinyl cleaner is very important You may also try other fabric, but I personally suggest marine vinyl upholstery fabric. It is for this reason why all of the products that I have listed are made of vinyl fabric. Grade; The next thing to look out for is the grade of the material. As a general rule, there are commercial-grade, marine-grade, and lightweight materials

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Comparison Pics: Marine Grade Vinyl vs Leather Ford Bronco Seats https://www.bronco6g.com/comparison-pics-marine-grade-vinyl-vs-leather-bronco-seats In fact the 2nd tone material in my seats is not even Marine grade vinyl. That may explain why it's all flailing. Dec 6, 2018 #4 sjhorner9475 Well-Known Member. Messages 369 Reaction score 630 Location Centerhill Lake, Silver Point TN Vinyl is a high-quality, durable fabric that's perfect for anything from the seats on boats and personal watercraft to automotive and hospitality seating. Here at Sailrite ® we also offer luxurious faux leather fabric that will be right at home in your family room. But not all vinyl materials are created the same

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Cloth vs Vinyl Car Seats By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Thursday, January 28th, 2016 at 10:52 pm. If you are looking to buy a new or used car, one of the most important features to consider about the interior is the material used on the seats I would also like to emphasize the quality of the cover - which is marine grade vinyl, making this a notable option for heavy duty boat seats. This fabric is known for being durable, easy to clean, and stylish. It is a more affordable alternative to leather. Moreover, with its UV-treatment, it will not be easily prone to sun damage Vinyl is the ultimate low-cost texture for seating surfaces. It wears down much less quickly than leather and is the easiest texture to keep clean. However, it stays hard, has a tendency to crack..

When it comes to choosing a material, you likely have two options: (1) leather and (2) marine-grade vinyl. While leather is a strong and durable material, it does not hold up well in all weather conditions, and it often needs to be treated and maintained to keep it from drying out and splitting One of the biggest advantages of going with vinyl upholstery fabric is how easily the material can be kept clean. Unlike leather, which typically requires specific types of cleaning agents to clean spills and other dirt from the surface of the material, a wide range of common household products can be used with the vinyl The vinyl provides a sustainable body while replicating the comfort of natural leather. The fabric has a finished edge so its ready to use the moment you receive it, without the need for any hemming. This vinyl fabric can be used for seat covers, garments, patio, covers, decor, bags and most indoor/outdoor upholstery projects 7 Boat Vinyl Care Products Tested. Marine vinyl maintenance help for boaters. By Randy Vance. April 12, 2018. More Gear. Gear. Icom M94D Handheld VHF. Gear. Survival Gear Bags. Gear. Bubba Pro Series Electric Fishing Knife. Gear. Best Electronics Awards 2021. Gear. Pettit Paint Continues Pioneering Innovative Solutions. Latest Glue for Vinyl Fabric Buying Guide. Vinyl adhesives or glues can help bond vinyl fabrics together for projects, but they can also be a vital tool when it comes to extending the life of vinyl fabric through repairing wear, fixing holes, or applying patches. Vinyl fabrics can be used in such a wide array of products, and it's important to have a glue that is just as strong and versatile

  1. Moreover, its professional-grade formula is designed especially for marine surfaces, so rest assured that it will be compatible with your boat seats. 3. 3M Mildew Stain Remover (09067) The 3M Mildew Stain Remover is a mildew stain remover that's specially formulated to remove dark stains and dirt from light-colored surfaces
  2. Marine Engine Paint. Part #M25503. GripTide™ Non-Skid Deck Coating. Part #M25651. M25992 Marine Rack. Part #M25992. GripTide™ Primer. Part #M25674. Marine Vinyl Coat 12 Can Assortment. Part #M2588
  3. Go Commercial for Heavy-Use Furniture. Manufactured for durability and heavy use, commercial- or contract-grade vinyl upholstery is about 1/16- to 1/8-inch thick and is more of a foam-like material

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Yachtsman vinyl fabric is a marine grade vinyl for boat vinyl and other outdoor vinyl fabric marine applications. Buy marine vinyl by the yard. All vinyl fabrics stocks a wide array of vinyl solid colors, vinyl fabric textures and patterns, and full line of marine grade vinyl fabric. Ideal for marine vinyl seating and wall paneling Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. The word upholstery comes from the Middle English word upholder, which referred to an artisan who makes fabric furnishings. The term is equally applicable to domestic, automobile, airplane and boat furniture, and can be applied to mattresses, particularly the upper.

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Nautolex Marine Vinyl - Capitano. Nautolex Capitano marine upholstery vinyl is a good option for all of your marine applications. This is an affordable upholstery vinyl which you can use outside or inside for seats, panels and trim. It is offered in a variety of colors to match any b. Marine grade vinyl seats Available leather-trimmed seats Mid Package Sasquatch Package Terrain Management System with 7 G.O.A.T. Modes including Baja Modular Shadow Black-painted hard top Wildtrak hood graphic Carpeted flooring Cloth seats with heated front row Available leather-trimmed seats Sasquatch Package Lux Package First Edition hood an

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  1. Vinyl upholstery may crack faster in cold weather and hold more heat in hot climates. Upholstery leather can be treated with special conditioners to keep it from cracking if you live in a hot, dry area. Vinyl upholstery cannot be treated with conditioners used for leather. This will harden the vinyl causing it to crack at a much faster rate
  2. Marine Aerospace Protectant is a premium protectant designed to safeguard boats and boat equipment against the damaging effects of daily exposure to UV rays. Great for use on a variety of surfaces: vinyl, leather, plastics, synthetic & natural rubber, PVC, gel coat & fiberglass
  3. Polyester thread comes in a variety of colors to match your fabric, but the colors will fade to white over time in the sun. We recommend using a UV treated polyester thread for outdoor cushions and upholstery, sails, outdoor canvas covers, boat covers, awnings, tents and tarps
  4. artificial leather marine upholstery fabric. KARO. Bainbridge Underlining is a lightweight vinyl-coated polyester fabric designed for use on the bottom side of cushions, seats and upholstery. The light vinyl coating keeps cushions from slipping and allows Compare this product Remove from comparison tool
  5. imize vibration, making your long rides smoother and more enjoyable. Pros. One-piece construction is easy to instal
  6. • Marine-grade vinyl-trimmed seats and rubberized washout flooring OPTIONAL • Leather-trimmed seats • Sasquatch Package • Mid Package • High Package • Lux Package Designed for the ultimate in Bronco 4x4 off-road capability, Bronco Badlands comes with its own unique heavy-duty suspension that includes a front stabilizer bar disconnec
  7. 303 Marine UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather And More - Dust and Dirt Repellant - Non-Toxic, Matte Finish, 32 fl. oz. (30306) 4.7 out of 5 stars 7,378 #1 Best Seller in Boat Cleaner

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Inside, marine-grade vinyl is used on the seats and rubber on the flooring, and there are overhead auxiliary switches. Leather, along with the Sasquatch, Mid, High, and Lux packages are optional The marine-grade vinyl found on many aftermarket seats can mimic the best qualities of leather while offering weather resistance and durability at a reasonable price. Ready, Set, Go Motorcycle Cruiser last compared cruiser saddles in 1996, so seemed like time to review what the aftermarket offers for this critical component Boat Binding, Welting and Hidem. Cover your boat upholstery seams with Hy-Dem welting from Great Lakes Skipper. In our huge inventory of discount boat supplies, we have yards of boat upholstery trim, boat upholstery cording, boat upholstery welting, upholstery binding, and many more marine grade upholstery trims and welts It's designed for boat seats and cushions, but is also suitable for outdoor and indoor furniture, car seats, heavy equipment seats, motorcycles and snow mobiles. We carry a variety of top brands for our selection of marine grade vinyl fabric, including Seaquest , and Spradling as well as some other promo marine vinyl

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Get the fabric & supplies you need at OnlineFabricStore: https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/Want more info on this project, including written instructions? Fi.. Marine grade vinyl seats. Available leather-trimmed seats . Mid Package Sasquatch Package Terrain Management System with . 7 G.O.A.T. Modes including Baja Wildtrak hood graphic. Carpeted flooring. Cloth seats with heated front row. Available leather-trimmed seats. Sasquatch Package Lux Package. First Edition hood and . bodyside graphics Safari.

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  1. Boat Seats. Wholesale Marine wants to help increase passenger comfort and preserve the value of your craft with quality boat seats from Attwood, Coleman, Garelick, Sea Dog Marine, Taylor Made Products, Tempress, Wise, and other top brands. We offer a wide selection of boat seating from helm chairs and captain chairs to folding fishing seats, bucket seats and pedestals, swing back seats, and more
  2. • Marine-grade vinyl-trimmed seats and rubberized washout flooring. Optional equipment for the Badlands trim include: • Leather-trimmed seats • Sasquatch Package • High package • Lux packag
  3. Silly question.... I live in Georgia and it can rain at anytime. Would leather be okay or should I just get the marine grade vinyl? I heard the instruments and electronics are water proof. But not sure if that's true
  4. Marine Vinyl - $6.75 Per Yard (30+ Colors). Matching Piping Available. Clear Vinyl Starting at $3.15 Per Yard. All Our Marine Vinyl is UV Treated, Mold/Mildew Resistant and Perfect For The Outdoors. Get Free Samples. 365 Day Warranty. Also Check Out Our Non-Skid 4 Way Stretch, Carbon Fiber, and Woven Vinyl Flooring
  5. Upholstery Vinyl Contract Vinyl Marine Grade Vinyl Marine Flooring Sunbrella Fabrics Awning Vinyl Automotive Vinyl Specialty Vinyl (877) 618-4695; Home it offers superior durability, flame, and stain protection. Using distressed vinyl leather fabrics, you'll be able to cover your furniture with a variety of different colors, such as coal.
  6. Inside, the Black Diamond receives marine-grade vinyl trimmed seats and rubberized washout flooring to make cleaning a breeze. Oh yeah, plus an extra G.O.A.T mode with this trim too (that makes.

Marine grade vinyl is the best vinyl and fabric that you can buy for your watercraft or any type of leisure vehicle. It is completely durable and weather proof. This means that it can withstand water, oils and any type of mildew that could occur. This makes marine grade vinyl ideal for its purpose The Badlands vs. Wildtrak debate is where many Bronco discussions begin. It is a comparison that's rang loudly across the internet. Hums of sway-bar disconnect muddlement and carpeting yeas and nays filled the forum, and likely, circled the dinner table as partners gave input. Like all new Broncos, both models are highly capable The latest updates on the New Bronco

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And climbing on a soaked seat is no way to strat a long ride. The marine-grade vinyl found on many aftermarket seats can mimic the best qualities of leather while offering weather resistance and durability at a reasonable price Expanded Vinyl: This material (also known as PVC - polyvinyl chloride) is commonly used in marine fabric upholstery like boat seats and cushions. It resists mildew, mold, and can be coated with antimicrobial chemicals. It's a cost-effective choice for marine fabrics. Vinyl and Polyester Composite: The composite fabric stays tight on the frame As you can see, faux leather actually still contains some leather, while vinyl is completely synthetic. Both are quite affordable and budget-friendly. However, vinyl does not stay great over time. Faux leather manages to keep the qualities quite for a longer time

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Marine vinyl fabric is an extremely hardy fabric with wonderful durability throughout all the seasons. Generally made from PVC vinyl and polyester, marine-grade vinyl upholstery fabric is anti-fungal, mildew-resistant, fire-retardant and UV-treated With so many reasons why you should consider healthcare grade vinyl, you may be wondering if there is a catch. The one thing to keep in mind when purchasing vinyl vs crypton upholstery is that it can be difficult to repair. While vinyl is designed to resist tears, accidents can happen

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If you're boat is older than 5 years (or however long the manufacturer makes them available for) or you don't want to fork out an arm & leg for the OEM boat seat replacements, the best option to upgrade or restore is either to purchase marine-grade vinyl and have your boat seats professionally reupholstered, or purchase aftermarket seats Boat Seat Pedestals & Hardware; Boat Seats by Manufacturer I used their marine vinyl for my 16' project and my 30' larson and it is nice and tough. It is marine rated so it is mold and mildew resistant as well as UV protected. The offer marine grade fabrics like top Gun, Sunbrella, often factory seconds. T. tlynch9 Ultraleather truly defines performance fabrics. There is a reason it sits comfortably atop the A-list across industries. Intelligent materials, meticulously designed with ultimate softness and durability, we created Ultraleather with the goal of changing expectations for what a performance fabric can be, do and feel like. We wanted to redefine the experience of leather Vinyl Upholstery Fabric. All Vinyl Fabrics carries an expansive selection of vinyl upholstery fabric by the foot that can provide a comfortable, durable covering to almost piece of furniture. Our vinyl specialists take the time to test the quality and performance of all vinyl upholstery before we offer it in our online inventory

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Clean the vinyl with a quality vinyl cleaner/stain remover such as Island Girl, Vinyl Sauce, Z-Care, Gel Coat, Renovo, Diamondite or Leather Magic. Spray or apply the cleaner generously and scrub with the vinyl and leather scrub brush. Use a toothbrush for crevices. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry From standard marine grade canvas and intricate jacquard fabrics, to the new Sunbrella Horizon engineered synthetic leather, Sunbrella has a large collection of beautiful, quality upholstery fabrics to choose from and create a look all your own. Enjoy each voyage on the water with Sunbrella marine upholstery fabrics aboard This series also includes rubberized washout flooring and marine-grade vinyl-trimmed seats, and auxiliary switches in the overhead console as standard items. Leather-trimmed seats are option.

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Vinyl. Waterproof protection at its best, vinyl tonneau covers provide a durable layer of defense against even the worst Mother Nature has to offer. More than your run-of-the-mill vinyl, these tough tonneaus are often crafted from marine-grade material with equally superior stitching Shop a wide variety of boat canvas material by the yard for boat covers, boat seats, and more. Choose from leading marine-grade brands like Sunbrella®, Nassimi, and Aqualon® Edge boat cover fabric. We carry the most trusted brands in marine and outdoor fabrics so you can buy with confidence. Many of our marine fabrics include 5-10 year.

Seaquest Marine Vinyl in Ebony Black Seaquest marine upholstery vinyl is a first quality brand, suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. It is sun and salt resistant, perfect for boat seat upholstering, or patio furniture Nautolex Capitano marine upholstery vinyl is a good option for all of your marine applications. This is an affordable upholstery vinyl which you can use outside or inside for seats, panels and trim. It is offered in a variety of colors to match any boat. - 30 oz per linear yard - 54 wide - UV Resistance: 650 Hours - cold crack -20 degrees Recycled Leather (2) Residential Vinyl (35) Snowmobile (3) Search for: Follow Us New Arrivals Start to shop Marine Grade Vinyl Marine Grade Vinyl Allegro $ 33.00. Marine Grade Vinyl Apex $ 38.00. Marine Grade Vinyl Aries $ 33.00 Monthly Specials. Some old seat covers will have slits in the fabric edges on the seat's underside. Be sure to duplicate these slits in the new seat cover, as it will make it easier to secure the fabric, without creating wrinkles. Marine-grade vinyl is ideal for seats that will be exposed to water, though any grade of vinyl will suffice for this project Seaquest Hidem in Chalk White Hidem is a trim, most commonly used to cover stapled seams on marine upholstery and is perfect as a headliner trim. This hidem is made from premium marine grade vinyl, made to match the marine vinyl fabric of the..

Marine Vinyl Closeouts $6.95 Per Yard Free Shipping in Quantity - Lower When You Pick Up Beige Thread Special Bonded Nylon Tex 70 Monticello Soft Specials $7.95 Per Yard 600 Denier Black Polyester Water Repellent Fabric Closeout OUT OF STOCK 32/33 Ready-Made #10 Marine Zipper 10 Yards of 3/16 Thick Foam Padding in Pieces NO LONGER AVAILABLE View al Safe and effective for: vinyl, Plexiglas, carbon fiber, rubber, plastics and finished leather; No other product provides this much protection for your boat and water gear. Use Aerospace Protectant to keep your boat's seats, sails, hull and windows colorful and clean Seaquest Roll'N Pleat Marine Vinyl is a 1 1/2 inch heat sealed marine quilt that is used for boat seats or interior cabin trim. Its pigment stands up to UV rays, and it is mildew and fungus resistant. It's face is 100% PVC, with 100% polyester.. Whisper Faux Leather is a premium, soft leather vinyl. An excellent choice when you want a superior upholstery vinyl for marine (boat), automotive, residential, contract interior, hospital, office, restaurant, and RV applications. Click on the chart to the left to expand SOLD BY THE YAR

The options list is limited to leather-trimmed seats, the High Package, and the Lux Package. Ford says the Wildtrak is the all-out desert runner. the marine-grade, vinyl-trimmed seats, and. For automotive applications, in addition to vinyl, cloth, leather and carpet we also carry interior and exterior trim products such as foam, convertible tops, car seat heaters, and fasteners. Our marine department includes marine specified upholstery, topping and cover fabrics Premium stylized seat for maximum comfort: Customized for your exact stairway: Tested in extreme weather: Rail Type: Straight: Straight: Curved: Straight: Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 400 lbs. 400 lbs. 400 lbs. Upholstery Options: Vinyl or burgundy leather: Vinyl or burgundy leather: Vinyl or burgundy leather: Marine-grade vinyl: Seat Color Option

Manufacturers use marine grade vinyl to cover seats because it's known for its strength and ability to stand up to grime. In contrast with most other man-made fabrics, vinyl is highly resistant to moisture and humidity, which is why it's become the industry standard for marine applications Keep your boat's vinyl seats, cover, and bimini looking good with 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner, Conditioner & Protector. This all-in-one formula cleans and conditions vinyl while adding a layer of durable protection. Marine vinyl will look and feel like new far longer with regular use of 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner, Conditioner & Protector It includes everything from the Big Bend trim, plus things like a heavy-duty front bumper, a steel rear bumper, rock rails, bash plates, marine-grade vinyl seats, rubberized, washable flooring, 17. Expanded Upholstery Vinyl A very tough and durable 32oz. upholstery vinyl. Perfect for any number of interior applications or where the cost of marine grade vinyl upholstery fabric is prohibitive. Width: 54 Sold in 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 yard increments with a 1/2-yard minimum. Enter partial yard increments in decimal form, e.g. 1.5 = 1-1/2 yard

4.5 tank Plain Marine Grade Vinyl LoPro Solo Seat, 1piece cover: Black Vinyl unless you select a colored Vinyl option below: Fits 2004 - 2006 Sportster, 883 and 1200 with 4.5 tanks Part # 5400: $304.9 Opt for the Black Diamond or Badlands trims, and you get marine-grade vinyl-trimmed seats paired to rubberized flooring that can be washed out with a hose, making post-off-roading adventure. One of the oldest of these designs is the Garelick Utility Seat, a single removable seat that will mount to the inwales or transom bulkhead with Shur-Loc catches. A Hypalon-cushioned fold-out leg provides support. A padded, white marine-grade vinyl seat offers comfort, while an anodized-aluminum frame helps prevent corrosion

Whether you're looking for nonskid vinyl boat flooring, boat swim platform mats, vinyl flooring, Flexi-Teak, or genuine teak wood, Great Lakes Skipper has the boat decking and marine flooring kits you're looking for at prices you'll love. Limited quantities. Call or order online today Fast and Easy Results, Some leather and vinyl surfaces are porous - the conditioner creates a protective barrier preventing stains from being absorbed deep into the surface. Condition and protect any leather, faux leather or marine grade vinyl surfaces on your boat with no oily residue This vinyl pattern is used exclusively in the following GM vehicles: Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Yukon, and Sierra. Longitude Vinyl can be used on any automotive upholstery application for an updated look! Longitude vinyl features Enduratex Q1 backing, enabling the vinyl to have a soft leather touch with great stretching capabilities Mask the parts you don't want to dye with painter's tape or plastic. If you want to leave part of the surface the original color, you can cover it with painter's tape, or wrap a plastic bag around the area. If you don't have painter's tape, masking tape will work in a pinch. To prevent getting paint on the legs of a vinyl chair, wrap them in a plastic bag, and tape around the seat of the. Since 1972, Rochford Supply has been a wholesale distributor of textiles and supplies catering to the upholstery, marine, and automotive industries. As we continue to expand, we have broadened our focus to better serve our customers. We pride ourselves in stocking the best products to make your next project a success with our promise of quality fabrics at an affordable price

Sure, you get cloth seats in the base Bronco, and leather in the top-spec versions. However you can also have marine-grade vinyl on select trims, which can be wiped or washed down, and are. USA. Importers and distributors of vinyl, leather, printed fabrics to the home furnishing, marine and automotive industries. Also, adhesives and upholstery supplies. On-line purchasing feature Also Called Seat Piping. This is used mainly on automotive and marine seating to join two pieces of material together at the seam to give the seat a finished look. Specs: Manufactured with a 5/32 embossed head as found in automotive original equipment. Produced with a slit flange for easy tailoring and workability Marine-grade vinyl front and rear seats; Available leather seats; Beverage holders, 6 total; Overhead console with front map lights; Rubberized flooring, first and second row; Leather-wrapped.

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  1. • Expanded Vinyl Upholstery: Use for indoor upholstery fabrics such as couches and chairs, restaurant booths and other commercial seating, crafts, etc. • Marine Vinyl Upholstery: UV Treated - Use for about anything including furniture re-upholstery, outdoor awnings, boat seat covers, grill covers, etc
  2. Innovation By Design. Naugahyde®, the pioneer and premium brand in the coated fabrics industry, is dedicated to world-class surface pattern design and technical innovation resulting in products with superior quality, outstanding durability and exceptional performance
  3. SEM Products Marine Vinyl Paint is an excellent way to renew or refresh your boat seats or vinyl boat cushions. SEM Marine Vinyl is formulated with an increased amount of U.V. inhibitors to prevent fading in marine conditions. Sort By: SEM M25003, Ultra Purple, Marine Vinyl Paint.
  4. Upmarket models gain features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats, and leather upholstery. Alternatively, Bronco buyers can order marine-grade vinyl seats and rubber floors.
  5. SimTex or Traditional Vinyl Club Benningto
  6. Selecting the Right Seating Vinyl - Sailrit
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